Smell Like Jennifer Lawrence!

Wednesday, June 20th

Radar and Producer Dave talk about Jennifer Lawrence and her new perfume. 

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What acting doesn't work anymore you move artifacts you think. It's Elizabeth and radar 99 point when the knicks live from the Kessler diamond center studios Elizabeth is off today and produce today it is into botanist yes and I say that Jennifer Lawrence's Don acting. Because. She's not done acting but she's definitely slowed down on how many rules she's taken for years law you know. Normally she likened three or four movies a year and Stanley uses only like one movie maybe if she's there and they've basically been flops. Well living she'd been written out all these movies plus the hunger range at all actually if you issue one way of again not to think not so much bought. Jennifer Lawrence is moving over to the curfew in game. Seoul I don't really understand how you can move into the perfume game but tabloids and all it meant a brand ambassador for dialer since 2000 while his direct dealer dealer dealer DR Greene an idea that his name's Christian Dior the right right yes he had a first name. The team that. Exit question attributed in one day so she has been an ambassador for the day and how she's gonna move over and take over the fragrance department. So she's going to be the face of the new mr. fumed. Yeah I mean Keebler smell like Jennifer Lawrence LID law is this perfume that smell that Jennifer Lawrence wishes everyone else had around her she can't stand people BO it's broad HT Obama who. One of the rates low in early on go to work for jailer right now I just don't get like how you treat a perfume centrally what what he. What is the process period and after fumes and a and maybe some flowers maybe some actual body give a progress now action well together and Nash it up. Keep an inhaling the fumes I pictured it like they're in a lab. When those speakers boiling and stuff lots big idol pop pop pop rock and way too early smelled this huge explode with the volcano chemicals that often. Perfect an accident it's by two that's I think that's what is it. And prepare for this and that and let's do it wrong to pop news.