Time To "Run The Table"

Thursday, December 14th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the confirmation that Aaron Rodgers is playing Sunday. 


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Everyone yesterday had Aaron Rodgers name on their lips at some point I'm convinced because from. We went to the gym yesterday in a cute little old ladies blocker we're talking about Aaron Rodgers. To us fill up for gas. And they were two guys talking Spanish but I could make out Aaron Rodgers not kidding about it and it matters I don't I was like that type player rockers like a soccer broadcasts and is it too at the grocery store the young kid that was negative growth is at the end of the check out my everybody everybody and now all we know this morning is that. He's getting ready to play on Sunday which is out stay out producer Dave I think. He's going to going to get a glass started a little bit of a feud on FaceBook too when you're fighting with the vikings fan really I'm opposed the preeminent. Hey competitor when the vikings as we can know what's the mind your own team man I'm posted win we found other remnant lows in Mike's lose out. Pat went out. Paquin the division. You heard it here first. Hash tag gets his back cash tag tell a difference that's what happened last time did enough when he broke his left collarbone and everybody else moss Packers won out well that's a viking that put in this position on the first plane ride on or how I got that one person is that it didn't might wanna take those. Dreaming gold glasses off their smudged with rotting cheese are always certain day. She's telling glasses that would darken amount yeah yeah I want. Careening gold colored glasses let's get parable and actually where I was reading she told. I'm about it green yellow for us bears fans of the gelatin well yeah I was goal I was are about aired riders yesterday deal. I was everybody knows how lucky you are to be healed up and ready to Roland DG team in the playoffs like in the button and rookie was that no the rookie no rookie of the year the Magellan and helping rearm you break it. Got a super arm of the government are a lot. Two MVP maybe yeah EP.