Was Your Wedding Ruined Before It Happened?

Wednesday, May 16th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers who had wedding disasters before the actual wedding. 


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Countdown to the royal wedding you know what went wrong before your big day to Michael's dad now can't be there because of a heart condition man it's Elizabeth and radar brides analysts look out here comes it was a guy wedding. A lot of people on the phone here Michelle what happened to you you'll. Don't eat that I'm. Up late to order you know. I sport they that we are all that he you know I think. What I'll bet me that I. Like. And Saturday you know we think much. Or you all but I think you know. Port beat out an order for or. Two and a you could tuxedo. We. Eat. That outlook and it was happening. I'm. Experience that and you know I'm sorry curt. Called. But if you are up for or where you all are welcome and an. Act absolutely. I think that it. Up. Org you know I'm. Going to come up. Wow all that that's a pretty big mistake if for the big day and glad that you're able to always have a nice body and things were able to be somewhat taking care about Michelle. They think they work and he don't let me see where our church. Pollard hit they were up a need for you know witness and I didn't even. I didn't even know how well I'll let the air but it was like. Oh I got. You're at that they're gonna give you some powder blue monster Mike to seventies as a Somalia soundtrack to dumb and daughter down the thanks so for college and have a great day. Love I parred Peggy what happened with the wedding that year associated with here's some drama. Well we were hurt. Getting ready to what don't and I'm the outlook and they're usually try to wait blurred. And he never showed up and it was London bombings totally vulnerable in the letting her our and he never did come. What happened after the wedding did she explain yourself. It leaves you said that her hair like that argument in her right now what is the relationship like with you and her today I would just saying it's the bird. Thirty years were pretty shocked you and hope it like the second half. It was much better. Maybe you should renew your vows so she can show up for the next on no she had a shot. It's a great idea ultimately has been positive I'm like now she had you had a show actually their chance you paid for her mealy paper her dinner. No way yes I'm sure that kind of set the tone for the rest of the day probably made things a lot where because I imagine ever when asked where is the mother in law. Got it looked pretty awkward Abu. Because my mother could hit I issued to shoot at many of either. It just goes to show I mean look at mega Markel you know the girls about to be a royal Sunni here but there's still drama every family has dropped I think Diaz gonna show up. Right is she's like in on the child's gonna work out you are so positive radar and it is not gonna cause any issues with the royals at all and it's not to be a distraction at all whatsoever. Well they didn't like your relationship with their mother a lot has gotten fatter thanks for calling in this morning. Good very glad it did thank you chill. Aren't really what kind of drama happened at your wedding. It was not exactly my letting them moderately attractive level and well they got it ad and gave it back and and then there and tried it on you and spilled wine. All over the front of the act. The wedding dress earlier. Rides wedding dress cool. What to what did you guys do how did you get the white out. Well the friend I went over their house and shoot like I build my and the debt limit idiot and I'm like. You know why didn't really hard to get out as you forget about in the watch out and every night. Kelly kind of Terry end it like it got Jeff but friend didn't really like it really ended up going and checking on a bunch of they act as if any of them looked. I guess I want. So sick of it got a whole new wedding dress the day of the way I mean yeah. Did you find something. I'm saying that it doesn't add edit the island yet. Really. Are these girls still friends. A friend okay let me why you trying out some meals is going to be why you trying on wedding dress Hendrick line. Yes in Canada if this issue and that they really mad act and internally. Went friend ever allow that and it is gonna happen there today. It just kind of happened. Yeah anybody listening if you're given a wedding dress and it's not yours don't try that. Don't bring wine near you know for us it's bad luck to to do that in the what happened yet and there is the girls are married. Yes they got married and my husband like Terry just hang around just. Just get your ultimate. Oh tonight good what he's a Smart man he was processing and I don't like it should go to war potato sack but he was able to say you are the most beautiful woman entertainers that had never seen Sheila were. Okay that is something that would terribly wrong before the big day Lily thanks for sharing the story this morning have a great Wednesday.