Wedding Surprises - Part 1

Wednesday, July 11th

Elizabeth & Radar talk about wedding surprises because one Wisconsin Couple almost got hit by a tree at their wedding. 

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You know the wedding days festival off without a hitch right well sometimes little things happen like what happened for a couple of Wisconsin that's the whole thing it's a little under the radar here on the mix with producer days. Catch Diane and Lucas the Pasco. The polish people. Got married on June 30 sitting in the end. Kind of bacteria where they got married and kind of reminiscing tune of wedding video kind of reminiscing about what. They like about each other how the net like those seen DC like the bachelorette bachelor poster her. Oxy asked for a lot of guys what I saw him I knew he'd be the one. Except those of bachelorette or vastly scenes don't include a big tree branch falling down and almost hitting them here's a little the audio from their their video. That is making around OK right there OK yes she does little scratch marks on on her arm from the little branches that fell but this big branch because they're sitting there in his picnic table. Crashed down almost hit them if they would've heard McCracken and got up they would have been. Hertz. Does this apply to the story that I was told about my parents what means that when they were leaving and seen it dozens church. They walked out and everyone's taking pictures of their game rated in the vehicle that I guess to go to the reception of the venue and then all of a sudden it structural by. With a mattress on the back that wasn't tied down well and a little. And almost completely knocked out my mom and my dad and why it's yet I guess it would have been really bad could actually hit a but it just missed them they just get out the way it is and there's all these wedding photos of them like lean on the match her as some. Everyone's laughing in its own plant it does play so well. Funny cyan and look it's amazing in this thirty years from now we are members of funny member when the branch and must now on it as almost ruin the wedding date yet because based on the video that you showed it was gonna follow right on her it would have felt right on an answer at least eight they died Saturday you know I think helped is that they're both say they're drinking a beer I think you're always siege and guess consensus good old sons and tradition and a wedding out right so we want an up from you what surprised you that you are weddings like that happen may be a mattress. In your tree branch and you just get out of the way just in the nick of time. 4147991099. Share with us right now what surprised you that you wedding.