Times Up at the Golden Globes

Monday, January 8th

It's the speech heard around the world...Oprah Winfrey's acceptance speech at the Golden Globes has men and women showing their support for the #MeToo movement. Fashion stylist and lifestyle blogger Jordan Dechambre is back on 50 Shades of Kay to talk about last night's powerful awards show and of course fashion.

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Stayed up late and watch the Golden Globes last night I don't I -- did -- it's Elizabeth Kaye here at fifty shades of -- join with my guest and good friend Jordan to sombre who's a local Milwaukee fashion blogger fashion stylist style expert to talk all things golden gloves but first before you say hello all we need dementia and style little little cold today the first day that I my voice started getting weird I was like oh this is cruel and Blakey now Phoebe and friends when she had that lake laryngitis ray has like I found do you think. And now I feel like I I don't even know what I found my game and some can nine year old woman there's something about bear with me and do a mad about you had not great it's a good idea to do a podcast about the Golden Globes we can't mention the Golden Globes. Well I'll mention me. Oprah Winfrey's acceptance speech last night I mean did that knack give you all the feels Jordan I I mean I think it took me about ten seconds before I started crying you know I mean it is just it is still impact follow the email everything about it. And people even realized what what a movement was gonna happen after Golden Globes classic an Oprah. Her thickly captured every single part of everything she's fat and bringing up the time's up movements you know I think that she said was just. So amazing I love that she finally acknowledge that she's from Milwaukee I always Judith curry she's at the start at nine year old girl in the line do you cool misty mentioned that I've always said that the thing about Oprah that I love the most is that despite the fact that she is now in a completely different tax bracket than most of us right she is a billionaire right wealthiest people. In the world world. She has an ability to bridge gaps between all different walks of life and she makes me feel like. All you get meal pray you could relate to me yes even though you live in a completely different type of world idol and the 100% in I think one of the things that she did that sill perfectly captured dot. Is she really talked about hey this isn't something that's just happening in Hollywood this is happening to people who work in factories. This is happening to people who work in the in the hospitality business this is happening to farmers this is happening to every once and hope to have that thing about her and at some of the reasons that she's so. Howling she's the every woman yet she's the woman you aspired to be at the theories same time and isn't easy to do it it easy for Hollywood who we look at is being very privileged as you know having more money than we've ever seen our lifetimes. But yet. Taking a second in making sure that everyone understands that. They are part of me too. They are hard times and Oprah was 100% the prefix palace spokesperson just absolutely wise and it was also feel like it was a speech that this country's been money here yes you know he's looking to some kinda some kind of leadership some some partners stand up and say hey we're taking a stand against things against harassment. Sexual assault. Christiana and treating each other's equals exactly I mean that's why I think that number one trending hashing today's Oprah 20/20. And hey you know there's a reason for that and I know she said the passage she would be interested in running for office. Doesn't necessarily even have to be hurt but it needs to be someone who can convey a message to link back because we haven't gotten that message of hope in the past younger so you know no matter what side of the political spectrum here on. Know and Ken can say that's untrue we have not seen messages of hope since Obama left office. And this is the first time you know besides the women's march last year this is the first time writing people really kind of sat up inside. God we I I can do something. There are these movements happening in I I don't have to do and maybe some me and who doesn't wanna do you know need to look at he doesn't feel comfortable do we not. Every one can take a step towards making this world a better place and I think last name is relieved lake. The fire that's sparking it really really was an aisle with the times op website that's now been launched. With a lot of though women in Hollywood ever again last night the awards show which will link up at night and I won the mixed dot com which is also. Yeah trying to change legislation and I get involved with politicians that have the power to make change and raise money for. Vick Tom's a sexual assault or sexual abuse the don't have the funds to maybe travel you know priests pursue a lawsuit. So all of her healing dot. And that is why Nelson Whitney into fashion and gas and wind that is that's why last I never was wearing black and solidarity of the me too movement yet bill that. Is interesting when it comes to fashion because you run all had the same color. He's still sign everyone's unique style look at some of the trends that you saw last night that you thought were just really incredible right well I mean obviously the number one China last night the solidarity. And the number one accessory was having any. Activist. View yet someone you admire Rayed so for looking at it from. In overall perspective though is for the biggest trends of the night now for breaking it down from a fashion perspective. Which sometimes can seem a little frivolous to talk about fashion in the week of something that happened like. Like flag and I stay sane that yeah it happened but at the same time. I think that it's always good to look at both sides of the coin we had theory very strong social message. But at the same time we're still living our lives we still wanna be you know excited about fashion. And there's some people who had some amazing amazing looks as some people had some that aren't that great. But I think the biggest faction trend which really does kind of partly into the social movement was the look of trust is with pain. We've probably only eight hind. You know really fabulous voluminous dress over lays with. Greek pants and I think that right there is a very strong movement we saw actress Claire Foy who is known for amateur and it's the clean on her show she did. Amazing Pia suit and killed last name at the old Bradley. So. Looks even in how we think her name Ron. Fat I was gonna say Smart sit around and I think it's like. Sash. Are. Good that one lady bird it's time though the actress lady bird it was absolutely amazing and I loved her in in Brooklyn last year you know she can't this eerie is strong Versace gown with a the major shoulders and the look at it again all these looks really harking back to those power were eighty. And I think that was really really interesting. That other people who went to more into the romantic round and that's fine you can absolutely do that a lot of lays there are a lot of a lot of back when stresses yes from I thought he'd have to look amazing and I got my gas in the hole when he is influenced. But the people that I respected the most for the people who even like Reese Witherspoon. She had a very structured. Dress that still had flow so late and I NM and servicer stylists more than the actresses themselves. But if he does a lot of thought put into how you still look and feel like myself and feel beautiful. And feel how were full and like I came in control. And that's really what beast on the red carpet Latvia even when there was lace it was Martha structured place either one there was a a little back there is still something about how to very powerful feeling to it. You see a lot of it was really making the jewelry. The kind of statements of the peace and we also got school and that really is is the next thing I was gonna ask you actually look at your opera right now you have got. So you're you are wearing black I am wearing black as well right unintentional can't say that that's just literally woke up and grab these items yet this was my entire closet has black and put it on television as well yes and while holding gloves yeah your theory eons. Are me easy they had yeah we're sell many bowl. Big hearings last night in their minds such friend that you think people are gonna start I really do in a feeling that's a trend that's been emerging for awhile but last night and stylus for faced with the everything's gonna be wearing black how do I make the person that I'm styling different. They looked to that statement earring and I loved Kerry Washington she had the ear culture that is just really unique statement. I think they were so many actresses decide how can they really really do this with an earring may need Gyllenhaal had a long Linear earrings that kind of slapped her shoulders at the same time. So I think people really thought about that he feels so you know kind of keeping with with a can of what's happening on top. A lot of hair jewelry he mentioned Kate Hudson before she had a black and very reminiscent of the twin needs. On there was a lot of actresses that did Barack. With with diamonds and and rhinestones and different tools so I think people are saying OK I want it looks strong and one of the powerful I want to Wear black Indian solidarity with everyone but then how can it also sparkle. And I think that's really what did it yes and he thinks on this is going to also then bomb shell opt for. The Oscars oh I do I do I don't think it's going to be another all black affair I feel like that statement has been made. It if they did not the Oscars and it just wouldn't have this in a fact because. That there a moment fashion history I think we can never seen anything like that before anyone came to gather in the word shall in the same color standing unified he'd email. It just it in this does a great kind of moments of solidarity. But I think for the Oscars who are gonna see is that it will still be color that are a bit more neutral. I don't think we're gonna see a lot of heat usually will see a spring preview especially with the Oscars begins starts this year. But they don't know that we're gonna see those pastels I don't know that Bergen a seat romantic laurels and a lot of eat at Kent Chantilly lace and things like that there's still work to be done there's still don't know that much work to be done so I think persona to see a lot of structure. Going into the Oscars and that's going to be a thing DNA do you think. That he blocked I think the reinvention. Of the pants suits and this kind of paean to dress look I think that may carry. Love it now yeah honest seized some of the other looks that I jordin is a ban on any you always have this on your blog and on instead Graham and show. Which will link up that 99 won the mixed dot com. The Golden Globes this is one that I will never forget watching dye job we need to watch these a lot of we see a lot of awards shows. And I mean I can tell you remember many of them address certain moments I'll never forget and that was last night I think he's so many women and come together in solidarity men to man showing their support as well. And men wearing the black shirts yeah with the with there assume it's you know you almost every guy he had a black shirt with a sits there with there is very few who did a white shirt. And so many Leary those pins and I think it's really important to mention. I think that this is absolutely a women's movement that we can forget the man who support. In the dump her daughter Deborah and that happens it'll only ma Kevin speak victims you know I mean there's definitely a lot of meal victims as well and I think you know. We've really seen a lot of true colors in the past year and we really need to celebrate those people in our lives who. Are there and and they do so partisan men and that's women and it is it's just so much bigger than anyone. Person actually excited to be. Witness Siemens and I and a woman and as your eye on independent woman I. Love it Isetan look at my niece and I think that while they are there any somebody changes yes I'm trying to think on the optimistic I know yeah there's a lot to be done. But that she is gonna be when she's in the workforce and she's growing up and she straight is raising her own children but she'll be in a world rich knocked in a matter what her gender as. What are what what's gonna matter on your performance what's your job can you do your job or not. Exactly an and I think it was interesting last night even in the middle of this whole kind of CEO of black. You know Natalie Portman who was announcing best directors said you're the size male nominees yeah pastor Eric I mean it was very. They aren't making sure that people knew like there's a change happening the week a lot of work to do. And and we're the generation needs to make sure that happens. And so that the younger generation people like our. Our nieces and an hour daughters you know have a chance to have that equal pay. I mean you look at can't Sadler over eat who just quit her job because she is making half of what her co anchor it was just an idea and it wasn't his well he you know he didn't ask for that but. Things are changing in it it is a very very exciting time to be a woman and it's an exciting time. To be able to really finally. Use your voice yes prevalent and we have used our voices and you know even if there's so many things that happened in the lives of you reflect on even this week. I had a moment where every list how far we had become I went to the doctor. My mom's the hospital and I wanted to make sure I can go visit her because I was section. And so I went to the doctor my my normal doctor wasn't available in SI. One of her colleagues who was a man. And I sat out and in and I was on my wade to a meeting so I had Mika and I was kind of dressed up. And I lap he locked in he looked demeaning figured sec. An enlisted airman inside. What do you mean I you have Neiman looked at me I've been a doctor for thirty years I can tell you're not sick. And it was like well I. I have a fever in and congested and I'm losing my. Eat but you don't look sick. I was like well I. I know how to put on makeup like wow I Chenault heard and put clothes I like the UN and lets that right don't have that they've had to Wear make up intersect exactly. Exactly so I I I I suspect and it looks at them and obviously because I don't look sick I'm not sick. Well I eat out you're just you're not an I just got up and I said well pinks and that's really great to know that I'm not sick and walked. All know at all and you know I just I. I couldn't believe that I can believe that that happened today so you know that was a couple days before the Golden Globes so it was very interesting watching this thinking. Yes were here but we do that so far to go yeah so yeah so you're tell me that I could go to medical school apparently a right to do was just look at until. Your article it's always a pleasure to have ya think eating them in my case thank you so much hope you feel better staying keeping Keogh panic yet have you wanna connect with jordin you can get all the information and I and I won the mixed dot com thanks so much pain X if you enjoyed this podcast and you wanna hear more make sure use subscribe so to subscribe to fifty shades of cake. Make sure you're on iTunes app Google play or your podcast app on your Smartphone. Search for fifty shades of Kate that's 50. Shades of Kate than it should be a little button where you hit subscribe there's also a little button or you can hit every deal I'd love it if you left rebuke. Let me know what you think again it's fifty shades of K thanks so much for listening.