Side Dish: Week 11 Fantasy Sleepers & Vegas Winners

Friday, November 17th

Dave is joined by The Commish Sam to talk about this weeks fantasy sleepers, winners in vegas, and how the Packers season can get back on track this week. 


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Oh well we'll do another Minnesota dish with Dave I'm your host game and again I'm joined by the commission Sam sauce and others additionally the two British scientist with the courage brave new era in the top of all of us to see a little bit out not just weekend games and best games to bet I. This is the big week I think for the pack and honestly could be the biggest week of the season could be the deciding we'd go green. What happened to this season but it work begin to anything I want. About the game last night at his back as being recorded on Friday. And last night if there's an against the Steelers dominated the titans. And to make it really. Big case for themselves or another they're the best team in the AFC and ally no Sam. If you agree with that deepening dispute ability to be in the AFC. Let's not get carried away I think there was a great win last night for the Steelers and historically. The AFC has been better than the antsy but not the case is you'd look at the NFC there's the saints you've got the ram yeah you've got. The Eagles Eagles are here there are no NFL unanimously I would say yeah. And the vikings at seven and two also even though I don't think they're the best team right it will get more into it today. Yeah I think the Steelers have made their case for one or two. States that patriots is the other team there I that you can't Tom Brady Belichick they're seven and two as well he can't count the patriots but. When three days or Rolen went bell brown and and big general Glenn and they have juju now. All of us three B either bill and brown and then Ben Blake is to ask there's Iverson and the political element of the bees but I completely agree if you think the Steelers Eric. There's so hit or miss like one week. But they lose the bears in overtime they're down to the colts you know the whole game has somehow sneak away with a win that game and then they blowout the titan there's an app. Apple though I mean Indian a hello people were waiting for that game last week as we have seen this year we haven't seen a here's the steelers' offense we're gonna blow people out years later am bell here's Antonio Brown for three touchdowns they've been dominating their offense but the hammonds scored in an outfit Canadian. It has three touchdowns yesterday and what ten catches for a 160 years old is outnumbered and of course I'm playing us in a fantasy. Rashard Matthew on the bench so I'm not forty due to zero right now in Iraq so yeah I. I agree with the un and the Steelers are the best team in the AFC I think definitely you know two or three yes. Still I'm still the chiefs. And speaking at a geez I also won a Latina now so Sam and I RNA. Survivor infertile cool yeah and Sam is eliminated so now he's the guy. The gate keeper he's the one he got a Lackey takes and so salmon a lot in my pick right now for the surrender. Don't turn out with the chiefs cigar with the chiefs she's against the giants. Well you know what a well journal meltdown locked in there at lap dance and our lack deficit matter let's let's move on to. Some fantasy sleepers for the week Sandra got a couple of sleeper that he thinks are gonna dominate in my fancy teens have been miserable this year I think and Arnie out of both my league's honestly. Have Mitt doing to all on my half my mind Daly fan as either sell or a Stanley from draft and a team just talk about some sleepers and you out there. So I think the last time we don't focus on board high profile players but this week we're gonna dive into a couple sleepers that can help. You know make or break your lineup in a daily fantasy or if you're deciding between a flex play. I'm your fantasy team maybe someone not one of these guys on the wire. I doubt it but hey let's let's jump into it. So I think Rex Burkhead is a rule is. A sleeper mine for the week he slowly become the feature and feature in quotes in New England because James White and Dion Lewis and Rex Burkhead. They all are touching the ball all the time but last week 51%. Of the snaps at running back. And he got multiple red zone looks include in the first touchdown of the game last week from Brady. And he's only gonna cost you 3600 bucks and draft kings so I think he's on the field mark. They're getting a little more comfortable with him. Chris Hogan's gonna be out again it looks like this week so look for in a lot of the slut mean to catch a couple balls you know sneaking a touchdown possibly to. That's the best you can hope for that but he's he's really cheap and draft kings so I think he's a good play. Yeah and that's. Lago statue brought out there but the thing with the patriots do in the running back game of that leg they're all pretty much it's like an extended one person backfield that justice listen to three eldest son and my up. You don't even notice honestly who's on the deal between those because they all do the same thing big I'll catch them on the back field. That's right Carrie you know and hit it on ever planet pages running back and remember remember you rated quarterback that he's gonna get them the ball. So I know which one I think that's pretty good pick what do you got an all three and scored last week bright so they're gonna put up points I mean via bad I mean it's icy shoot out. In that game on in Mexico City this week Reagan the raiders yeah that's going to be asked affair. Let's get Chris Thompson gone the other running back later gators. He is the leader in receptions yards and touchdown dismissing that for the Redskins it's unbelievable. Com. There rob Kelly's now. Actually get an alien that if you receptions and yards and tied for touchdown. And drape there right rob Kelly's on IR so. He was Chris Thompson was originally the third downs get back but now he's plan around 60% of the offensive snap so he's not just that third downs get back and I think he's gonna get fifteenth when he touches a game. And look who they're playing against New Orleans there are big eight point underdog in that game if he gets into a shootout or getting gas down they get down early. Look for him to catch a lot of check downs we've seen them take a 75 yards to the house this year multiple times than a screenplay is interest out there killer yep I like to play here only gonna cost you 5400 intra kings so it's again relatively cheap and you know big picture. Started on defense team also but you know who really cares the they're not in contention you never know M I last little sleeper for the play this week and I guess you can't really called sleeper anymore because sterling Shepperd. That just abysmal giants' offense that has no healthy players except sterling and Kevin Ingram now and then a bunch of no name wide receivers. Last week against San Francisco he had thirteen targets caught eleven balls for a 142. He did not get hands on which is a little surprising for all that volume and the giants can't schoolers at its core yes but look at. Look at who are going up against this week your chiefs aegis locked in but. The chiefs gave up the most Ramzi points to wide receivers this season with just so surprised think of the secondary is an early being keep Eric Berry is out so. How bad parents and there are big. You know. They they like the chances on secondary so brain jumping around it's. And occasionally gonna give up big on. But Alex and shepherd this this week 6300 and rankings. He's the only target there him in heaven Ingram they got running backs they've got nobody. You know they might it down early in games two and next thing you know shepherd catches another twelve balls. Another fun match I ever start on my fantasy team but too little too late. I got to lose too little too late so let's. Move on to some job. Games this weekend isn't pretty big gains in the NFL this weekend and I know wanna talk about that rams vikings game witches. That's huge for the Packers usually edits cease go in general game of the week for sure gap to a 72 teams go cry. These are evident to me is I may say that you don't Jared golf honestly last year. After watching hard not to him political scene that you that clown in June. Do you know where the sun Rosen now pretty hilarious that he can't and this July last year at bay get a shot that you're going to go to the. Well absolutely so let me add you know I dug down on. Guts numbers on this game and let's look at it does not sold on the ranch and I'm not a hundred presents all let's look at who they've faced this year. On the desirable uncle Steve Francis and on the gulf from last week backed all the way to week one. Last week Texans. Depleted defense edit. Jade in today's economy was all over the field. But again they have no well no merciless they're just they're pathetic and defense are now they're not what they weren't. A season just ruined danger yes it's terrible then they went up against the giants again talented garbage they lost the locker room Mac can do is just that. My guys should show. They don't like him anymore and that's been vocalize. I think you make it fires at Israeli and oh yeah. And then they played the cardinals in London. Then there's not a great team at all I believe the cardinals are 1273. And six. On when exactly yeah that two tests of the year that they've played. Were the jag wires and the Seahawks in those back to back weeks. And the jag shut them down they ended up winning that game but I offense in the NFL gone did not have a good game. And then they lost to the Seahawks the week before and they only put up ten points. So in the seat as they are not the Seahawks they used to be right right right and again that was before Sherman gone down but. And then the games before that the cowboys niners Redskins and Kohl's no one stands out there. So it and you look at these games are like while they're trouncing. These really bad teams and their run to score some console they haven't played. A top top caliber team the jags and the Seahawks are probably closest to that. But again two losses you know I'm insult. There they're running over teams like the giants and cardinals and niners and Redskins and colts but they're not playing in the time playoff teams so. So the vikings defense this week there's a reason they're the real deal you know there one of the top these in the NFL they can stop the run case kingdoms from playing well. But Sean agrees genius and I think that's a lot of the reason why gospel and turn this around. But there. All get that here's a fun fact. So the next five weeks we'll show you everything you need to know about the rams they got the vikings this week. Then the saints yup they get a little breeze there with the cardinals but then they go Eagles and Seahawks again. My gosh it does and end of the season to be very close so it on seven and two rams team let's say they've taken out this week against the vikings lose against the saints maybe. Let's say they pick one back up with the cardinals but then they have the Eagles and the Seahawks so. Seven and two could easily turn into eight and six year very quickly so all. I'm on Minnesota minus two and a half who'll see I think at home. They're just too much for these rams they haven't seen a test like this in Minnesota. I see that the Minnesota Vikings ruling although it's not good for the packer. I mean that's the thing and that's where you gotta you gotta go you can't stick with their heart idiotic and I can't think it'd you know you're at your homered team but I I don't like the rant I do think the rams are the real deal I mean you have the the street is totally isn't that up top but also look at the Eagles are scheduled and really played too many tough team here and there you know consider the top team in the NFL right now so I think as it did great game. Yeah obviously for the Packers it I hope the rams went getting used them last we get some ridiculous. So. The idea came. Com let's talk about the patriots and raiders this Mexico City girls in Mexico City. The pats fund a little tidbit here that cat stayed. In Denver this whole past week to prepare for this game they did not fly back to New England you didn't Lexus or altitude are there is there train and in the altitude there is similar altitudes. Mexico married over the same place but again. Don't have to travel time I got climax in England final way to Mexico City on a long travel day let's get rid of those travelers that big of an issue we're all adults here. I think it is your your when you go across the country you're sort of well. In the NFL so let's say if you're and that's why everyone freaks out about West Coast east coaster a look at these teams are normally play and it. One in the afternoon and they don't go fly get up in the morning and play 11 AM. Yeah I mean I get really just a setback is thing is formulate I've traveled and gone. Across country garden you know to Europe and Israel and get out of that I'm wrong but I'm also you know I'm not gonna include football games against them so I. The patriots here my six and a half for my seven maybe even depending on the panel weight which you get a map but. The fact that. This is only six and a half is ridiculous the raiders are a miracle on Thursday night against the chiefs away from lost. And then they put a tight game against Miami which the easily could've lost Miami what a joke of the team and yes there are coming off a vibe that they could easily be two and seven. And the raiders defense is not scared anybody else checks gonna find a way to you know take Coolio Mac out of the picture. And he only has four and half sacks this year because teams are you know teams double up he's the best player on the team. Read it long has been found out. Yes I think the thing with the raiders this year is that people are still hang on last year's surprise either from them off the record are still list. A leaked NFL team in the AFC they can take and then. They're not they lost seven games by what three points or under won seven games bright three point trying to Glasser how close game and that's all flip this year exactly I mean it's. I think error at fifth and march on the Doucet and he's been miserable this year and dare car has not been done Derek card it was last year in May be its standard is a new contract but. People I think you'll see the raiders and the like you're a 100% rented this minus six and a half seven is a huge win Vegas. Vega says this over under a whopping 55 hides them week by far. I seeded patriots you know 34203417. So that you read the numbers. I don't know he ran yeah. Actually everyone's freaking out like we need to garbage time touchdown. And then let's go Marlins go homer game yeah target market in coming out of left field here. This and I shot a void darkened huge browns fan I'm calling a browns W this week round. Yeah they do against the jags that they tell. Does upset special this is bielsa especially here. This is all the fix ends fur browns upset if you look at the last three games and again the browns are miserable but. If you look at this demand Baylor and bill what are. They didn't put them last weeks ago they played tight and they lost twelve to nine in OT and then well then not even nine LT. Played a vikings in London London they were up at halftime and then they completely blew the second. The game. And lions last week they were up ten early then down 1710 at half they cut out scored two touchdowns street the ticket 2417. Lead. And then let's Stafford threw for three touchdowns in the finals 1516 minutes of the game and that are candidates don't now where. And look at the jags last week that played terrible against the chargers they should a lost that game that was in over miracle wild and absolute miracle that that. Did jags won against charges last week. I can see I could see the jags coming out flat. Browns are good against the run. And you know the biggest go out there and throw four picks and Kaiser somehow finds a way to beat the best defense and a thirteen to nine game for the browns win. So. I mean I'd like to think the run they're gonna win a game hopefully Ivan jags fan honestly and I've always been a fan of the ground now as hope that they're gonna win a game and hold out hope that I did Johnson didn't act. They have talent. They just they find ways to lose games or some reason and what it is they think of that they are really inexperienced Greg lastly Breaston mechanical dizziness and the shock that it checks down to a quarterback sneak with no timeouts and it turns out they don't get get three and happy up there and they don't. Get another playoff Donna said. Have a look at this we're two dozen relatives and having just ended up fourteenth is seven completely different game. What they're related did villagers get Jeff Gordon in the lineup and just we thirteen blessed or go into it how could not plus 300. Paul Brown's blocking game. Just Moneyline sorry and am of the mind I don't take Vienna humorous and this hugely for the Jessica's. Titans lost yesterday and jags went in there and version they're looking pretty good just division are not experienced enough to haggle squandered an opportunity. I think there's that I have at least six acts of probably. I it's and it's going to be an ugly game I was glad that that. RD 2000 the shares on the evening he's at a 1003. Years and a desire so crazy so. And I'm actually eleven those picks and honestly ever that Iran is backing down open. You're on I'm Paul and I'm run through but I and his look at numbers yeah I mean it makes sense but Sosa in the NFC north. Let's go to our pact because last week. Come out the win leaving them to the bears and let us get back on track color wasn't even there and yet they still found a way to let us win. Do not Adams looking like the elite yet receiver on the team luckily he's on this guy honestly the majority isn't really on the same page as ugly and I don't know. Why it was all. That hardly the majority of that age thirty injured zooming on on I don't know but honestly this is the U week because Richard is out. Vikings could lose to the ran very easily in the ravens are. Date meg not sent their offense is just. Terrible Joseph Flacco used to be a Super Bowl MVP Joseph Flacco is no longer a Super Bowl MVP he is there and they're team does no good honestly they they content sometimes to score points and top. They don't score points for three weeks in a row yeah solid. After the raven you. They're favored. Yeah in limbo yep by two points and I think. And indeed their defense is great. I just. It we're gonna have a hard time moving the ball yes. And I think they're gonna have a hard time movable to the over under 38 in his game that's which is the only half a percent earlier abnormally well yeah yeah. It. Think honestly just below the litigated and Jamal Williams in the start and John and Tai bow out yeah I think he is set for a big game because he's going to be. Given the ball flat because even though he probably shouldn't be in the bottom much McCarthy still likes to run for some reason and we can't do we need to go to got to try to some play action I think. Partly due to succeed the most in play action bootlegs you know as a rule to a side get everyone gone once and that's where he's comfortable. In the fact that that's great couple because currently sure he can scramble he's. Yeah he's two and buffalo wild on the field throughout football passes well. Popping bubble that village. Although less figured two weeks ago where you have the slated Billick but got a thorough ball out of the pack and often these zoom in on him as a slow on his blown a bubble. It sucks what he's going to do it I guess. I think we can win this game if we win. What are they so let's look at that's I think the Packers are gonna be little energized because Aaron was back at practice not bracket practice but he was runner. Can't look at me you know he was doing some high means you don't. Act like he was taken some snaps back your leg he was gonna play before the season so yes he looks like. It was optimistic to come back I think people took notes and we're like oh my gosh we got shot here. If the vikings drop a couple the lions drop a couple we get the vikings and lions at the media or give the go ahead and look cool we play next the ravens. We got the books and we got the browns and the Steelers and the dealers yes that could it though to us. Did she honestly might but I we have. Multiple winnable games coming up and if we can steal this one from Baltimore the books in the browns let's chalk those up prematurely as winds. Because we're optimistic right now and then we go Steelers and then vikings and money insult there's. And it air and somehow comes back to Carolina they gave I'm gonna be and then Carolina and yeah forgot about that you're okay. That's tough it's it's going to be a tough road but if we can steal this one steal two more years against the bucks in the browns'. Next thing you know we're seeing that nine and five or something like that with a couple games laughter eight and five right and then. We get and Bakken and comes back and Packers 55 the one I'm considerable odds right now I checked yesterday. Get out your at your bookie yeah iron hammer out backers for everything you guys. And in the hackers my goodness big higher borrowing gay is why don't mob. I enamored although to grab bag I did think and and I'll reality though. If Rodgers plays regardless of how poorly your defense is playing well off the Providence rod isn't again. Instantly make you should look under absolutely and. I think that that's what has shown this season is that he truly is the best way an aunt Ellen Page is live Brady before and last year they go three and one. Because ballot check of the game coach and decoded percent of the good quarterback Jake closing good quarterback yes. Rather go down and literally the Packers look like a Peewee football team it'll be. Consistency. And that we're now are just jumping off topic let. Deb rounds. Quarterback job. Next year earns our browns I'm talking jaguars have been talking with the browns too much today. It's ridiculous the jaguars quarterback job the most. Coveted quarterback job in the NFL right now if you're quarterback. Looking to go somewhere Tyrod Taylor or Eli Manning or somewhere they have the best defense in the league they've got weapons and four net and marquis sleet. Alan Robinson's coming back next year and I'll slip over religious like he's this dog days of the wolves were dismissed but Tyrod went there. There you Derek damn good team which now. Tara real quick before and other things because why what does it about. Is that people don't like we haven't affair Tyrus since fewer than the ravens' he's given them single handedly multiple wins over the past couple years he does it make huge mistakes. When they imposed. Last week. Big Ron Paul I over. Must say it's not his fault I'm sorry did Tyrod didn't put up 45 or whatever they needed to do to win but that's not his fault ready he's in game. Manager Selig wanted to go on win drove for 350. But he's gonna and not. It's who they are on the ground in the kitchen touched on the game when they're coming here. I don't exactly so I mean it isn't they they wind is not Tyrod dread they lose games let's get rid of them and he's bantered known name nobody so there you have it. That's this week's side dish and a sea of Benin all the fun stuff going on in the NFL year legal legend Annie home it's been flying wild. And did lock him that she's only twelve people outlets have mattered to a Little Rock that's a lot of money that has a lot of money. Think Sam thinks are coming into hang out (%expletive) mister commissioner I appreciate it always fun. Which given to make trade live every locker get a commission history does he get Eliot to somebody you've not played anymore. Well okay. Quick quick cot take care. Our body Tallinn he's preparing he's in first place he's prepared for the defense championship here. Week fifteen dollars and play now he's always there so he he wanted I wanted to offered Morris for Zeke and I because I need to win now I don't mean we're out of India using sixteen I need to win out and try to stay in contention for that last playoff spot so he's plan for the future man I love it good for him I was I was and am. There you have it that this week's edition Dave banks are listening and end up will see you next time.