T Swift Helps Get Rid of Internet Trolls

Thursday, October 12th

Elizabeth & Radar talk about Taylor Swift's new phone app.


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New nine point one the next live in the Kessler's diamond center studios good morning from Elizabeth and radar and it's time for your content to pour in Taylor's left I have the feeling is sick and tired of the Internet trolls so she's decided to launch her own social app. It's her fans is called the swift life this is her way to engage at all her fans on her after she owns it she controls it. And it's probably a way of keeping things a little more positive enough so much of the bashing it and satellite. Can't month. Cart bashing and she's gonna have our own and Taylor swift boat he is so your profanity a swift you they have those apologies and your stuff miers talk in my last night. Taylor Swift announced he's launching a new app called the swift life. They'll featured tape motifs which are Modi is it looked like her and they all have one thing in common they're all surprised. Art dealers win this and gave their fans like you said in a venue that cheese. Owns and controls I wonder other celebrities are gonna follow this and do this to connect with fans that be pretty cool calm I do like the title of. Her app. The swift like that you borrow that from the Nickelodeon show the Suite Life of Zack and Cody she manages that disease with life. We she'll raise his legs aren't doing this game. You're right producer of the one announcing huge fan via a Kohl's profit thousand Rhode Island right yeah. And Riverdale what you're talking gibberish to me is Riverdale Riverdale the new Archie comic show us now W yet that is the second season just. Very very hot and steamy in dramatic ways it's like an adult comedy yet an adult cartoon. And is not a cartoon is the real life action arch the Archie comics mine action. Those standards are key commitment but maybe may I can activists is like I think I could understand Chinese market.