Terrific Television Tuesdays

Tuesday, September 5th

The premiere episode of "Dish with Dave", Producer Dave's newest podcast. In this episode, Dave talks about what the best day in TV is and gives you a recipe for the best chocolate pudding!


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Well welcome to the first ever episode of the dish would Dave I am Dave Stein you may know me as producer Dave from Elizabeth and radar in the morning. And out today. For the first ever episode we have Hannah Mitchell in Hannah is a local actor or writer. More importantly than that she is my girlfriend Hannah thanks for coming in thank you thank you for having me. So all the dish is going to be a podcast that's pretty much about anything tremendous. Pat just dish it out you know talk about things and is episode is going to be focused on television. And Hannah and I watch a lot of television being actors being writers. And we've been noticing that. I DVR is still on the most on Tuesday is now and it seems. But Tuesday's really are the best day for television right now and there will be coming up so let's talk about Tuesday. As the best fit the best day for you to watch television. We're also gonna give you. A recipe to one of our. Very very delicious dishes is gonna be called ID is delicious dish and are going to be talking about one of the chocolate greens and just an idiot era and a so rotten the start off let's just talk about. Tuesdays and TV we got so many shows a lot to think there's a seven. Now seven and I thought it thinking actually. Wednesdays at investing for us because we. We record everything because we're not right not commercial people or not about that commercial nice coup. So when you want to know I Eagles but and dad exactly pan to record Dayton's itself. We watch everything on Wednesdays and it's always like. What are we sequenced because it's. There's so many great actions it's fun the biggest problem right and just when you mention that we're paying to record things because we all and run into the situation we're watching Michelle. And also are watching commercials for like five minutes yeah he wasn't really doing cash. Rather and on for a sword so. The list to show they're gonna give you announced it's a good hefty list that we like it's an eighty's we watched the revenue science how easy sir Ed. And Bogut right after that is the murder of lacy Peterson also great and you kill and it unbelievable documentary series very very informative yeah. We got eight GT America's Got Talent out. Under reality shows on Tuesday almost all reality show yeah really is what to do real leg it is reality shows pretty much ADT even master. The chat channel and these. Some manhunt is on Discovery Channel them Boyle the voice is going to be starting up on Tuesdays and so let's. Their value in reality TV is it's fun for us it's enjoyable to watch a candidate out of these shows man. What would you say is your favorite. And really ask you that I'll actually watch what is your favorite that's hard card question and it flip flops. Flip flops your brain locked rate because OK I'm just gonna say I think probably to show that I look forward to watching the most is the challenge. And that's surprises me because I ain't never used a lot to challenge and even more so I am very easily be into it may and the challenges it's real world people now they re are you the line. And it's and to Randy live there and that some family members have been thrown in so there's a huge pool of and I only watch the challenge like I don't watch any of the other lake. It's like how they actually find the people for the challenge and yet it's still selling enjoyable woman I can handle such a great people because you get the reality a little bit yeah Michelle the you don't watch. You get like legitimate. Competitive athletic site challenges that great great physical challenges and bailout fund for the most part except of that woman's. The solar discussed and I don't know that I love food and obviously you found it the hardest part as the Finland's but disgusting food is too much and a I understand some foods not ante has created eating gross like he testicle and or when they like blend it all up together and me leaving again like I did my point that's just purposely. Disgusting and it's only gonna say and I just running and showing Mike is a rallying dollars not sleeping for days and Clinton he's he's he mental thing himself. Yeah I would say probably the challenges of Riley to start with for my for my Tuesdays and I have a watching television. I would say. My favorite Tuesday show. Right now is a 100%. Earlier on the giant algae in the aftermath I figured that area. I don't know why I'm so intrigued I signed Taloqan that's a real real life if it is is actually Melanie everyone's got. The choice you can do it you wanna get a bill your own way. It's just so. Amazingly amazingly not a good way to see what people who have been signed talent you have gone through. What they're saying and what the secrets that are kept and obviously you know. We'll never know and that's. You know us up for your opinion what you believe -- not believe I just believe it I believe these people are saying in the Shalit laugh while so that you say that you know yes the revenue with a Scientologist for 35 years would I have to gain by all right making up stories six. It just blows my mind is this like and I look video games. But I don't wanna play a video game. That determines like my life and real Israeli plan a fantasy video game it's actually virtual reality. Mean we've seen a lot of stuff that's mentality we're pretty we're pretty assessment that lately we had a lot of diet of the book. I diabetics and read it and decent some actual research on it but I mean after it only occasionally no harm in it. Yeah I mean. Hopefully who knows maybe a power maybe has Powell overcome us and become some diehards intelligence and you know overnight guests don't rule anything out yeah. Can make a lot of sense to us I mean a lot of questions a lot of actors and celebrities to go to reality some of his secret manner to sign that billion contract. A billion your contract is just. It just so intriguing and it's such a great showed a lot because you can agree that you cannot agree with it is just educational and. Last season Oscar itself the first season was much more of Al Scientology's explaining and us as a lot more about how it's like ruined people's lives. Sell ad I mean obviously watched the first isn't it it's just it's a whole religion. Written by a science fiction writer teaches them so I guess and I teach is on commit the following that. In the murder of lacy Peter yes I as a group we were both kids you know when the murder happened and you know I didn't know anything about Ellen. 22003 that time period I literally not think about it until Washington's. And it's I don't I don't know what to believe that you know I got this new show at new evidence coming out new witnesses who serviced the soccer. That there's no way you know she could died at the time they say she died. And it's. It's mind blowing and because I had no idea you there I honestly just knew the name and Mike when people ask me if I knew anything about it. You know I now because you accumulate you don't wanna not known as Ghana and you don't just it's crazy to say are now the 25 real watching TV because it's educational to me. You know I thought I would ever say that I like watching educational TV and me. I mean it it's it's not I guess educational TV in quotes but it smell it did at credit they announced in nineteen entertainment but. It really happened. That's the thing it it really has the stakes are so much hype because you know I love those pictures I'm going to be minimums. So that's also known to watch I mean Uga and I find so many different things that you probably didn't know before. And where we're like our episode three right now yeah we just finished up and threw it just like I feel like my mind is made up right now I'm like so convinced. But we don't have to check special episodes left so it's like gas exactly what state. Are all muffled up getting your flip flopped on flip flop or flip flop ever. So a lot. Outside of those reality documentary series. We watch a lot of competition shows right. DDT. Coming out of my favorite shows of all time and Imus there right now say it. I'm fed up. With these singers. Always America's Got Talent there are so many other singing competitions he can go on this. The voice which is also going to be on Tuesdays in the fall. Which is another reason to watch TV on Tuesday as there's America's American idols going back. Does that boy dance show I mean there's just like Jose singers sing sing off. The singer Robin Macintosh O that I wish would come back to have them back however for Panasonic came from. Pentagon thanks to. But it's. America that's not what the show is about to meet or you win a Vegas act in. Everywhere you go ceasing using concerts any time you're not always Tennessee up into relinquished. Who's eleven years old was met David this year and also saying who is listening at what they're all closed doors he Lin is she my favorite to win it this year I think that she's gonna win. I was very upset last year. Enraged and they're all on a twelve your thing and she's talented there's no doubt about it I'm not saying she's not talented but thrilled bust Vegas show that claim. I don't wanna go watch a twelve year old strum a guitar. And sing songs they're good so I'm sure. I'm not interested in watching then Vegas there's not a million dollar rate RC Lin is an eleven year old senior. Who doesn't even open her mouth as he sings in the comedy act there ventriloquist dummy you know that's that's only so many more layers and again. We'd let us just can't think it's a man. You know there's magicians is crazy huge elaborate acrobatic dance troops who would you favor and on America's got I think. And think he set at the big crazy like acrobat crew that linked jump off things and they round is big we'll learn as makes us. Manning around you and I jumping off of bed and getting cotton. Agitated at the moment where they like all went still right same time Gillick when we watch the show there's. At least five times or a look over Ulan. Both of our jobs and just be dry especially in a magician axe it's never seemed to move forward to I don't know maybe something doesn't train I am not sure thanks. If you if you can make its walk through glass they didn't hit the buzzer and also your what does. Cart it is pop tart gap he opened the popular cartoon amount needed to make it through. There was that lake mental list run. Who's who is pretty cool mom on the Sherlock Holmes ago yeah I mean the show's great camera you know an arrogant to the real meat particularly showed the lives you know where everything really counts and it's. The ours the stakes are so much higher can this happen in Iran now. I'm gonna send this Nick Cannon a little bit I do miss Nick Cannon yeah I definitely tires a little hard to handle livid that AM. On what else to Leo action on Tuesday who I'll probably the best. Reality competition shell out there. Master. It's just so different than other competition show it really is itself. You don't need to be in real news yeah it's our. It is our it's our digital artists can't listen or not only detector challenges they do channel I'm sorry crazy car. Florida ice put gunpowder on the sand castle carve name sends soap carving this one did me a pile. Of thumb tacks. And are having colors and getting a white canvas and that I hear six hours make me a piece that has texture. I wouldn't what Alex brought to tac toe board and it is got a kick that sometimes acts. I would have absolutely nothing after six hours just to see what these guys do on ink masters is. It's amazing it's it's Artest and more it's educational it's educational and another way it's learn all these shows. Going back to be at least educated gains we have so educated. We watched junk now and the best writing message to me also right now is that. They bring people back you know that make people come back and say. We know you maybe should know one last time the CB can take other yeah prudent on its own Matt can't believe these guys are in the housing and their hot stuff slick. It wasn't them to be someone else great competitor that it does that stuff and the clearly look at it this way then they clearly weren't good enough to win so why you left them. Great engines and hands it's if you if you're a reality show Hannah. War. War reality show you an idea and enough like competing alert. Like Indiana yeah I get competition reality show that I think I can win. Prowling a cooking show. I don't I don't I'm quite ready for like master shots it probably. Not computer I'd like to beat Bobby's little. Dog might be a good one. You bring to the ground that rain I played around a lot about it flay filed under reality show. Up we wanna be on. I wouldn't wanna go on America's got town because although I think I'm talented I don't think I have a talent like those people that's like one of those obscure wacky no one else can do it. Tennis thing down they got gulf aren't Americans got town status and that. You can do something where like that tribute show where he went a lot of money like yes that's our I'd love to go on trivia show. I think about being the best. The best environment for me. Yeah you should actually apply far. What the world. C'mon you are allowed you to be part of the new generation and you can it be an all the challenge and it. Handle that I mean I Allen love that you alone and I love it but I feel like. That's not that's not my father drop off they go out all the time and start drama line. I miss out on TV out. John how they do the care know that I fan I would be I would beat dads now is that they cannot even EB an investigator yeah my name of the game on the show Camilla you just big name to probably do again that. I guess name is Steve you're such a decade. Was that it is our day. Did you is that you didn't know I was gay when you first and I mean I just assumed science in June and she had done that. Anyways I know I also kind of have a reality show hard knocks. That's true. On a content coming to us it's like a reality competition show. As far as following the football the is that reality show and it's a reality show does not competition should I love art not a you don't wash the bar enjoys the bottom of piano on I really carnac so because it's. An educational think. Another and hundreds yeah. Owners everywhere are. Doesn't really watch a lot of football or no you know what happens like pre season NASA is relatively new concept and had no idea what a preceded and I. Pretty soon they're selling or trying to get on the T having like teens are changing still. These are always changes in that Leslie learn. So it's I liken it it's good it's there watch it's it's fun for the whole family you know I mean. Real life yeah this is good about it another reelection that's not a reality Sharon now manhunt you know about her. On discovery just discoveries yes random Joseph very good yeah they're very ged. Sam Worthington and seeing him mounting since avatar. Yeah and has an accent slips up a little bit I noticed in the show but it's mostly in his like distressed scenes he's like really acting as though. That's a mark to play showed up mark do you around the league. You know I love marketplace he has. Very funny but he also very realistic acting. This year also. Education only out because I don't know anything about the unit on dialysis. Three years will address and it's even when we're lacy Peterson so this is. Yes it's a dramatization is like when the people vs OJ Simpson came out. Unbelievable show. And that's what this is like and I think that's kind of the trend that these TV show on it and yeah realize. Why why I'm shows educating you on what happened allies spend time energy making up stuff and there's client great stories because all around us you know Al's going to be on Tuesday is in the fall. Is the Menendez Brothers had given a whole law and order type showed the Menendez Brothers. With Edie Falco. Also something had no very very little about I don't know about me. Nothing to educate myself on him. Great to form opinions on television the moral of the story here is that is that Tuesday's other best day for TV. And the only get better because. Fresh off the boat is coming in. Yet the Menendez Brothers show a Brooklyn and I only 1980 standard is coming. The flash the flash in legends and tomorrow on CW that are here that's a whole other round for me another dead not comprehension. And there's. The voice starting American horror story Mary and I historic night watch this season gonna go back and then my dogs and for that to start again yeah Alex is is. You'd rather than a watch TV which really means Wednesday that it watch TV if you got DVR or Hulu or something. So if you're not watching TV and Tuesday's. You're missing out you Armisen on you you get on it and you should educate. Yourself educate cheese on these shows and removal or two days delicious dish and the other day. Hanna we made on Tuesday. Don't think for Tuesday's yeah. We may. Chocolate. Putting Alice is craven some planning and that has also just came some didn't really chat buddy. And Edison even better than chocolate pudding. No especially when it's homemade rate from scratch super. Super jock could aid. It's also to who knew that making putting was so simple yes. Does he got to watch he had a watch it carried into two person job that yet problem you can't you can't let your egg scandal couldn't read it. And exact Hotmail usually don't Maxwell while you got a mixture that you got that mixing all the time though pretty much all you do is. You take milk you meltdown chocolate chips and you make patch topless and you know you make hot chocolate. Another bull not on the stove you mixed together. A little bit of sugar. Cornstarch to live in cornstarch thick and ray and then some ideals. You with get together with there's some cocoa powder in them X ray get a little bit more intense chocolate flavor. Mix that together you'll see a light lighten up a little bit get loose it's like fluff he ends man. Right on track that is not a rocker Pete you can't just eat that no outs and what you do it when. The hot chocolate mixture is melted. You come lowered to that other corn starch sugar. Egg mixture. Warren about somebody somebody whisked swelling rivers and poors bright yet. Two person job. And Douglas ran home you know you see that kind of come together and become a liquid mixture. And you poured that right back in the hot hand on the stove. Turn up heat whiskey and again he was scanned dots that let it boil. Don't get Braylon thicken and funny our eyes and like it'll go from. Loose to stick to colonel. In probably a span of like thirty seconds so you gotta be careful you don't want to but you'll see it taken you Selig turn into that nice. Putting in glossy you'll start to bubble as the best I don't like the bubbles will pop and start to splattered knew and when that happens yes. Take it up the sound. And poured into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap mystic at the free to make a the president is right on top yeah of the putting so there's no air between that. And I thought to be utterly Lessig grant you'll get that weird putting skin which you don't want and her and you know let us separately in stood out as it sounds gross. Put new home. George some things in Rome. And deepening. So yeah and he let that's in the fridge and while I was in the fridge. We also made a Carnell a quick quick caramel sauce which was will truth player now. Half stick of butter. Half cup of sugar. And a little bit of milk. That's an annual is that they let Boylan yet boil it together makes it. But I think and let it reduce and simmer you know little bit so thickens up don't burn it may she don't scorcher sugar on the bow on the hand. And oh one's I guess tonight's text here. Taken off about three minutes out say yeah not long enough and we uses a drizzle. We'll just let them. I will say it does hardened like if you keep it at room temperature for a long but if he's a microwave. Like turns it into our most awesome except at perhaps idea that we toast some. Almonds and coconut almonds and Coke and that to put contact it was like as you know one of those could you get some little low fee amounts. No delicious. It's really easy to make. And I hope you guys enjoy it. That brings us to the final part of this premiere episode of the dish with the if the pitch. They quit decades. And backhand like he has wants our planes and games of unknown with my guess who aren't so. My play some would you rather with you can't. When Accardo sexual. We're not gonna go anything creeping like matches and he's a fun little would you rather self first would you rather is. Would you rather. Have a million dollars. Or live on your own private island. Well well. Went in my life for an hour I really need a million dollars home. On the take and I not a stand out rather take the million to honestly I think about it like I love seclusion and kind of down and going you know. And I thought I would be awesome that I can be. Who secluded where you'd get really lonely and the intent of the upkeep. Meant so much upkeep you probably would never things that DOE avenue drag things did because you'd although maybe. Like a houseboat just hang in off of an island and then just like. That be nice I would like a tropical island necessarily do they make like. Mountainous. Month. Each shore wanna hold them. We'll check back for those data processing and all like that so apathetic and industrials are on the same page there down Padilla. And they guy next to you rather would you rather lose your sense of touch. Feel. Boy here. You taste. Like sense of touch everywhere just like in my fingers. If fingers that you wouldn't be able to feel anything in the evening news but I did feel like it's a realist touching picture face sure your own personal sense of touch when you have no. Sense of touch your fingers war. Would you rather have noticed I mean I'd probably. Give up my sense of touch because. Food and taste is probably like the most important thing to me eating food like and thinking about food like you mentioned chick filet hours ago. And I don't think the five chuckling has left my head sense than down I mean it that's a no brainer button. You also lived without touching your finger test for awhile and I was health radio. You have by you now. Go back so it is but I also I would never want to not get that taste them because food is. Everything to me and some people can't my mom had a friend to. Had a on concede stepped up her nose from when she was a kid cheating that are meant to she was like 45 and she had a perhaps as a everything she can taste things. She thought it was just her body. Wow Yashin moments governance. Forty years you know so she is excited when she stepped up and she had for forty years ago yeah how. Can taste anything for forty years and he's mount. I don't think so. I mean not really an all of the new notes he had anarchists. Is the arm and gone knowing that she got a removed in national taste food again. Lot thousand men like. They should make movie about her education and I've done a miniseries should climb on me I final would you rather. And and under adrenaline. Would you rather. Eat. A hundred marshmallows. Or one. Anchovies. Seriously. This. One for year rule because. I don't know how it on the market on edge of his or gross SE. I was rather I would rather eat one quick little salty city and jovial and happy 200 tell Luis. She Lisa week's globe beamer is not a financial news makes me like Palestinian tell me into the despondent and that you DEI. So I'm kind of curious like to try Antilles on pizza or some mental. Yeah it. This little that you are deep ball and then there I still then you can Justine you can't anchovies if you had Caesar salad dressing. That's very true and but if it's Jesus says the president has to anchovy. He'd. You can't eat it. But you've probably had the equivalent of several charities in your life has IDC was Caesar salad. Doesn't insanity yeah I guess we either way I'd still rather 200 martian and you try it also had the equivalent of 2000 nationals and a similar way more of a how gone while I don't embarrass you. And there's got hit the bears while Hannah. Thanks for joining me on this as premiere episode of that dish with the native British. I really appreciate you coming in and hang in now. Moral of the story for today's episode. Tuesday they're great as a watch TV. Indy putting the hunt for a really fun thing to make any. So thanks for hanging. I'll see you next time have an awesome day.