Takin' care of "Major League" visitors to Milwaukee

Tuesday, April 24th

Ever wonder about the workers, "behind the scenes" at Miller Park?  How does the visiting team know where to go? What pranks are played in the world of pro sports?  In this podcast, Radar introduces you to at a unique job you might not have known about.  It's a chat with Phil Rozewicz, the visiting clubhouse manager at Miller Park!


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Could you imagine walking into a hotel room and seeing this worthy 200 goldfish in the desktop mode no swimming around. Called hotel security he was afraid to leave the room the birds are gonna get them. There are some serious tasks that need to be done. To get a Major League Baseball team ready for game and you're gonna find out what happens behind closed doors at Miller Park with my guess Milwaukee Brewers visiting clubhouse manager Phil Rosalind. This is my podcast called. On the radar. The day off I'm surprised you out on on the golf course a man and now not today I've actually been working yet or any update yet trip to Sam's clubs. Could I don't of the ballpark. Reps and baseballs for the next hole stays there you like get 24 hours on call that the guy yeah hi I would say so how long have you been that the brewers I've been with a verse 29 years. OK you don't look like have you there are 29 years as the visiting clubhouse manager BG did some other stuff before that yup I actually started with the brewers as a bad boy and then I worked in the home clubhouse of taking care of the umpires. I've been with Mike in my current position for twenty years twenty years as the visiting clubhouse manager you probably see things happen all the time yet different people Richard you're dealing with all the time because. All the teams that come into play the brewers. They come to you right away with issues and problems the things they need correct I'm pretty much the go to guy with issues that come up with visiting teams you know but but it's nice a team comes in here three days they leave. Another set of another group comes and they're here for three days they leave so let's talk about that now when when a team let's say the brewers a plan I don't south up my head the plane the Yankees the team is common and what happens with you now I mean you have to go and meet the truck at Miller Park with the way it works for visiting team is if the brewers are on the road and we started hopes and when he always have to figure there's going to be weather issues. I'm after the game the boss for them will be one hour you'll go to the airport. They'll fly to Milwaukee gonna down to a science and much what our 54 minutes you can tell me an effect at the about the contact you I'll give my time how long it takes to get to block. But there's an equipment truck that meets the plane at the airport there's equipment truck that takes the luggage off that goes directly to the hotel and then. And equipment truck that takes all the baseball gear. And it comes right to the ball park myself to my staff will be at the ballpark waiting so probably. They'll they'll probably arrive around 7 o'clock at the ballpark and then with that we unload everything. Each player has a travel bag that's like an early one right yet they have a daily mass and there's some credit right so with that we won't have to clean any road uniforms because they love. Left all their home uniforms at home action but everything else they're Sox their jocks their underwear there T shirts. That all comes in a big. Basically we call it what day I watch that I drive that we hang it out in the locker so when they come in Monday. The locker setup and you know whose pants go with who were right every pain every pair cantor every Jersey is. Obviously marked with a name and number in it we wash -- drive it checked the number hang in in the locker so when they come in on Monday it's ready to go and and you're pretty much judge on that point right now there's a lot more to it there's a lot of thought to it we clean all the issues that they were in the game that's all you guys so we always seemed more watching on TV are we go to a game lives were looking at the issue is going to get new shoes every every gain it looks like I think that he that your hard regret or right that's. That's that behind the scenes stuff I would say I think it's great when it. Fans can come of the game at 7 o'clock seated clean uniforms and then leave at ten and it's like okay well it'll be back snap your fingers at. 1 o'clock the next day somebody's gonna clean there's there's a lot more that goes. Go bigger than that yes so routine comes in at thirteen meals that year and kind of in charge of every team is responsible for their own food so they generally every team has a nutritionist they set the menu. Dave contact the caters my job is basically to facilitate the delivery of the food to set it up so we set that up take that down there's. You know for a day game there's lunch. There's post batting practice and then there's a post game meal. Wow so it's a lot of take up take downed. It flows inflows hadn't I never have to Wear a watch I can tell by what meal they're done what time it is not known exactly Yang doing it twenty years I'm sure you've got down to decide whether to date game or in nineteen correct. Frankly I can't believe that these players can do what they do with this much food. Well it probably burn it off right away but you're right data packet in pretty good dollar athlete's right they're athletes I mean they eat like no other. Probably why I don't know I watched him many other people think you can get free meals out of that chair dreary out later some like death and yet but you're probably really busy run and around wrecked with your staff and and company and you staff as five guys every day myself in this just for the disease clusters of visiting team Rahal. Is that many people that that tennis as in this to make your Major League Baseball looks the way you look correct it's a huge undertaking just a daily grind of things that have to be done Purcell laundry that's clear to bring in and personal La Gloria. To you there to get gets hit it's a full on catering service like harassing letters yes no kidding tons a year CNN exactly. So they can now in twenty years in and you've got players that common goal lead visiting teams come in and and and leave. Maybe year after year maybe there's some players out there that stay with the same team year after year it probably get to know you'll little bit. Yep yep yeah and of developing relationships. With these guys keep in touch with some for instance one of my closest friends Jeff Bagwell a new job when he. For started coming in with the Astros we developed a relationship we talk every day he was the best man in my wedding. How crazy is they don't and I invited you to something pretty important in his life yup I got to go to the him let him into the hall of fame last year it was a remarkable weekend I've never been there before but it's it was pretty special. Yeah it's pretty special that is pretty crazy days they relationships you you form and I think Jeff Bagwell that that story and I want to get to that but I know I'm glad you brought that up what an incredible story that is the yeah you just hear your Bud's not for life yeah. Exactly go on family vacations. I'm actually. When was birthday party next month his fiftieth birthday party my wife Marion had to Houston and surprise him for that so that should be a fun event thing and I was just from him coming in for a three game stand up here and enough three times a year they come and now he's one of the old school players you know that like to. Paying out of the ballpark after the teams have a beer you don't you don't find that much anymore yet to keep their that fridge stocked in your office dodges tough yes. I saw a pressure. It it does it doesn't happen much anymore of the game changed to where players small herb or interest sitting getting back to the hotel to play video games I think with disdain age of social media and being out in public guys are just. The real leery of being out in a bar and out with Cheryl a picture can be little guy a million different ways nowadays without mentioning players some crazy that is happened with the visiting team that is. And it's come in the Miller Park you must have a few stories at least one that that you can share that. Some kind of crazy thing that may have happened a very funny the story that you have. In in your twenty years in Busan in the visiting clubhouse and Monty purse actually a few years ago there was a player who somebody got his hotel key. When he first arrived and I was asked to. Go buy a few parakeets. OK when people ask me to do so I'd just sit with a straight face I don't wanna Knoll. I don't know I know a soul mates at the parakeets. And let them fly around in this guy's room when I was told he went into the bathroom. Because he was scared of the the birds flying around and that's where these 200 goldfish in the bathtub I don't know Earl swimming around. Yeah so. Yeah I called hotel security he was afraid he can leave the room the birds are gonna get them and this is his teammates that play did a nasty aren't you know. So typical what do you do with goldfish and Turkey it's you bring it back to the visiting clubhouse. Only two hours you to write action so you can return a call he finishes up Steve's an attitude varieties then I returned aha there's 200 flushes. They also have some fun now speaking of Frank's this is reminded me of some fun at its spring training and even before the brewers get their four spring training. You fantasy camp that goes on yeah it's a fun things that happen their best campers finished him his great time the guys enjoy it we treat him just like we treat the big leaguers they get the full big league experience a lot Alaska. You are a short guy like I am not seen this on your end to Graham before us these videos that you posted you fit in like the upper elect a cabinet or cubby hole. A right above all the lockers. Yes so yeah every year that you like to jump out scare people I did it about. Probably ten or twelve years ago to Gorman Thomas and I thought Gorman was going to have a heart attack. I was able to get my body somehow to fit in this locker that was probably three feet deep by two feet wide. You like Houdini trying to yeah I think I broke a rib. But I got in there and Gorman proceeded to go over an open up his. Locker and I set there with day they air horn honking your horn himself. He not only lost his cup of coffee he almost fell over. Twisted his ankle is funny so I tried again this year I was pleasantly surprised that was it would get in there and again we know we gotta we don't edit a long time camper who are coming back for years. I want my coworkers was where an amount that his locker is dirty and he needed to clean it and he also than he proceeded to open and we got a Malia while he then he has and he's very funny very funny and very good times and that's and and when Bob Watson some of the videos and post on and mr. Graham and it's cool scene and that there. A neck and stuff weather here in it's spring training in in Arizona are back here in Milwaukee. Brewers won their off you cut off RG guests with a broad on the road Atlanta or on the road I'm off for the most part I do go into the ballpark three or four times a week because there are things that we have to do to get ready for peace following homestand so for instance like I've been going in this week I help my assistant who takes care of the umpires part of his job is to rob the baseballs for the games so he's got to get to. The Mississippi mud. We rub two cases per game so we have seven games who has fourteen cases. It's you know 72 balls and in case there's no machine that does this data and the machine is our okay do hands. And lots of mud. It takes between the two of us we can do not cut fourteen cases baseballs and probably six ourself be trying to gradually do some not doing all but one day all right so next time when you go to brewers game you seated visiting team now their look now shiny need in their clean uniforms upper reaches in his bag does another ball on the play let's all the losing clubhouse staff has rubbed those balls down to an all their time to do that. Do you ever get a chance to jump out on the field is can we see before game if you need to take. Better sound like now I'm ahead. I'm strictly behind the scenes are rarely leave the visiting clubhouse once I'm there during the day no no curtain calls or anything locator and tells her way to somebody you know on the ground I get back in the clubhouse. No curtain calls have had not. That still Raza that he's the visiting clubhouse manager for the Milwaukee Brewers and I'm my podcast called on the radar thanks for being here tell appreciate it thank you if you like this podcast there's more on the way all you need to do to subscribe to you on the radar is open up your podcast app on your iPhone. For on Google play. And thanks for listening to on the radar.