Unlikely Friends At Coachella!

Monday, April 16th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the unlikely friendship that seemed to form at Coachella. 


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So are Coachella. Was over the weekend. Beyond face delayed because of the onstage I'm sure but one of the photograph that was most talked about and circulated on social media what tomorrow would. All these being named rappers like that being a big rappers okay. We can rattle ball off I don't know if there was no they are they're Britney did you do this plus you have above the weekend in this picture. Again even managed. Was not born abroad clearly good life skills and I look at that did you look at that and notice that on the bottom left corner. Look like a bottled tea with the cool kid unless you know little pink hooded sweatshirt patient and that's where you can eat. Could be the best picture I've seen all year on a great the most unexpected celebrity photo ever I mean you've got the Wii could like blowing smoke in this picture. There's an island Santa. They don't you know been under is not it's like a situation like you're kind of walking around you get lost and you look governor like well. I just on the party line might look hang out as long as they don't notice me in Gaza she can't part of it hey guys hey guys never meet. No me hey guys India and it had an anti government that that's an eight. Also the thing about this because you know you can make demonized them like she's on his front center this picture here and I heard. And her not wearing a bra Brett and is it clear to do dehumanized treated after the stitches that this is their quota between. Action I had waited so don't even realize that like no one expected fashion it was gonna be there but men and she's awesome things you can imagine. And Irish diet Quayle went back to hers or her group her her mom her suburban mom did you guys dehumanize calmly dealt with my. I don't I'm not visually cool I want them to do a song I'll just gonna say be on the lookout for a new Nikki midnight should not song. Eight or remake of manager at a woman's man until I learn your mood a little rabbit and a woman is still good I'm a winner of that well there's got to. Yes you very Denver is an cannot grab the cookie I thought I.