Side Dish:Fantasy Football Heroes Week 3

Friday, September 22nd

It's week 3 of the Fantasy Football season, and things are in full swing. After a successful week of picks for Dave, he is back to help find your teams heroes for this week. 


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Hello welcome to another episode of dish with Dave I am your host Dave. This is another side dish episode another fantasy heroes for week three of the fantasy football season. Last week I did pretty good my. Heroes. All performed up to par except board Jacoby percent that was the reach I apologize for that. But this week a thing of I have some good ones for you and register right into it. For quarterback this week play in the primetime game Monday night. I'm not taken deck press got I'm taken Carson Palmer yes Carson Palmer on the miserable cardinals. Bad do that one when they beat the colts last week barely. But Carson got called out after the game. Coach Bruce there and said you've got to play better and presence. It's time like this is do or die for his career. And Monday night as primetime every one's gonna be watching. So I think Carson Palmer to have a big week for your quarterback and I think you should start him don't be afraid. Move it over to running back got two guys Korea. Number one. We had duke Johnson junior of the brown owns the Cleveland Browns. Do Johnson didn't play too much in the first game had maybe I think a decimal I'll love transit point. Last week he was the number one target since Coleman went down with an injury. He's getting looks left and right he would run the ball he's catching the ball PP our league you'd definitely wanna start him. In the browns are. Playing the colts. And the browns are favorites. And the browns. Are not a miserable team like they used to be I don't think I think that they they're closing games they play well this can't finish and I think the colts are predicting them to play. And to finish off and get that first win of the season. Indeed Johnson's huge part of that win. Another running back that I think is the huge running back or fantasy. Is Derrick Henry. Derrick Henry is the backup running back on the titans. But it seems like DeMarco Murray's time might be. Running out pretty quickly here. He. Isn't getting in the bulk of the carries on the goal line that's for Derrick and Regan them Derrick can regain. Limited carries but he is making the most out of them and as the backup running back to a one time. League leading rusher that's really got to do and he's proven his value and Derrick Henry is a valuable valuable piece to let titans' offense. And they're enclosed the goal line. They're gonna score with their candidate and a scrub the Montgomery and Atlanta Seahawks are struggling. I don't I don't have any faith in the Seahawks at all this season soul look for Derrick Henry to have a big week. Big week for Derrick Henry and do Johnson teenager probably weren't expecting to hear. This. Dish with Dave podcast. But I moving over to wide re cedar. Another cardinal for a Larry FitzGerald. He's had. Very very quiet first two weeks. Because the cardinals had been plain horrible. And again same reason I have Carson Palmer appear. Primetime game. The cowboys defense they're second area's poor struggling and Broncos tore them apart last week. Larry FitzGerald. Is still us bride fast. Top receiver in the NFL. And Carson Palmer's Eads plan is Ginn and I think Karstens on a big week which I think means inevitably middle area of the big week he's gonna show up. You got to get first touchdown of the year. He's gonna probably have about eighty yards. Look for Larry FitzGerald to have a big game on Monday night another receiver. I hate to say this I honestly do. Because. Being from Wisconsin being a packer fan. Don't wanna say AJ green's name but I'm saying AJ green's name because the Bengals are plain. Terrible awful. Haven't scored a touchdown and two weeks. Not performing up to any standard that the Bengals have been held to for the past eight years. And it is where there have been the coordinator. Which means that something is changing in the offense AJ green was again and I targets on the need broke ten points either the first two weeks. And the Packers secondary is. Not. Not good I hate to say it but we're not playing well on the second day the falcons. Tore them up. And AJ green is due to had a big game. And I'm I'm worried about it we've given up. Over. The past since we ten since week ten of last season case and think about that. The Packers have given up over 200 yards to wide receivers. AJ green is number one receiver on a struggling bank of the offense. They don't look good for the Packers but it looks good for AJ green and Finnessey. And I'm and they Dennehy the player to start. I hate gonna say it but I'm saying it. At tight end. Ty and we have. Jason Witten again a prime time game. That press got struggle and cowboys. And did not look good last week against the broncos' Jason Witten. Is he everyday gag he's giving the ball is getting the targets. He's the safety of Alfred act. Does is not the wide receiver that he used to be he's not that threat is so when people are open on the field. That's gonna have to check down to Jason Witten Jason we're gonna have a big game I think it did great Monday night game two struggling. Teams are used to be. Top tier of the NFL. And I think. All around there really big points scored in that game primetime for those two teams means big numbers for your defense. I think the defense they have to play is the ravens the ravens look like the scary defense is that they used to have. Back in the early two thousands in mid 2000 Terrel Suggs is freakish right now. The planning as a Jacksonville team that for some reason everyone thinks is good because they want their week one game against the horrible Texans team last week. Looked miserable adapt touchdowns in garbage time that means nothing in the ravens defense is scary they're going to be all over Blake morals I. I predict that liberals are gonna have at least one fumble at least one interception that ravens' defense is put up double digit points viewed guaranteed. If you could somehow get them and you league gives them put them in ravens but the divas of whether Providence were higher than a few. Wide receivers I'd say this week so. That's what he got. Kickers let SF last week just don't play again the bears and don't let a guy and the colts and you're safe other and that. Hope you have a successful fancy weeks thinks her tune into this episode of this dish with Dave. Fantasy hero for weeks three let's really go.