The Truth Behind Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl"

Thursday, May 18th

Elizabeth Kay and Producer Dave talk about the girl that Katy Perry kissed.


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Many nine point one the mix lesson Elizabeth west saw today producer David studio and a coming up. Workable that's a way Iraq eagles' side. Your chance to win tickets to see Katy Perry she's coming to be more Harris Bradley Center December 4. The fortune is go on sale you could went on legacy coming up brought Il five black speech or 280 dreary. The girls she was talking about in her song I kissed a girl and I like kids I know producer Dave saw this story this morning and what is. Just sell. The girl. Is revealed to be. Miley Cyrus. Really though yeah Miley Cyrus use came out her new song Malibu that's going all over the plaza she's been making their press tourism stuff and she was not. A radio interview a WK TU in New York. And asked about you know Malibu and it got off topic as you talking about how hurrying Katy Perry became friends and you said it. There are just realizing that next year there have been friends for ten years. And that is the longest friend that Miley has known which is really weird a ten year friendship. That's salon reference epitomize that is as the longest friend I've known which is really really weird but when they kiss is that when she came out and I kissed a girl I was doing the Hannah Montana movie I her on the radio and they said who'd you rate that sung about in Katy Perry said. Miley Cyrus kind of miss him. Rate and then did you actually kiss. I don't know but then right after that Katy Perry invited Miley Cyrus to 2000 they'd be amazed which is where I kissed a girl became like you know the big bows would be amazed that she debuted I'm pretty sure. Saul. SCANA and you like now that's a crazy asked but. I ten years ago Miley Cyrus was maybe sixteen. She's my age okay well so right there that he had there's that bizarre may feel that kiss on the cheek. Well either way. The two of them I could see them being friends yeah I hit and and their brother really fun do what I think all of them it's actually exactly so now we know yeah now we know.