Want to sharpen your focus and increase energy? Then, "fix your mindset" with 2-time Olympic medalist speed skater, Katherine Reutter Adamek!

Monday, June 25th

Are you bored at times?  Does your mind races daily.  We have thousands of thoughts that pop in our head...how many are REALLY useful?  Two-time Olympic speed skating medalist, Katherine Reutter-Adamek will tell you how to focus, energized, motivated and engaged in your everyday life. It's all about training your mind, as Katherine says in this podcast!

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They'll probably safe to say you know we've all felt stress it's just not work and sometimes the monotony of data being Danes and nick you need to become mentally tough. Like an Olympic athlete I got my butt kicked hard landing config got Anderson Alaska Cadillac. I called my grandpa that night and he said to have a Catherine. I had only thought of how far away I once I had not thought about my potential to get any closer. That changed my mind set completely only focused on what I need to do in order to get there and there's no better athlete that can relate to mental toughness and two time Olympic medalist Catherine writer and neck. And she's our guest today on this podcast I call on the radar Katherine thanks for being here thanks for having me 2010 silver and bronze as short track speed skating you traded the pet it right here in Milwaukee right absolutely this is so awesome that we have an Olympic athlete and actually living in the liking. There's so many Olympic athletes in this area specifically speed skaters and so Salt Lake City is where a lot of the short track speed skating is based there is a lot of long track speed sitting there as well but honestly the midwest is the ideal place for speed skaters come from it's hot that it totally is and I train in Salt Lake for the 2010 games after which I moved here to start coaching button. About two years before it when he eighteen games I decided I am born again I am not done yet you wanna get back at it. So I stayed with the team that I had coached they stayed here and train at the patted as opposed to going back in joining the national team and it was honestly. One of the best decisions I've ever made and yeah this is my home now my husband and I live right weathering we love our community our friends that vibe that midwest survived that nowhere else in the world. Has community. Like. The midwest and specifically mill. And you know about the midwest because you grew up in Champaign Illinois as a Champaign Urbana. Yeah exactly yeah I'm practically a Wisconsin nine now all that's good yeah that's I think with a five year mark is probably. Probably the point where it happened you become of the Wisconsin iphones I'm definitely and he started skating in a pretty young age what was it two. I learned how to skate he had to nursery I had these little roller blades that would velcro on top of my how you learn tennis she slid the Barbie wants. Now they weren't Smart because it was such a tomboy they Wear the boy version Jerry roller skates but I remember my grandma. She would say okay you can roll you -- to the end of the sidewalk in back but it's a neat to a two or three year old boy that is like a mile race in reality it's. Fifteen feet twenty feet it's tiny but then the wheels it actually rolls was kind of like marching. So but that's it they match music go down and backed down and back. And my mom took me to do you buy ice arena when I was five and we learned how to figure skate together and I did that for a bit spent again it was a big tumble way. Hated wearing the dress is not sure having to do all day in glimmers shiny glittery thing all the time. So I started speed skating and I dot solely found months I honest to goodness remember my first day speed skating and I remember. Feeling challenged by the coats that you know I looked like is speed skater and I had wanted us right now than it looked like a figure skater bald guy and it's pal because I I warm little pink who leggings that I just. Yeah that's what they did right so I should not in my figure skating geared to go speed skating and was totally did not accident but that really motivated me I hand gonna sit here this is what I wanna be and from day one. 25 years ago wow what I'd love to do. And it's a lot easier it is this these games up until thick. Lately and I have to absolutely. That is pretty awesome and and so you just picked it up right then and there they they they saw your natural ability and send Brooke wrong with this girl I. Last again I'd I picked on the first several times I was there again to his. All I the only outfits I had a figure skating outfits skates or figure skates. But by the time I got my own pair of speed skates and I am you know started looking the look and lock in the locker talking the talk in all of that. And it's even as a kid brightly to eat right you can panicked howled in different environments there's. Different norms. And so as I got really comfortable in that environment. Which is. Easy came very easily for me I started training with an older kids and then answered chain with bullies and then I started training with the adult group even though I was still in eight or nine year old. And by the time I was fifteen my dad was driving me down to Saint Louis two times a week to get more ice time as it's gonna ask you if you like you know softball kids or dance kids east or do a national stuff sent away from your hometown yeah. I dink compete in my first nationals until I was being leaked while both. Which I guess that's that's still pretty young snide and waited a long time. The -- again as far as fifty made I was driving me all around not necessarily for competition just to get more coaching more ice time and I Wisconsin Milwaukee in the Summers and do my training camps thought he had been here before yeah you even were part of the Olympics yeah I had and I qualified for my first team at the pennant national listener. Jesus as a pretty big deal it was very much I was a junior in high school and it was very much linkage you either you either win this weekend. Or you got a certain look in schools it's time to get realistic like you're going to be a speed skater and I mean you have to perform. Or are you going to be normal person you're gonna and go to school have friends to hum the normal things so when did you know Nate you had it in news. And said you suck you know what I can do this in the Olympics I mean like really felt confident about. I remember being in my first World Cup and I think I was seventeen or eighteen. And I IA. Made it to the beef final in my very first 15100 Evers or top twelve witches. A massively huge copyright it was really just beginners luck I didn't I don't know how I did but ended up in the B final. And I think I got my butt kicked hard landing I think I've finished in last half a lap carrying close. And I was so upset especially after feeling on top twelve this is great and then. Oh and I'm not even close to eleventh I'm very much twelfth. On and I called my grandpa that night we were in Asia so I was like on my calling card back then before scan right on that in my grandpa. And I told them how upset it was and he said to have capping do you think you can get them. And I never thought of it like that I had only thought of how far away Iowa since I had not thought about my potential to get any closer. And that question. Made me think and my response was yeah I can't. And that changed my mind set completely and our focus on how far away I was ever again only focused on what I need to do in order team to get there. To get or wanted to go whether that was eleventh tenth or first that's almost. Like then that's something that people can take a quote that people can take and and look at life I mean whether you're you're you're skating and earned otter if you just you know and your job or whatever. The look at how far away you are from that next promotion. You know that debt is really good very good advice and Arnold he realized that I had just saying that is like in this inspiring. Absolutely and I love that it came from my grandpa in an idea not a coach or teammate that someone who had been in my corner my whole life. Do you think you can get them do you think you can get there yet where it then whoever an eight iron member he would always tell me heater and tracking and high school and I think a lot of my family kind of limped through me a little bit in that he. All it all those athletic accomplishments that they they were so confident they can get there. So many people in my family encouraged me and that way over the years and I don't think that they even realized it that really what they were doing was encouraging me to focus on what I was in control of yes you know adding control of what eleven places doing. You're here you're in twelfth place like it not be here now. What can you control what can you do how can you change your process in order to get there that's a great way to think because you a lot of times you hear in in society and now somebody else's fault but no you it's it's all about you. You line which you can do one and I favor collapses it may or may not be your fault but it is your responsibility. And it's good to. Yeah I'd say you're full of them. And and I got out yeah this is Tina this is that that process that journey is it is about the physical side but at some point every Wednesday. Same thing in life at some point. Everyone deserves a promotion we all our cart we all do our best what separates us and it's human skill is that your mental toughness in your ability. To get back up on my touch down. And really the only way to do that in my opinion is to focus in on you and say hey it's not my fault. Or well not only share it may or may not be your fault that you didn't get the promotion or you didn't get the gold today and right but it's your responsibility. To adjust your processed to get their next time and did you feel that way at the of the 2010. Gains in Vancouver. I was stressed out masks and had an enemy that Andy's T he'd shoot standards that and that. Now I didn't feel that way honestly I was I was too wrapped up in 2010 with where everyone else was I was not focused enough on where I was. But. You know it. It's not my faults rate quote and mayor wanted to faults that. The Olympic stage as the biggest in the world it's not my quote unquote fault that this day at this the fans are allowed the traffic is back your way from home for three weeks. That's my fault but it's my responsibility. To do the best I can in the moment. To make sure that I am prepared to have success and I would definitely say as a 21 year old of that. I didn't do a great job taking responsibility for you know my best effort. Certainly nothing get in a bad job but prince Charles Prince it's when it's funny that I learned a lot from that experience I'm happy with how Wentz enemy even happier to have learned. I can do better you came home with a silver and bronze nominee people can say that that's incredible page you think you yen and so now do you have those locked away somewhere they display your laugh and and the over you're right those medals. Their manager Larry make coffee tables in a drawer and isn't sure yeah and great for actually just right outside of our bedroom and I don't display them I don't lock them away the reason I keep them nice and handy is because I love to take them out and share them with people and I alleys and know exactly where they are. And I haven't next to hold on to signing cards and sharp b.s so that even if remember one time I had a furniture delivery company come drop some things often it was a nightmare like nothing fit through the doorway and I'll go -- been on the stairs with all the heavy stuff and I just said you know. I can't thank you enough for making this a good process. I'm just get out these medals I have embraced here. Maybe you didn't think this is kind of cool and my way of thanking you for spending your time in making this a good experience and that's highlights dealer like to have them handy so that when ever any chance to share. People always appreciated. That is really cool because you we only see hardware from whether it's pro football players or a hockey players are word you know olympians and stuff and you're always thinking that that's probably priceless Tia. Probably locked away or whatever but he like to pull it out for inspiration that's that's really cool. Yeah I used to be very protective. And I remember one time rightfully so I think I yeah. One time this little girl she accidentally banged together and I I was very Sweden supposedly and just be careful with those. And she started bawling and she ran in her mom is crying and that was the day I decided you know why. They're not so special they're worth me children to put. It's so directly idols is edited to share them in just the coolness and then and he did with and to put them until optimal way like Allen and to. Share with the world around me right and I can tell that midwest values that are coming out you're like yeah you know what looks. Let's to share with everybody here knows a lot of people you know may may be that way but they you have that. The good midwest upbringing and Annika no lucky field to like you just to look at the share happiness of people absolutely end and you're also looking to share. Mindset now you have all part of a website called fix your mindset dot com yeah tells of a little bit about that that's not helping with mental toughness. So after two dozen ten yeah hundred tire had some injuries emotional hockey to start coaching and after a while coaching was not my passion and wants me to come back for the two when he eighteen games. And I decided that the what really had been missing for me it was mental toughness back in 2000 intent I was I was full of work ethic and will power and greats. And I could have to grit my teeth into it any work out done. But on and training day emissary on competition day. I was kind of a mental midget and you even said just before earlier in this pod cast your stress ball he they didn't manager myself. Optimal ain't into doesn't ten content and looking back. I think. I'm very happy with my silver and bronze but what is the difference between silver and gold was 1%. Was what if it was 1% of mental toughness on on that day and I knew that my biggest strength was the same as my biggest weakness in that I can push myself through. Anything but at the same time if I if something went wrong I couldn't manage the stress innings idea of not having things go my way right side work really hard to make things go perfect but if it wasn't perfect couldn't handle it and that was really. Might pass in my comeback was known to train and you had a race and you had a competes. But when I don't but I haven't mastered yet is the mental side of sport and so that was the process that I really delving into during my comeback. And when I was ready to retire. After the 2018 Olympic trials I thought. What can a Canadian accent really what I can do next is teach other people how to fix their own mindset and what they are not to be an Olympic actually as I need to fix your mental. You know we are he talked about. Everybody's competitive the largest whining maybe a promotion but even more than that what I like to teach people is how do you really present. When you're an athlete stressing over how you're gonna compete in three weeks from now absolutely inhibits your ability to. Max out your training session today. Room needing about how you competed three weeks before. Absolutely Iraq's sheer ability to be the best you can be today. And that is the exact same as life's stress seeing over some big family tripping you have to make sure everybody's tax rate go in the mail is stopped and all of that. Are you really enjoying. The process of being with your family of gate of the excitement of getting to go somewhere. Or is it turn into a stressful experience. Or maybe it's time to come home from that vacation and instead of enjoying your last couple days. Your brain is ardea ahead of all the emails you have to catch up on Wright made or am I feeling that are ready to ask. And and this is mindset. Mindset is the way that your automatic brain experiences the world around you and if you are automatically. Kind of picking up on the negative which humans are wired to do we are wired to have a negativity bias at 821. So for every nine thoughts that go Fehr hadn't eight of them are negatives one of them is positive and that's the way your automatic brain. Handles itself rate but through mindset training we can train your mind not only to quiet the chatter. Of all of those negative thoughts. But actually to increase those positive thoughts and I'm not talking about positive psychology I'm not talking about turning negatives into positives. I'm talking about developing. A mortar. A more effective thought process that lets you be here now with less stress and anxiety in the moment we do more like like little kids that don't care about what happened three weeks ago. Don't care about what's gonna happen in three weeks but live in the now yeah it's all about now and it goes right back to what can you really control. Can you control it happened three weeks ago or what will happen in three weeks no way the only way you can make an impact is to do the best you can in this moment. And it goes deeper than the only way to connect with the people around you is to be here now the only way. CU. Yes distinct feature performance increase your connection to increase your life experience. It doesn't live in the future of the past it Liz rates year but 99% of the time we're missing that. Because of our stress and anxiety. It's got to be very tough to train a mine I mean you can you can lift weights in the you know give muscles do party L for your heart and stuff like that. I'll learn something new on the job or whatever but. That type of thing. To train your mind into you and not worrying about the those those little things that seem to. Snowballing to bigger things. That's going to be the toughest thing that we can train and hire an arm body I swear that the mind has got to be tough but you always say oh my mine's got a mind of its lonesome. Again you know surprisingly it's not that tough really now we can do that again air quotes get this an anti business we can fix our mindset. An eight to ten weeks into their weakness in weeks ten to fifteen minutes today. A purposeful practice. And it's all about application. Most people know that it's their knots that. Yeah it stresses add to our. They want to be president with their family everybody knows what you're supposed to do it's a matter of how to do it. And that's why creating that that chunk of time every day ten to fifteen minutes to purposefully. Put into practice. What it is you know you're supposed to do you. Eight to ten weeks that's enough that's enough to create a shift in your mindset and by no means is the finish line ten weeks from now right. But you can see it as significant difference in ten weeks just with that little bit everyday and you seemed like ten to fifteen minutes a day right timing isn't right away people I think in this is going to be you know I think that's what size and we contingents of fans out an hour two hours of work now with the trainer whenever. Ten to fifteen minutes a day that's it yeah yeah and it really it is very similar to going to the gym I think a lot of people get discouraged. You know if you if you set a goal for today and I'm gonna be mindful and present all day and then it doesn't work young ballot didn't work and the next day Unita is excited to jet that. You don't go to the gym because you're already strong. Arena and you don't engine expecting any strong and one day you go to the agency debt strapped to follow a process to achieve a goal. Mindset training is the exact same rain that's highly putted these tiny little chunks is ten to fifteen minutes today is manageable sure it's all about consistency. And we we deceit on on your face the page you're working with. Is it. I don't not memorize it Miller is it done all that's strait yeah yeah so I just adding working with my chiropractor from when I was Spokane skating Theresa Miller she works she has her own clinic Miller sports and honest chiropractic. And she's actually bringing me in two afternoons a week to look toward her clients but I'm also bringing my clients and her location. To do mindset training so we offer a couple different things one is small group mindset training we actually have our first. Like our our first launch of that going starting on July 12 yes. So I don't have the link on me right now that I can put an analyst FaceBook page up and ready on the check it out. Absolutely we do private one on one mindset training married and so that's really for someone to an athlete or someone who has a very specific goal in needs. Personal I strategies to help get there. And then also do corporate training so I'm that's the presentation and a little bit later today as outgoing and Hugh. Corporate teams and small group training mostly and I need about. Ten hours of your time spread out over two to three months it's and it's manageable. Cannot come in present all these mindset topics I have an apathetic partner when it's company called vision pursue. This is a company that did all my mental skills training as an athlete so I'm very passionate about using their curriculum as part of my aid training now. On site I can I connect everyone with that company give them an access codes to app that's where you get your daily practice since. And then your weekly or monthly personalized follow ups those are with me. That's awesome and. Hampshire. You you probably. With your husband I'm sure you try and help change his mind because that's at all lies like to do. Fat sometimes it's what's great about my cousin eyes are both coaches we both coach of the Pettit national ice senator. For a program called scored scores edge hockey he also coaches Milwaukee junior admirals tearing hockey all he does okay yeah but it's. You know needs mindset training even more than individuals and athletes are coaches and leadership because. I can train an athlete or an individual how to deal with performance anxiety. Till the cows come home but if that coach for the Boston manager can't manage their emotions under stress and pressure. How can the people underneath them manage their stress and their passion right you can't it's all about leadership and so I love working with coaches. I love to work with athletes but truly the biggest impact that I can make on an athlete is to train a coach how to impact that athlete. Everyday every rep every cent same in the corporate world with with the leadership there. And I've I've been is like a lot of people coaching between the league in clubs softball and baseball. I'm and I and I get which Hussein maybe I I need a little help to you never now on me because as a coach sometimes. A game goes on a plane goes on it's just kids but and you don't take it I don't take it out on them. I'll sit and then not know what could have done different there and it's almost like I couldn't control it who I am trying to learn from it and that's exactly your same before like you can't control what just happened. Is have to live in the moment and that's that's really good advice. Yes thank you absolutely and I think what happens a lot as coach of his coaches whether it's little leaguer at the Olympics is that. You take mistakes street take these little failures personally and and I do it's you right if I'm coaching session at the Pettit and add a player chest cannot. Do. What I just talked and how to deal right. I take that personally either like this kid doesn't respect me this kid doesn't wanna be here or maybe I take it's a far as man I must not be a very good coach. And you cannot coach effectively in that mental space. The reality is that maybe those are my thoughts but those are those dramatic shots we talked about your right aren't always true. It's weighed more likely that kid has never been taught how to do this before more than that kids embarrassed to do something wrong and he's afraid he's he's unable to really give a 100% until he reaches a level of confidence. Now I can coach chair now I can go to that can you say you can't deepest let me show you again let's do it together this time. And I just needed difference for that kid instead of taking it personally Keating angry and locking away and that's how you make an impact on people around him. And I am I a im gonna hang onto the fact that day he said for every nine thoughts that we have eight of them are negative stuff and trying to work on that to another July people listening. Well that's insane things saying you know like you a year and I have. For every good thought they have all these other bad thoughts so you try and train your mind not to use does it have those kind of thoughts. Yeah and what can be so it isn't really hard to get rid of those negative not completely but strategy that I think can be even better is TU. To not mind your mind. Your mind you'll always sent may not always but will very likely. But just because your brain thinks a certain thing. To not get wrapped up in that do not generate emotion or around undertaken personally but to not mind you're not and are able that was a bit of negative feedback how can learn. You know on and sound to it to make it more objective. Which is really hard to deal but you have to train that's that's for the ten to fifteen minutes today comes in each green your mind. How to respond to those external stimuli a little bit differently and there for you change the internal. And sense of validation are searching for. I'm learning a lot in his pockets and hope everybody else listening is as well and what is the website again one more attempt. Www. Six mindset dot com that's awesome it's great advice from a former Olympian who is a two time Olympic medalist. Katherine Reuter and a neck. Thank you for being here today thank you for having me absolutely this is nothing but positive thing we love it gently here on our podcast we like to call on the radar thanks for being. Thank you. If you like this podcast there's more on the way all you need to do is to subscribe to you on the radar is open up your podcast app on your iPhone. Or on Google play. And thanks for listening to on the radar.