Is There A Ghost in Dave?!?!

Wednesday, September 12th

Elizabeth & Radar and  Dave talk about the strange ghostly experience Dave had.

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This week over with yet all hi everybody still has and radar and this is our epic asked because the phones don't stop at 9 o'clock I want to an archaic I'm obviously you know you don't now Ali Q sorry I'm so hated that Elizabeth still beating so appreciative and I'll just the cut sorry I mean in my block the Molly younger. We had a map out a patio where we it's too busy morning and engages ED thing yet I was starving and I don't has been a busy only drink I have my copy of some adamantly. It was so busy this morning because we were asking for your goals stories because a ghost is leaning inside and producer games. I'm not here and anybody that there was one of the traded at spaces have ever had honestly I was sitting. On my couch at home just eating lunch regularly also and I felt like. Who wins go through neagle who live body he received the ghost and yeah all the sudden I got a cold and certainly not as I audibly said what just happened in the house by myself. And then all of a sudden I had to go throw up and like had a run to my baptism and I threw up. I still kind of felt weird for a little bit but those who is. I don't know if this rather it's I just won't shed no windows were open or any you know they're not fans are on and when you into the bathroom and got sick did you. You feel like. It came out of viewers instilling new a Domino's. Is not a not a very good. Did throw up I guess I thought I about it got settled all right I don't think the ghost came through in life and I. So you don't have those here I mean maybe we could hear the lights had been put in every every few minutes and I. I believe that stuff I really do well I believe of the paranormal totally due you have to. There's got to be something out there because this week to any stories of people share that are on explain it honestly back right like we. A woman a call and that said that the grandparents passed away in the house that she was in and she knew that vanished she took a shower. Then she got out of the shower. That freaked out turn all the lights off and everything like eternal life and she opened her she closed her sharks so close Dickey back and then the shower curtain was open. Push it should they know pets could have done. I did it. Wouldn't. Want my in my house I had in my little backlash that also in my living room were in my cat's litter boxes are there with a look at the two letters like HE. Really into the wall and then the next day they're all scratched out he he was trying to write HE LP. Or any kind of running back east and you outlawed you know at all. HE double hockey you know are there here OR HE LL and friendly golf I mean I guess that an etiquette that luck. I guess some got stretched out rally at the cats belie the cats drawn to that area but we want to know your ghost stories. Leader Mir on FaceBook. Have you seen it go says it goes on three you don't go to make you throw a lot like you did pretty good. I was crazy rose sailor and I don't throw up very often so when I throw up like and now it something something weird you know that goes past the U. It's like this scene there's no explanation is that weird is that why your ribs are bothering you was it goes out ballot I mean Dallas too long ago good guy. Loan was made that both this festering in there my gambit regardless of festering and here's the thing has taken other anti inflammation go to get rid of the ghosts in the goes many sick well and that penalizes those steroids Iran but now belong to little Angel only able to Italy you may be difficult to come on have you. Did it feel like that or more going in new. I don't know I got it out I don't know I guess that's a really I've never thought about validating the ghost was leaving Ian had been living with me that if you give you should go home today. Do the exact same thing eat lunch on the couch and sit there and say. Cutting the again on he doesn't ever yeah health threat. Read it it's better idea after cast. Thanks so much for Liz dean and watching you can subscribe on iTunes global player ever you get your podcasts and the FaceBook live videos you love doing those two so thanks so much for watching everybody. Enjoy your day and I hope no ghosts yeah go through watch out for ghosts are you ski area.