State Fair & Marriage Permission

Wednesday, August 8th

Elizabeth, Radar and Dave talk about Wisconsin State Fair and whether or not you need to ask a father's permission to marry his daughter. 

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Good morning it's a look at the radar producer David it's time for the Elizabeth the radar after cast. Because the undone stuff and 9 o'clock vote Tashard and I got about I like 9/11 now and buying guns I thought Elizabeth and is there singing her after castle and you can't put them don't have to can tell accompanied this happened and began. After casts a passing grade and show what do you think people from Florida. Massachusetts. Ill little I. Ohio alls say above those of us here at the Wisconsin state fair nominal worried about this last eyebrows at the fair to for the why don't we shall thank you. Lot of people came out I asked whether or from ice and what do you think about the state fair and they love affair but they also the same thing decent all of you here are so Ole. Nine off wholesalers and millions for a second this every airport for the nicest people ever and that's great that's that's good feedback is that and they do love the cream plus. They all mentioned we keep hearing we have to try to creep off of one of the girls from Massachusetts had just tried it. So usually good at the creep up but Democrats it was what people do it to carry cases and I said you're not the only one I ask that question because. Is accretive after that gonna give you take the little travel case a little scary thing. The souvenirs yet but which Britain it they're the best in the air Cole when their cool rumors come right that's why you buy you don't buy them. You know when you're still walk around there you by a right when you're gonna leave your ball to the car have a little have a cooler in your are you the early AC nine you drive home they're going to be a mean. I don't hate I mean extreme thought that's been like two hours out. Jason are it. Yeah there I was alive you know producer Dane was. You need to eat out hungry if you're headed affair this Friday. For our radar is gonna be out there before TLC and where you could find as if you're at the fair. The main stage right the end of the mid way out of the east side of the acts both senator. Across the way from the Milwaukee Bucks milk place. Rocky got a note for our lives San Antonio and they are no I hope that makes sense to look for us five till seven on Friday if you want to get from Greenfield avenue bomb you'll run right into us right next to the tracking and we do some karaoke action on it and I DOD minus seven this Friday. We also this morning now Michelle we're talking about a message that we received from odd mix let's ever go to college guy and a quote unquote job. I'm just yeah. Hey John. GIs in his mid thirties and said he's gonna propose to his girlfriend this October. She's also in her mid thirties he doesn't like her dad. Doesn't wanna have to talk to hammer asked permission to marry her and he said is that okay. I we should just as Prince Harry what he did because apparently bred there doesn't like. His father in law Thomas Markel solve what prisoners it is district series any doesn't mean he's definitely got as it is. I birdies on my again I've this makes almost send him. Two but it is we we allied to the call in and say that you probably should at least talk to the data but maybe don't do it in a asked permissions sense just day. Out of respect I give you a heads up any guarantee Dow what do you think radar I like the respect aspect it doesn't matter if bio like the guy that my daughter is marrying. Or highlight the god of my daughters Mary or highlight the guys you have to like the guys that this guy Larry let me ask and I'll think what would you do if you didn't like such acts. I didn't like him. Is on he treated my kid OK then I guess I gotta go with and I got to suck it up right I can't sit there and cause problems is and isn't there they say it's all about the respect in my units well. The girl's father out of respect yet if you really respected and he says no I don't want you amend my daughter you wouldn't marry here but regardless of what her dad says. John is gonna marry this girl he's gonna proposed order. Soul isn't really respect what. Asked the fire and does go against what he says he still marry them you know what though especially battle like the guy becomes to me in has the respect is Donna's news announced it. And then begs me kidding again. But estimated shows me that respect that I probably would say okay you know like him and that like Jeter good. I still like you but at least you gave me some respect back right he needs to play that signed by magical white you get at these so rude. Woke up one lawyer and jumped out of debt that the whole song is about ASCII and I'm not best blow out. Is blast seemed to get married to their daughter my sociology traditional thing that we're not stuck and you know the 18100 anymore aren't funny eighteen so. But it sounds like relationships are different does this say they're stealing a daughter or let it bother but it sounds like he's a traditional guy that he's even. Present gene the question of should dire should deny its cross does my it can't go back to duplicate that moment so better do it. Then not and then have him bring it up when he's drunk at the wedding on the microphone let me just say these people are in their thirties right so let's pump the brakes on asking radar about his daughters because seventeen and fourteen we got a lot of time to worry I'll never know I got time to think about a minute say. You never know we did yeah I. They're now we have together for a lot like two years all right that's enough body of mr. And let it up coming up tomorrow. Coming up my tomorrow or shall I do look at a buyer rang it may be here or someone DD in the radars daughter in 1000 dollars to hiring. You feel it on the bed starting at 710 at all the 10710. AM to 6:10 PM yeah Colbert taxing to be a winner like. Tell seized from iguana and a tennis rustling or Yale. And Diana from Milwaukee. Parent on the dollar wetter NASCAR yes and it you wanna listen to the mix and other places besides your car get their radio dot com app it's free from the App Store they could take us everywhere I could show you what the app looks like but we're actually using my phone happens after casts no easier distrust knees out they would the only ally or download it it's free. But you can also favor the mix and you can get a hold it to other stuff on look at got to. Eject out. I asked and everything yet check out and end it just like we mentioned John story really if you have anything going nine. We can change the deed tales of people don't know that it's you sent us a private message at FaceBook dot com slash mixed Milwaukee. We are the only ones at sea those messages will obviously keep your privacy and everything like added it's kind of pictures Tina thrown out said the world of public opinion people aren't that close to a they're gonna give their honest thoughts on what you should do your situation really love the situation we will do or not it so I. And and that gives its stamp dot studio it does on the app decathlon. Against etiquette. And they are watching that they were listening and why did you change at the after cast of their putative.