Twin Pranks - Part 1

Wednesday, June 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about twins who pranked their senior pictures. 

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When he identical twins who pulled pranks on their growing up or maybe they're still pulling pranks meteor one of them. I love hearing went in and do this it's Elizabeth and rate average yesterday on the next Jack has twin brother's in South Carolina have blown up social media with their prank. One and they it was even a prank is just. One of the Brothers much of the twins was sick on senior pictured it. So the other one was there dressed up. Took a picture. Showed his teeth off bonanza you know what I keep my mouth closed smile. And take a picture from my brother who can't be there because he sick. So when the picture comes out in the yearbook mom dad don't even know. Malcolm and markets don't know no know which one was which come on mom yeah. You've got to know the difference is this is still funny because growing up I loved the movie the parent trap removed yes. Loved it and I love him to best work and my I have to answer that are identical twins my my aunt Chris in my aunt Carol. And I feel a lot asking them stories of the stuff that they would do they were younger that they could never confuse Gramm off their mom. My grandma always knew and I know twins work but my best friend is actually Mary to jam with identical twin brother GL. And when injury I was gonna meet GL. She was so. Nervous about it in I was gonna be at that little gathering also and she said one time in the kitchen. And Joseph walks and and I like give him a hug or kiss them or something I don't know leagues GAO will always me. You tell you address that didn't happen if she could easily tell them. Aren't you nine with two and sometimes you can't even tell because of their name to just Ngo and Jim what we your pants Chris and Carole Crist and Carol I. I don't get like parents feel the need to name their twins like similar name that what you forget what the name of the you know the name and besides that. Navy and the same thing. Dressing them in the same clothes and nice why do you do that. Which going back to Jim in jolt my best friend's husband and had a medical from brother when they were planning their wedding and it. Video. The slide show that you see him when he and made you so frustrating to her because every childhood picture of GM there's general there just the same. During their sailor outfit is together on a few which ones my husband out there and we just kind of hassle OK you're currently doesn't feel like late for parents to let all I want my kids I want to see this day actually makes it harder apparently addressed him in the same quality putters immediately well but Bobby and this year but brandy and you certainly can give. Doesn't give the kids complex a little bit like an identity complex they don't have our own identity of all of a sudden when you both all eyes were blue shirts. That's your students to I mean especially with the markets and the market and other seniors and high school. And it. Parents thought that is worth the same clothes at school this day because they're twins why wouldn't it was the same clothes right because they're getting their pictures taken. Editors that when they're in their fifties but you know you're all are you still wearing matching club I want parents and my game so what are some identical twins have done that either when they were kids they pull pranks in their teens twenties there. All the way through their life and wonder if they've done that's you know their wedding day and that if you came out I am at a Rome is not their real gross so my view are slick and slow you know an identical twin that is pulled breaks in their life for 147991099. Give as the call.