Time To Move Past This Tradition? - Part 2

Wednesday, August 8th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers and get their opinions on whether or not you should ask the father for permission to marry his daughter.

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Maybe feeling is gonna be a fight novel I don't ask the dad for permission to marry the daughter like Nicklaus or John's going around that. It's Elizabeth and radar and yet if you're going to a wedding this weekend you can take the mix with you wherever you go. Download the radio dot com app today fear. IPhone. Earlier tablet what do we got. You can listen to us take this with you wherever you go favorite the next FT download radio dot com it's free download it to play is at your wedding don't hire. Any and I. Next we'll Johnson has a message which we changed his name FaceBook dot com slash makes Milwaukee the gist of the story is this heat is golfer in the mid thirties he's planning to propose this October. He really doesn't like his future father in law he has a cynic a nice guy he is a wanna ask for his permission because they're adults they have careers. Parents are divorced so I thought maybe just ask. The mom instead and we kind of back and forth here in the Roman and I was sailing back in the day the whole reason when his permission thing happening now because. Girls didn't have the means to make their own money and they are sort of property lead back in the day it's a dad had to decide like. Can this man take care of my daughter not least we'll pick this guy he's asking for her hand in their all right fine son yes. You can have her hand in their widows the whole thing back in there right yeah okay radar you and I feel like hey better to have a conversation the Nikes can never go back and redo that moment on same and that's yes absolutely and kind of talk to the dad. Millennia pretty today was like well your own thing I think your your thirties. What do you guys think 4147991099. Jerry award to think about it. Well first opponent that'll say hey I know I'm old school that's that's great history lesson all of that back in a I hug then I'd rather about Jerry Jarrett but I have. At a very close relationship with the death I thought that was really well and very respectful. I'm you know I think he should now and I think what's gonna happen. Possibly it could open is yet her dad's eyes and and maybe that might be. Like Alan branch at all. I can't charge shall write your ass off and maybe about to show him that he's experienced and Adam maybe it might help manor yeah and the threat of Concord debt that is a positive way to look at it. Yes that might change the relationship. Great suggestion and I love that perspective it's Terry. YouTube by. Our analysts what do you think should John that ask. For the hand in marriage talk to the dad. Oh absolutely I mean I had pageant when my husband and I. Earners like my hands she he had a bad but if I had to get them I would expect and the goalie after that the data it. You would you we feel like it's just it's best to just keep the peace don't don't be the bad guy the situation try to do what's right quote and quote just to. Keep everybody happy because you don't want I have a really happy moment be tainted by. Well rain and he asked if that academy and has a wedding coming up. We'll hear. CT ID center in my descent and the way that's exactly what could happen he's gonna get on a microphone wasted and say gee I didn't even ask me like AFLAC. And you know what else and here comes a floodgate of all the negative comes out. I think that I think that would basically raise it big for calling analysts they think you buying it. And I want more volunteer and I would be the judge to do here. Now I don't know yeah they're great Turkey used but I think it healed but not the IL I'm. There are and I. Like I you know I have a lot of carry your daughter. Well it back over I would hope that we would like they needed it at the college. I don't see it right arm and not the other out like in the relationship and I haven't lit. Ownership or whatever. If they are well. Yeah it was just covered all all areas just so nobody is upset and then you can go into your engagement when everybody feeling good and Jenna like the way you phrase that you don't ask for the hand and there's been discussing and hope we can have your blessing that's a really good yes good to dissect. That. They're not going to there is you don't need more crap at it pretty got our problem she room. It on the right foot she and I Kieran thanks for listening and I don't agree AOK. YouTube by a cut in.