The String Cheese Debate - Part 2

Friday, June 22nd

Radar and Producer Dave go through facebook to see how people eat string cheese. 

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I do you really have to have a certain way to eat food especially in front of your coworkers. Matthew nine point one in the mix as a lizard and radar I'm producer David yes you have to eat food correctly ring Aaron especially. And Frederick co worker meet I brought in string cheese today as little snack essar Diop and on an item was nice not to bring some for producer Dave and starts nominee for the way and the net. And so we decided hey this is a great dumb debate for birdies today than and though we decided. That there are on FaceBook do we threw it out at you at 4147991099. He couldn't get through on the phones you can always go to FaceBook dot com slash. Knicks Milwaukee what what are people saying on the FaceBook. Oh where we mixed batch on the mix page actually but odds there's there's some very valid points like Linda says that. She strings it because it's not call chopping cheese. Linda you are a 100% right it's not called jump she's a radar. Don't choppy geez I don't have time did string it I just have time to eat it go ahead sit on the other side Jen says she champs it she's not a savage she just likes the texture. But I guess the flip and I guess revealing the textures don't abuse and as you just have to be under any day now ravaged Jana I think you're savage for just buy in rate in the Betty and I are both sets each of them on Bart. Barb says she strings that well unless I'm in a hurry. So I guess time plays into it to your garage just like one of those things you don't have time to be. Walking I still they give your walk in the you can walk and string at the same time make it I'm I'm doing it right now I'm multitasking and I'm snap and that right in my mouth just written off and that's the league in on those guys but he Christine says. She says that she strings it and then she shares it with their cats. We'll just like cheese state like milk she do. I'm afraid to get my cats like dairy products but I remember that they drink milk I don't know I heard somewhere nonaligned that I Darian cats don't go well I like dogs love cheese that affect my dog Guinea I will and we'll throw him little pieces of the string cheese all the time and you start smelling some random like rotten eggs now in your house you like from must have been does deviate that she is early there not when I like just an accident. You can always check out today's what that tells let's mental log your if you look at for other things that are gonna hash tag Elizabeth and radar and you'll see everything that we're talking about here at the next.