Summer Camp for Drag Queens

Wednesday, August 1st

Check out a new series on YouTube... "Camp Wannakiki" is a summer camp for drag queens!  "Dear Ruthie" is camp counselor, and you won't want to miss an episode of this hilarious, campy video series!  Watch the episodes here - 

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So it's summertime and summer camp can be so fun for the kids but you know like there's a different kind of summer camp that's going on right now we took it. Each of the craziest. Can't we just not just drag queens. Midwest and we dumped them in the middle of a campground it's Tony radar has in this is on the radar my pod cast. And with me is a special guests dear route three from camp. Wanna keep keep yeah. Step by Kiki that I. Now this is Avaya a YouTube series it's a going to be coming out August 7 so if you're listening to this before August 7. I just wait because this is going to be a lot of fun after August and he can catch it on YouTube and can't lie Kiki is sounds like a lot of fun. There are they tell us a little bit about it is. Is he so yes August 7 through premiere on YouTube. I think you catch episodes usually around noon 1 o'clock is when their uploaded every Tuesday. I saw what we did was we took. Each of the craziest. Can't be honest you know if drag queens. In the midwest and we dumped them in the middle of a campground so they are there per week. And they compete every single day fully dressed up from heels to wig doing camp activities so they're doing archery and canoeing. And the lawyer bridge which was an all time favorite of mine and then the of the night's. One of them men have to leave count and take a hike are no holds that a an elimination yet. Yes the competition. So at the end of this series it's 78 episodes at the end of the series someone is crowned America's queen of canned all the sounds like a lot of fun to snuggle up on the girls are not either crazy there I mean we really on the campus girls in the midwest and you know first and because you had at camp counselor. Yeah. Wonderful so I'm kind of the host. I'm also one of the judges at the end of every episode. On the episode ends with the talent contests are talent show just like a regular camp on a vessel we award the badges for the day you know who received the bad to their competing for all day and who did not receive a bad call nine now either interviews mixed in between so we need to know everybody with the girls talk about how they do that a challenge or higher feel lane or if they're hungry. Or they're tired at they all slept in one Gavin so they were camping I'm out there the whole time so. Yeah they they they'd tell you about how miserable they are often. What are it's the Wi-Fi it's really really funny and I think I think America and all. At San how many of them actually spent time at a camp neediest kids there are certain like that I'm. Yes Eddie this is the first time for you can't let the press I McCain yapping I've never gone camping before. My family had money. We went out reallocation snow and other. It hit it it but some of the girls had been camping before so they were they were pretty. They were used to the mess hall for a dinners with me be a quarter of a mile long maybe half a mile walk from the cabins. On and then there was a separate you know. Spot a separate house for showers and bathrooms and all that would also shirt so they got to know each other real. In the sound like it's it's a lot of fun now how did this all come about. A camp one Kiki I'm really lucky because I am friends with twins and Ashley amber and and right to own the hamburger Mary's yeah. His eyes on the island and Chicago but the Milwaukee all the times that a couple of delightful boys. And they actually have the idea for camp on Kiki and they wanted to celebrate. Campy funny drag queens. And they thought well let's put them in camp so I got a call from actually write one day from his car he was so excited to tell me as an idea. And I said oh my god I'd love to do it let's do it and a type of those Wright Brothers are so good they. Had the idea and we were already filming it. These fees and within about three months in only three months unless they are amazing that all right now concept to filming in three months in just three months ended actress and now he's got this there's a great trailer that's on YouTube right now but it lets me Polaris and get up and circuit breaker twins they actually on the camp and the counselor and the trailers feature us and we introduce you to the girls we can give you some sneak. Sneaks shots of them during the canoeing races and things like that but yes go to YouTube and you can see two trailers on YouTube about gambling Kiki. Time now where which camp was this film now I don't know where the heck we work. I didn't feel I edit title I really don't much it was a camp in Illinois. At two hours at a Milwaukee and it's it's a 140 for acres. We have the whole campgrounds or south thank goodness cunanan wanna run and anybody out there. And it was that kind of in the middle of nowhere I mean hundred for for acres of forest yeah campgrounds is a lot Fred I'm so it was just us and the lovely man who ran the camp grounds. He wasn't part of her showing was actually from the camp ground he was employed there and he was really and let me tell you after seven days in the woods with a much drag queens he was look at where the dead. Kind of caught up. You're the best job out there are ridiculously. Good. You you know wealth is having his Carroll gain your friend who came along today I drove for your girlfriend your yet well yeah I mean I really just kind of came because for the introduction because I saw the trailer. On YouTube and I got a hold you guys and I said are you guys. You guys got to do something and witness and so I'm so glad that you had amends I'm just kind of like. The ceiling hampering today I'm just end at a swim on. And just kind of you know one of our sell enough I just thought I thought it sounded like such a fine experience what you did you I'm decaying. I went to camp as a kid yeah but I can't get like a Bible camper music camp or. Well Lance cam and get cancer and are now on I wish actor busta movies you know any chance captain I need a little bit alcohol and I really show you man moves OK I can I can show it's right now listen if if you're gone back to camp I'll definitely hang out with you real will let you know. I'm actually going to the and the national drag fast in Austin to get this in November. And I Kennedy and promises but I think that we might have a little open casting call possibly yeah there are. The because they think we'll have a lot more girls for season two and I think we'll just have girls small we've already had girl sending us information trying to against season to wait a minute you were RE gutsy and Dubai and that would get slammed by what I've definitely yes I mean look it's the people are approaching us already very you have we do some plans and mechanism that we don't. But we are thinking about it absolutely guarantee and Caroline and when you went to camp now there were like to sing alongs and and things like that it night after addressing Milan's up. Guarantee is there any things now like that you can't watch a year yeah what is this casino. Well I if you watch the trailer you can I wanna give it away completely but it's cuteness of the girls would do their little camp cheered and regularly and then and we do have some campfire some more me skiing yet half yummy I think my favorite episode was one where the girls all tell ghost stories. I thought that was fun on the campus I take it outside in the woods around can't irons spooky and crazy. I think my elephant every episode is is that one at the camp spear that to the competing for an it's it's really really fun and so and how many contestants other yet there H is eight and so's I mean there's about eight episodes correct and then you have the what is the champion called. At the end the queen of camp we have GAAP OK I think camp queen tracked so that when the total prize package at the hammer gonna shoot that. And hamburger Mary's in Chicago at the end early middle September I think September 16 so we shot the whole season. And we'll crowned the winner. Lied to tape taping at hamburger marry Chicago. OK so now as camp counselor I'm Scherer who we always had had issues with our camp counselor. Actually we cause the issues as is eleven year old high. Was there any issues you hadn't put up with any fighters you had to put you know mischievous things gone and I am. The girls were a little bit silly in a little bit naughty and I think they got a little cabin fever literally. An amateur and one gap and Matt I have Christmas and you don't have. But no they regret it because I. Love and I did that to keep them and in check too much and then my cousins. Who were also on site usually in the offices are giving your twins. They kind of took care of any any real serious issues. But mostly with keeping the girls away from that terrible air and who were runs the camp. For the companies so they were kept chasing him towards the end a little bit I think. We had a little issue with a beer in the woods that we had to get. You're under control bank and if you watch the series I you'll find that my cousins were able to handle that. On such as you know that is just elect praises the things that went on our art cook called in sick. Unknown has me on these. Handled that so I'm checking I think you'll laugh a lot is a lot of funny crazy nutty things are happening camp on Kiki others indoor plumbing correct. Oh thank god yeah it was and another building. Told you to edit. I don't know what she's talking now. And I act. Look at it. This is there was a man in the woods with the laws of the track means I'm not sure he would amend ally ally. You have to watch and see but that's my little hint well I don't know I've might not want to go to this camp there's only eight W and there's only one in Maine I you're going and I'll be tentative and that's how. Cutting and running to us. Again in Denver mayor's August 7 on YouTube that is correct and if people wanna watch it on YouTube to search at camp wanted to have one Kiki a guy and they will find their channel that you can also watch bio is all the girls right now and it's you know all the cast members before we gave you that sounds great also have a link right here on the pockets as you're listening to the podcast that pops up on your iTunes I'll have a link. All right in the description so everybody can click on it. Right there. Eight episodes of L start August 7 as a true that is correct tie and then there's possible plans for a second season I think we can count on that to go back to camp. Go back to cap pharma us army need to do a camp like in the city is somewhat under an autism is different no you wanna go back to the country got like I'm I'm I'm I'm a city girl so I'm totally fine with that trust me food and farm. They're easy arm you know loan maybe a dairy farmers like that in. On his competing camp across the lake that we were about summer camp Waikiki and across the lake there's camp who'd call. So we're nervous about those girls the Jerry Nadal saw maybe I don't know we'll see what happens there they're gonna be need to take gun camp who'd hull. Possibly this would because there's endless possibilities it's very leery insane and you had no problems camping in and for how long how long was glued to the whole episode or the whole season I should say I'll. I can't get out there for a week of a week I'll have been a long time to be out there I was gonna say you managed a weak. Imagine maybe two weeks next time maybe extended a little bit we've gone there we've talked about yeah. I can't picture that is my. Anything else you couldn't get out there that was just driving you know a lot of things actually the food was really good I will say that the came out this and I think that's kind of surprised everybody was really really gut yet because when I would again as a kid and it was down in Illinois where I grew up the food list hair like a long ways to get home after two weeks it was it was absolutely delicious I think everybody was surprised analysts and it's gotten and the entertainment is really good so everybody should watch. Can't like he'd be at nine 20 well all laugh you. Carelessness. Fan I. You know what I all the trailer I detail but trailers made me laugh out lives and in their in my dust and I just like oh good god really this is hilarious I think. I would radar I think their endless possibilities that doesn't I think that it's really something that. People are super gonna enjoy just because it's different it's light they mean we are talking earlier you know world is so heavy right now in July and suddenly rest yet get around. They in a crazy world. Crazy country. We need to drag queen for president do you think you could handle it why did we were gonna nominate dear Ruthie I think I think with rader at my side. Ha he he had. I care we'll bring you lie I was regular in here she never that I. Did I Press Secretary I Papa Papa. Therein may go and you're in as a reader are you single and unmarried enough for law yeah. Let's hear it big Carol Kane is adhered to an Afghan at camp like Kiki. I check it out on YouTube that jobs August 7 if you listen to this podcasters after August 7 vote YouTube right now are just clicked on the link in the description. Of this podcast and to receive thank you so much for being here on the radar thank you for having me you visit your puck time now. Also. I'm going to be in the middle of Sam come on over there oh my god oh laugh.