Smells Like Teen Bella!

Friday, August 18th

Elizabeth, Radar & Producer Dave talk about the reason Scott Disick dumped Bella Thorne


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Nanny nine point one an ex Elizabeth and radar live from the Kessler's diamond center studios senator Tonya support and Scott did sick was seen with a lot of ladies the last couple of months and they're saying now that. Disney star bella floor who was his latest girlfriend if you wanna call and he ended things because she smelled really bad. She says during an out it's got to mansion and according to people that Oracle's and they said that she just stunk. She and her sister the Revere you may even have good hygiene but you better. And I was honor into Graham account. She can hit DN I'm not saying that John hippies are stinky but she does Diana has that like free spirit I probably don't seem content type. At that Gainey smell so the wrong with that Paris today don't have Sam right yeah. I think I'll hippies are smelly kids that think they enjoy they smell that was Ali as I get negative thing as they hit you nationally because it I think they have enjoyed. I mean yes that veil all of this and they've they've bask in there smell and that does not surprise me at all that that's the reason because there's all Scott does it. He's just running around do whatever he wants anyways right now so all for this girl who also is. Nineteen I think when he thought maybe that would be the reason that he's like in his thirty's and she's not even in her twenties I think yeah on May that be the reason. I guess ego that she smells bad it is thinking I know a guy adopt a girl because she was stinky. She was she just she's Nicole body odor roguish smile because it is just the key to dismount did you flaring she's. She isn't very attractive woman she's. She's been a lot of pageants Ali but is that she's very attractive. But they end up breaking up because he could make it past the fact that she. It's gym Wear deodorant she ever just say this everything stop at all or are. Cell yeah he could be the hottest one out there but if you're stinking. You don't think you can when you make analysis. Or you know I'll.