Time to end the stigma of talking about mental health

Tuesday, September 11th

Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts - if you or someone you know struggles with mental health, you are not alone. This week on my podcast I'm joined with my friend Andy Riggs, from 103.7 Kiss FM, to talk about September being Suicide Awareness Month and to talk about our mutual friend who lost his battle with depression this week.

Riggs went through this last year with his Uncle and now he is a public advocate for suicide preventation and mental health awareness.

If you're going through a rough time, my hope is that this episode will inspire you to reach out and get some help.

We are here for you and it's OK, to not feel OK.

Suicide Prevention Line: 1-800-273-8255

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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Riggs Off the Radio Podcast

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The information on the podcast is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Diagnosis or treatment all content is for general information purposes only. Thanks for listening to the fifty shape to keep podcast I'm your host Elizabeth K and today's podcast is gonna get. A little serious because as we know with life they are good days and their bad days there's times to laugh. And there's times to be serious and the month of September is suicide. Prevention month yes to all month the hole must the first week attempted a sixteenth or seventeenth like the week. The tenth is the actual day but the whole month is really dedicated his suicide prevention and that voice is my friend and you Craig's rakes the morning show one after point seven kiss FM. Who has an outstanding podcasts you talked a lot about mental health yet. What is a part just called our rigs off the radio but it is something called mental health Monday and capitalize the men and mental health. Because I'd like to directed towards men. I think that men are the worst talking about the feelings yet his suicide rates. Men are actually way higher than women expect men in their fifties working age men for the highest rate of suicides. Out there which is why the conversation needs to be had and that's why we're talking about it today on the podcast but also because. This just spontaneously was brought up Briggs and Ira just in the jock loans. And we were talking about in mutual friend of ours got the name of Jason he used to work here at the radio station for quite a few years Ian. Yesterday. We all here at the radio station found out the news that he had lost his battle with two per mountain. And what's the proper way of CNET there's different ways to say there's just also say committed suicide right to do is there is died from suicide completed suicide death by suicide by popular like I suicide ended their own life. I took their own life committed suicide. And in it's it's it's still set a lot in the news in the media and on TV and that goes back to the era when suicide used to be illegal. It used to be against the illegal via was seen as we would put pay what I and it I don't know which is weird look at what went on in his mansion out of south you're under arrest you know it seems very oddities to be a crime and you know it was always very taboo suicide it is very taboo there and in Iraq. You can't commit kidney failure. You can't really commit suicide and the word is that it is because it was sort of a crime committed a crime right you can commit arson you can commit burglary can't commit suicide suicide is like the final. Answer to depression it's that the decision that someone decides to make because they. Eight they don't know what else to do in that moment they just want the pain and everything going on their head. To stop the one appalled and they don't know how else to it ended in even if you there reform and you're talking to him. That was the thing with a friend Jason that's that's exactly what I was is gonna say with Jason yesterday it's started on on FaceBook on social media. And you are one of the people that commented on the feed. Because that was that was his ultimate last lasted just every possible thing unveiled in from a mile in front of my eyes like as it was happening when he posted and I got a message from one of our former former coworkers that you just said that. He was ending his life on his own terms actually put this on he said goodbye and I went to his page you just posted a twenty minutes ago I tried calling him I tried texting him. It happened within that power is when it. And eulogized helped Jason move and just helped him move I just been to his fiancee is funerals he'd been dealt a really bad and oh yeah and that's only talk about mental health and and suicide. He lost. His best friend ES two suicide. And his fiance to suicide and the fiancee wouldn't you talked about that on on FaceBook and so both of us there FaceBook friends with them heard about that. But just went back and FaceBook and this is what you deal. When it when someone passes away you kind of go back to social media and your cow looking in and and and in this case looking for clues and things he had just commented on a photo of mine three weeks ago. And I message to him knowing he had lost his fiancee Kate how are you doing. He said he was doing well yeah that's the thing. And look at what happened yesterday morning in Indiana and sometimes hard shrieking in those wars are important RU OK isn't so important ask people that. It's awesome born to be genuinely that sometimes the people that are depressed and their in this dark spot. You don't see it is genuine even if you are genuine and coming from them come from place with a good warm hearts. If I'm asking are you okay you think as a depressed person that's in this dark place. You're just doing this to a piece of me just to kind of pushed me along solid piece you back and say you know I'm fine and great. And I understand I was not his closest friend its own perhaps I don't know whether present wasn't a person that he would. Any talk to or open up two point. Can't help but sit back now as someone that's here and he's not thinking god. Was she could've done more on that FaceBook feed he's he always people saint has someone called the police have contacted family I don't got a house and the whole thing unraveled right on FaceBook down yesterday. How does that imagine I mean I was reaching out to his mother saying thank you need to call Jason I know something's not right this is the very disturbing posts sound. I he was when they're from me when I lost my uncle I'll and that's a spiral out last year to suicide talk about that he was like. The quintessential happy fun you email me on the duke again. I like hanging out like making jokes I was like being the fun of the party I don't like talking about depressing stuff like that split. Like to take people away from and he was the same way we we enjoy joking around a family offense and doing the goofy goofy impressions and things like that he was always laughing yeah I'm and he was always asking how everybody else was doing. Even if he got a new job and he worked for a bank Ki get crazy meaning tons of money was so successful he had beautiful life he had three awesome kids. No one in their right mind would think that the skies depressed like he's so happy he's just a fun guy. And. To get the news that my uncle kill the instant is on life issues. It is devastating and there's so many guys know what you had no idea idea so my questions so many questions I just seen in two weeks before he died. To the aftermath now like with the fans terrible because suicide you can't blame anyone like a car crash in at least rationalize a car crash someone was drinking. Tim wasn't paying attention. Can rationalize a disease like cancer or some sort of you know it's finally you know what's coming Alastair 'cause the muscular dystrophy we knew it was coming. You can see it coming yeah on the road yeah that it doesn't make it and less sad but with a suicide. There's no answers you don't have anybody to blame you don't have anything to say. So we start blaming each other. Is are blaming yourself the parents blame themselves what we have done raising and do we do something wrong. Or not therefore and his wife says to question yourself look and I have done his kids were we not nice to have an option out of then mean to him. His kids are going through like a horrible things they said don't just he said. Gonna say bad words yes it is usage should do things to your parents before death beat you you regret you come back you know like and I okay. Imagine if he says something terrible to your father. In three days later they took their own life I mean you would keep Howie do you live with yourself so it creates all these problems with in the family. This horrible ripple effect afterwards the pain is pastime. So all of the paley he felt inside of him. When he took his life has not passed on to his wife down kids to his cousin's two is nephews is nieces his Brothers and sisters his parents. It's all passed on as a suicide is such a different death has just it's a different animal. Well and it's. And its sole. Hard to just sit here and talk and that he can't put my. Can't put my head space and someone else's you to have had space that's at that point in their at that point. I mean I was telling rigs are families that helped out with suicide also Al. And some summit some attempts on that weren't successful but then they were family friends that unfortunate was successful. And the gentleman that we know who was a dentist and had a beautiful wife and five kids young kids who ended up. Taking his own life that was such a tragedy because in the way that he did it and harassed falsely discussed that. Again it really too much and you know if indeed tailed him. It was such a way it's just it showed everyone how badly this person was suffering in yeah. And that's heartbreaking because. On the outside looking in to do all these reasons you know just to be here. And amid Drake and actually lead singer imagine dragons will we saw that summer fest this year he talked about mental health. On station and depression and what he's struggled with and he's been very vocal about that the lead singer but he also said to people to Christ if you're thinking is don't rob us of deal. Now we need we need you you're important now you have something to do here on this earth via U summit offered as a reason why you're here. You see a documentary he did know all the church of Mormon isn't all because he was raised Mormon down what teen suicides are a big epidemic in Utah because of Mormon as a because. Mormon is in the such very strict religion. Instead of governed by this little board of people that run the Mormon church and they don't accept gay marriage at all so you have these kids. That are games that don't know what to do they're being told by their parents and their church the Mormon Church that it's wrong that it's moral. And they don't know what to do when their turn away from their family their family shuns them and their thrown out of the streets and they don't take our lives and it's horrible but he did this whole documentary. And forget what it's called. Believer heavily as it was caught on HBO it's really get I would hunt and yeah I can't I mean I definitely don't watch it it's all about ideology BTQ and their perception of the Mormon Church the Mormon Church perception examine how. People are telling him just walk away from the church but he was like no it's not about that it's about the principle and standing up for what I believe and and so said this whole loaf loud music festival it's really it check that's a believer on HBO but. Well we just did a segment on our radio stations across the country on Sunday it's called I'm Melissa leaning and if you missed the broadcasting going I'm listening dot org and it all talks about. Ending the stigma. Talking about mental health and suicide chemical we're trying to do here in on today's podcast. And they brought a lot of athletes on a celebrities and people from all walks of life that have struggled with. Mental health or suicidal thoughts. And then you can join the conversation to hash take on Palestinian if you the story to share in its ongoing this this ongoing campaign. And that's where our stations broadcasting as an and the next day hearing about a former coworker that worked at the station. Just began taking his own life it was it's like what do you purify yesterday yeah I just felt like. I want to restore. Animated appoints. To make eye contact and every single person that blocked by Meeks I felt this. Helplessness because of what Jason and had done but does need to wanna say to someone I CU hole. And aching you matter now you may be going through some crap. We all have some kind of crap that we're going through everybody has their own struggle onions and yet exactly but that's that was one of the takeaways I it took from the I'm listening campaign. He's just reaching out to people talking as someone. Mean even if it's as simple as you gonna paste a page every day to tell you FaceBook friend has birthday yeah message on meet privately hey happy birthday hoping doing well yeah. But what have you heard from some of podcasting you dunks you've talked to professionals have you and I are just you're talking as as friends that I have now recently. You know gone through this was something that we know mutually what are the professionals say and mean. Sometimes people go on these anti depressant medications to better and that makes them feel suicidal gives them suicidal thoughts so I'm trying to get better but there's still struggling. As far as like the. There's so many things that it is it's it's like a big ball of yarn of mentally mental illnesses even have anxiety and can spring into. Obsessive compulsive disorder bipolar disorder. Eating disorders is all sorts of branches of mental illnesses but they'll kind of stem from. The two main ones are like at a depression and anxiety. And the thing about suicide and he worked with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. And were doing a walk in Milwaukee I don't know this is like a national. Podcast I guess yeah double at a local mall yet yet I know they're lucky all over the Doolittle at Milwaukee but they're all over the country and called out of the darkness walks and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention puts these on. And what are the things that I found fascinating in learning about suicide and talking to people about suicide is that it's. It's actually okay. If you thought about taking your own life. And some people think and they feel ashamed because they thought about ending their life and they think. I shouldn't have those thoughts this bad. And then you start internal icing it. But actually recognizing it and knowing in acknowledging that you thought about that and then understanding why in being able to move forward is actually very. Their political can be good for you. And it's good to talk about this when I have things like the crisis tax line in the national suicide prevention hotline it's. 1802738255. Beacon text polo to 741741. Can text someone you can call some on the people that are listening. The talkies your analysis and there's. Are professionals to the ideas are all the license counselors that it and they can may be directed to something locally to even though you might be talking to someone that's in Washington and they may you find some way to connect you to someone wherever it is that you live in a suicide prevention hotline is not just for some money if you think about taking your own life it's for somebody like you're ally. If we think somebody like her friend Jason is in trouble if he had a friend that you think is in the situation. You can call them and say he had a friend overly concerned about they've been acting a little strangely leave event. Anna pulling back from social things never really been themselves and am really concerned about them what are some things I can say to them and they can give you some really good starter questions. Can every tick that's really helpful because I very ignorant when it's time to give him and you don't know what to do and some in that sometimes it involves a variant come to a question like if you thought about taking your own life. It's an uncomfortable question. But it's a question starts a conversation. It's a question that sold to Iraq activists that that may be what someone needs to hear to feel like. Okay they're asking me so it's okay to answer. Yes I have lie. Well you know I've been having and then this conversation starts and all of a sudden it's not about ending their life there is upset about something they have a lot of things going its. It's all piling up in their head. But because they can't get an Alex it may lead them to that decision then they're on life need to warranties so I found that out about the suicide prevention hotline it's great for people even if you. Aren't thinking about taking on the life it's good for friends or family members via a loved ones so that's that's kind of what I've learned in my. Mental health crusades now this is why Riggs is on the podcast yeah because you've. You've really gone through a lot I had last year Iverson's the mantle and of his life financing when it did to his family and I'm my whole family in general and I've seen other suicides and a national scale between Anthony born Dane and Kate Spade those are big ones. Those were pretty even think about the Chester Bennington suicide yet lead singer of Lincoln Park yeah dubbed G yield that his wife poston. That said this is what depression looks like it was what the DR two before he was playing games with his kids in its guarantees and Larry he was he was open about his depression and is. Whining and his life I mean listen the Lincoln Park song yeah in the and it never really matters. Listen to some of their lyrics. The depressing or even a black guy that he is the single here on the air heavy and a gruesome lyrics of that sodden. So yeah this is a podcast that is out resonate with you or if you feel that maybe. They're summoning your life that music has an outlet or someone to talk to. Rigs reference that phone number before and that's 1800 T 7382551800. 273 tall. Yale can't talk. And we will only get up at nine and won the mixed sack column the podcast page which if you go to the next page and click media's own that tableau there it says fifty shades of K and that's for you couldn't get this information. Too but. You're not alone I mean am I feel like in anxiety and then these thoughts. I can't generalize and say everyone feels them but nowadays but it's a bit hard to find people that don't 44 million people in any year that suffer from mental illness depression that's crazy. Which it shouldn't be taboo now it's like. It's like if you have cancer if someone knocked your body the end and you go to doctor do you get help and talk to somebody talk about it but would stop what your brain that's onto a friend yesterday a guy in the office that said. As a general elect talked about it that's anti depression and then they take medication and I know why he'll would you feel weird talking about. Pills you took for your blood pressure. Is it now and I know why. Was the difference there's a difference but I think the difference is the way. The signal have cheated. Apple in the past on the set I was as I I came to you what I said all I have high blood pressure. Oh okay well what worry eighteen hearty hand in are you working out I feel like there's a beer with people that you say. Oh I went talked to my therapist. And I why are you depressed they're crazy person and unstable that's what's wrong yeah what's wrong for people to feel that way and I think the statement needs to be broke out about Islam is what needs to be broken and what is that day's pitcher doing. Though October 14 in Milwaukee Wisconsin it's at Humboldt park but there's a bunch of were on the country so if you go to UK SSP. Dot org American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. There's out of the darkness walks around the whole country there's even two really big ones that move around I think it was Philadelphia and Dallas this year. Where it's an overnight walk that starts at I think I'm gonna say 7 or 8 o'clock and water all night so they walk ends. At dawns you'll literally walking out of the darkness so it's the symbolism of how about that getting out of the darkness and in that dark state the people can be in with depression and getting suicidal that does need to be like that doesn't. You down most think he makes so much for the time thanks for and again go to 991 the next act commoner can linked up there and maybe this podcast will. Incurred someone and motivate them inspire them sent to reach out. Some and that suffering order reach out if you are some that suffering and get some help you reach out to me I don't care so the time and people doing this. We what I posted com about Jason on FaceBook. I posted. One because. This is a friend and I want I don't know his family members I want them to see like. Hey he he mattered to me yet you know he was a great guy and he was up on coworker. But also to not get attention but today and give a you know increase awareness about it that's hard to him because of atlas and about twice yesterday and I think I don't want to be. Attention around is not coming off the self serving rights attorney I think my my nation is suicide prevention. It's been pretty strong over the last year so I feel like it's almost. Owed them and and need to post something went something like that happens yeah. Well and I think everybody should and it's not self serving of yourself it's it's especially should dig get rid of the stigma to it to talk about it then but it's also all. The platforms that we have as sort of public figures in ID put out my post accident you're reading those were were connected in some way. So reach out to me I'm here for you oh yeah because were connected and that's how you know with like you said on the podcast. You're not alone we're here for you so thanks so much race I appreciate it thank you Elizabeth. And thank you for listening to the fifty shades of tape podcast if you enjoyed this podcast cheer with a friend and make sure to subscribe to thanks for listening.