Wanna be as successful as Beyonce? Here's how!

Thursday, April 19th

Jobs, friends, kids, appointments - everyone needs your time, but how do you stay SANE? It's all about organization. In this podcast, Elizabeth Kay will dig into five easy steps to help you get more organized. There's even a pro-tip she's included to help you clean your house faster! Amen to that! Thanks for listening!


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You've seen that phrase circulating through social media. You have the same amount of hours during the day as beyoncé. Which means there's no excuse to not be as successful as beyoncé. Now I get it she had a whole team helping her and money that we can only dream job but there is appointee made. How can utilize all the hours in the day to be more productive. My answer. Organization. And that's what I'm talking about this podcast I'm going to dig into five easy ways to help yourself give more organized. Which means you have more hours during the day to do those things that you want to deal. And in today's podcast there's no guest. It's just me so let's get started. You're listening to the fifty shades of tape podcast with host Elizabeth K a podcast designed to empower enlighten and entertain with perspectives that most women are. Gang but not only saying this is fifty shades of K. Try to elect a new open shot out to my friend leave McNabb thanks so much for recording that for me like imagine it's just needed a there's no gassed and I'm by no means an. Expert but I do feel like organization is a strength of mind. I mean the last missing a Simon I had was in the second grade so clearly I know what I'm talking about it. Aren't all joking aside. What are you doing to get organized is this something we're all trying to work on that's what we're working on these days and our house. My stepson has started using Anna Simon no luck my husband is getting better at setting calendar reminders. And as a mom in the White House. I'm always trying to get better with organization and you know that same time is money well I truly believe that and I found that the more organized I'd become the more time I have and that's priceless so here are five things that have worked for me. Number one. Use an app. I just to be clear I was not paid to endorse this product but a year ago a friend of mine told me about a counter sharing app that her family uses. It's called fantastical it's not a free app. But it's worth every penny. And with my stepson went back and forth between his mom's house our house. We need it away for all of us to see each other's calendars and this app has really helped. So whether you use Google calendar sharing or something else. Some apps are here to make our lives easier and we all live on our phones so I know the my stepson especially is seen all of the updates. And this app has really helped us when it comes to play any number TO. Make a list. I know my husband hears this he's gonna laugh because I've been doing this for as long as I can remember. Whether it's a list for packing for each rep. Or a to do list at work. I'm obsessed with the list and I write my list in priority with the most important item at the top and so forth when I grocery shop at my neighborhood grocery store I even write my list out in the order of how I walk through the store. That makes me more efficient and it keeps me from strolling in and buying items that I don't meet. Number three if you haven't created folders in your email deal wit. This has really helped me clean up the clutter I even have folders from my family and friends. That way when I open my inbox I'm now overwhelmed with all these honor read email and no idea where to put them by getting email Obama steps onto baseball schedule eighty immediately goes into the breeze and folder when I get an electric bill it goes into the electric bill folder you get the point. It's easy and I'll help you stay organized number four tracked your time for a full day. So I saw another radio DJ post this on FaceBook as a social media channel which he tracked his day and a half hour to see exactly what he was spending his time. If you're a budget eject your money so why would you not track your time. I did this and it was really eye opening. I quickly learned that I spend weighed too much time scrolling on instant Graham Twitter and FaceBook. Sure it's part of my job. But no one should spend three hours on those sites especially when I've a million other things to deal. So track your time and maybe see where there's areas you can scale back and that will give you time to do other things and last sleep. Red number five speaking of time. I was listening to another podcast that mentioned house setting a timer can be helpful they don't how quickly you get your house cleaned before company comes over. The next time you a project to deal like clean the bathroom or your checking emails for work Everett may be set a timer. This will help you stay more focused on the task can't you might even be surprised to see that you'll finish the project before the timer goes off and a wrap this up. Speaking of clean mean. This is an added tidbit that I read about when he came to home projects a professional home organizer was talking about what she's suggest people do when cleaning up a role she said you should start on the left of the rule. And work to the right of the home so simple but so helpful so when you walked into that messy kitchen. Let's leave had a party and there's dishes everywhere there's food out that messy kitchen won't seem so Don teen when you simply just clean it from the laughed and move to the right. So they tell. I hope this helped to give any suggestions of ways that help you stay organized sent me a message. Just email me at Elizabeth Kay radio at gmail.com. That's Elizabeth Kaye in white radio at gmail.com and have a great day and thanks for listening. 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