Twin Pranks! - Part 2

Wednesday, June 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the funny twin stories Mix listeners sent in. 

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Do you know any identical twins who pulled francs or maybe you are an identical to and who pulled a prank on people as you were growing up or maybe you're still doing it now it's Elizabeth the radar producer Dave on the Mexican morning and this is all because two guys in South Carolina all over Twitter all over a social media's blown up. One of them Malcolm said in for his brother market's forcing your pictures because markets were sick and nobody can tell the difference not even their parents out there brigadier buck. New York shows up all poison rain yeah I think mounds tournament easily wins in the same clothes you don't think anything it. We have so many some messages on base. Care what Michelle as a message that she actually took her driver's test for her twin sister and passed it because her sister was sick. Interlaced and so her picture was on her sister's driver's license for a couple years has that can come back tonight yeah. That's pretty funny Michelle idol is such a drive in the era in the shot hasn't set as a message he said that. My brother puts up a sonogram picture of us in the war on FaceBook every year on our birthday. He asked people to guess which one. They are not sign grams of us they are cat fetuses he does this every yeah I. That though internal GO let's get this is funny OK this guy Ted that is a message of based attack comes aspects Lockheed. You go you gotta love drug people might twin brother and I went the same college and every time I went to a bar we were asked. Are you guys twins. One night I started answering nope just met this guy when he's pretty funny. He he goes on as a drunk people started believing me LeBron off yelling. Oh. I don't exactly alike and just met happy I pulled that crap all the time people are always fooled and my brother and I thought it was the funniest things. Double gang leaders get it. That's because they get. I don't know I'm jogger though that the regular line here's another message that we got it. Okay. These two guys and what is his name there all is Stephen Stephen said that my brother and I yeah 180 used to try to see if time travel was possible. So when we started growing facial hair. One one brother. Would Julie grow up their facial hair get all dirty out of where Reagan called in and when I would be out on the date this is what he sane. As the young twin the future to it would run inning goalie I. The Earth Day is coming up and a and Rudy beats reading this and this I want twins Thelma. Call and I am.