Side Dish: Playoff Spectacular

Friday, January 5th

Dave is joined by his brother, Z bot, and the commish, Sam, to talk about this years playoffs. Who do they think will win this weeks games and make it through their divisions? It's all in this Side Dish: Playoff Spectacular


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Hello welcome to a another episode of dish would Dave I am your host game and it is a side dish episode because we're talking in football NFL playoffs. The star in this weekend. And now we act quite the exciting. Round. Sorry this weekend I got my buddy Sam the commission studio of me was going on Sam district the commenced period and we also got my brother does he not. We remember him but I guess he's on the phone. Yeah so you can hear the body on the phone he may be a little bit are harder to hear but those aren't snowed in for on the East Coast yeah got a snowstorm in Charleston and told you can't go to work endangered persons. It's. Snow apocalypse OK I ending event. So our records direct to their right now really does give in to these playoff matchups because in the but this seems real quick in the NFC begat the one seed as the Philadelphia Eagles to seat as the Minnesota Vikings three C de LA rams four seed northern saints five seed Carolina Panthers in six. Atlanta Falcons in the AFC we got the one seeds in the pats. Tuesday the Steelers three see the jaguars. Foresee the chiefs five to the titans in sixth seed. First time. In this millennia. The bills in the playoffs amazing break in the longest streak of not now but this country. So. The stock AFC side first let's let's talk about that she's titans game that's the first game on Saturday at fort Tony eastern time. And it's in Kansas City. But Kansas City hasn't won a home playoff game since 1990 three's a Sam what do you think it in the game. So I am anti. Chiefs is just the whole year I've been fading the chief since the week too since they've been doing error on the winning streak when they beat the patriots in week one I was like oh my guess is teams actually good and then they fell off and they lost the main games I was team chargers the whole way. Coming down the stretch and the chargers just it couldn't pull out chiefs won a couple of games here at the end of the year but. I just. The titans are terrible as well does that mean that says. Like they should be in the mowing our key is it is it Malarkey it's terrible he's not a great college DeMarco Murray out. I think. If Derrick Henry wants a time to shine this is it. But Mario and I think he's their twentieth in the league. I'm passing the ball or not. Great and people think they're great running the ball they're really not I don't think they're at top rushing offense even though they seem to be this like rushing offense. But it's eight and a half points right now com is the line the titans are plus 345 to win. Everything in my gut wants me to go titans because I just don't like the chiefs. But I don't think there's enough there and if you're you're gonna bet on it I it you gotta ride with a home favorite here I just think that tire killed Kareem hunt and Kelsey. Are gonna make more plays than Marianna and Derrick Henry because no one's scares you on the the passing their over in Tennessee it's DeWayne Walker and Rashard Matthews like these that's not scary. So you know here on the copies I I don't want sue. I'd rather go money line Tennessee but then then take the big bad and nine and a half points if I am. Go about it but I did the Smart thing to do his role chiefs Myers in half the what do you what do you think about the game. I wish her commissioner Larry Cox are the g.s are just don't call. So I don't mean the truth bootleggers aren't given. All want to test touch ball. Receiver I'll eat out all the golf but. Also about. What that stands. 0607. You know and there's pockets Peters is he still. Now markets Peters is back in when he came back he dominated that first game but he got to remember that she's got Revis island now baby. Who's actually been playing decently well awful no overrated he's been playing well so did I hear that she is still. All the cheese ball. It's a big number because once they go. They're all you got out of adult other Brit Hume Jim a lot Avery borders that are Eagles yeah okay. And bomb you know it's almost. It could never see much like besides money you're up all over the Air Canada well like sixty times an hour to limit such. I mean I don't think it's good. Chiefs get up ten now than earth fourteen of them. The titans aren't going to be past their way back into the denial they can't play from behind but at the titans get out seven don't tell don't. I'd really like them to win if they get an early lead they're gonna win I think it's I just think that it. They can run the ball with Hendry and he goes for 25 for 130 us and they can keep control that clock they are better from a head then they play behind. CN in my outlook on the that I mean. I think she's I think the user streaky team and great out there in the middle of another winning streak and yes the playoffs have not been good for the chiefs in the past I don't think any. Any sort of like trans anything from past years. That are non buoyed and up to this season has been so obscure. And I think the big differences Korean hot this year Kareem hunt isn't complete game changer tiebreak I was against it last year not extreme hot and well with Tyreke unlike you're saying the about Valerie Wilson touched the ball he's gone. I mean I think it's too many to many you know scary things and the chiefs at the titans can't stop. So. Okay detainee did roller rink collapsed and Crist. On the he'd sit out hero of the global minerals. But I did so to grow pretty much agreed on the chiefs even known to have one home game and over twenty years. In the playoffs she's covering or Tennessee running like a perfect yeah. Let's let's jump to the jaguars bills like they'll ask they answer Nancy jags bills this one's. In Jacksonville Jacksonville plus and a home game for the first time around a long time in the playoffs bomb bills LeSean McCoy went down last week. He's said he's feeling healthy and feels getting can walk now or in a walking boot. But. I think this is the build excitement that they got and they. I think it's hilarious that they sent Andy Dalton a bunch and charitable donations to any dumb idiot Georgia Dome charity. And but I don't think the bill are gonna win this game in Jacksonville I. I have faith and leg Arnold have always been a moral supporter even when he was in his lowest date islands had driven and he's still number three pick. Dominated throws the ball he still throws or 4000 yards a year with not a good Jack's team until really this year this year even didn't really have too much. You know weapon he says Leonard horn had a letter for that really helps that team now I don't think the bills cannot. Hang in there and not win this game in Jacksonville. All of how many people's. Scant. That's. Every single play better. Yeah I seized thirty carries reform mentally and there is no Namibia run heavy game all. To that it was. In the jags defense is like one of the best defense is and her yeah. I tell me that blue day and Jalen Ramsey are gonna get passed on by Zeta-Jones. And I'd hobbled Kelvin Benjamin. And McCoy is hobbled. The bills rather play is how will get bills had their Super Bowl in the locker room last week when I found out there again in the playoffs I just don't think they can hang they're gonna get. Four net run down their throat. And totals is gonna throw you know if he doesn't make mistakes the only thing I'm worried about is if portal throws three interceptions and one of arms to the house then we got a serious problem but even with that I think they could still winning car of the game. I'm look at it. It's going to be three now than at halftime or it's going to be thirteen victory. Perhaps it's going to be a low scoring game portals and his first playoff game Tyrod in. First player all of to a team that other quarterbacks that you don't have faith in these quarterbacks Tyrod got bench in the middle of the year for Nathan and Peter and anything I picks Meghann like. I'm Ozzy now what do you think. And sticker. Or should. Have. 7% chance. To hear Valerie while this would be a much better game that was the ravens. Well it's true. He says those really hurt by this and so got. On the AFC's at least we got the chiefs and begat the jags don't just go to the NFC signed. First game or talk about that and a C south showdown between the saints in the panthers'. I'm on the same as all the way here in New Orleans in the dome. Drew Regis haven't. A year legacy will hear us and they got Alan Kamal this year which is complete game changer for them and the anger in my ignominious path that you know has quietly been like in 2000 and Russia feeling of the past three years and all is somehow it is like sneaks under the radar. Because of the things happening to the past years and now they're really showing what they can be in their defense is back to being pretty high level defense. And saints beat him twice this year pretty handily. It is nice third on the China for the Panthers. And we don't like independent do we go into the game against the Packers in Carolina us and Alison BS. Rep Peter there. So now my make your case for the Panthers as the play that it's those advocate here Jonathan Stewart's back supposedly healthy maybe they run the ball a little more. And I think. They didn't know what receivers their depleted functions is hobble aren't enough he's gonna play player but then you look at their Russell Shepard broad. It's Russell Shepard they've got some. A known name luncheon known names on that they expect receiver gets back in the game estrogen McCaffery. I mean. It's dependent still lead the team in catches I believe like seventy years 65 grabs. But it's don't boss he's not catching passes McCaffery okay seven balls for fifty yards. It's not super impressive but I think the only way. This is the rams Kurt sorry the Panthers. Can. Witness game is if cam goes super cam on all these guys if you as a hundred yards rushing and 300 passing and it's a shoot out and somehow. He glee makes a play here you don't mean that Panthers didn't beat the vikings a couple weeks back in a really strong win. So inviting almost came back Langerhans stole that from them that's a lot of you know what are you wanted to give him six. One. Shot well. And that's Q and you know they're in the air but did so true that it was great signal I think yeah. Dynamos not all go out there on two K but just a bit it was like call. What do you what do you look at a about the deal was like people job I ever thought it. All up but. I mean. I catch two passes are yards champ. Other records all closed. Pretty hard fought every game that's what he had the big target was six or six you know. Like copy RD up. Capriati's coming out of the backfield that he's gone but I think it. Left or are they don't need him to get a card orders. Matamoros a top five corner in the league. At. All. Can't wait. Yeah I saw it it does seem like we're all pretty much an agreement on this one do home team the saints can't just gonna have to be special and I don't know. If it'll be enough even if he is special because they're too many weapons on the offensive symbol for the saints I mean. It's gonna rush for a hundred tomorrow is gonna have won fifty totals. Between Russia ever see again as there's going to be too much too. And too little for the Panthers so I hate I hate to just run with the chalk on these games but. Happened in the first round of the playoffs analogous that I read on last year. Ten out of eleven favorites covered in the playoffs last year the Packers were the only anomaly there beating the cowboys. Every other favorite won and covered. Weird. I hate grown chocolate I'd I think at the moment worth three for three and pick him. Favorites and I think unless they're gonna and lo Politico are going to LA rams were the falcons. NL anger and the coliseum. Jared go off and tiger really should begin in BP this year honestly. There's no reason he doesn't guarantee games alliance and can't get insurance because the Eagles kept that one CD when he went down even though they yeah implant while it took a one seed so I feel is that. Ali Al didn't change our president who is on radio and forgot that it is. But I this game is in LA another first time in the playoffs are wild for this team and I think they're they put so many points their rent and best the falcons the falcons should be in the playoff seed I don't think. Last year that all of us so quickly that their defense is good enough to keep that dance but like I I think. Our plan to pop right now is to. That's just can't build up all the players crumble well what else are I think it would at least Kershaw bullet I think it's gonna be. It's like 34 point 830. Barkley setup something like. I just think that anger is gonna run all over there and Jared golf throw little little like an Alex Smiths but who have a stronger arm that announcement so we actually have more big play in and out of this Tom's a big plays the sort of the rams and I think that's where there and it. Who say welcomes. You to help the only weird he just showed up every now and then. I am as ready for the bonds he has great dropped bombs dropped the bomb I. Everything says gold rams are everybody Sean McVeigh is a much better cause their offense is a much better girl is the bus for a field. And the falcons have played just terrible against good teams this year they if you look at I read something that set against that. That played seven playoff teams this year because they're playing their division which is that cancer right saint all their routers for. And they put three other teams and they laid eggs and every single one of those games like nine points ten point one points fourteen points not that explosive like what you saw. But. The brands are aimed. You know. They're new there flash that are great. I did play a team golf has to went from college it's a miserable year last year and now there's this super team because they figured it out. And I just you don't have to issue criminal mind you don't know pension credit I don't. Like Matt Ryan. What he's banning. It should you wish games he's had ten playoff games under his belt. They blew that lead in the Super Bowl he's one NFC championship games one and I did it won an MVP and that drop off has been so extreme. If they can figure it out and somehow Freeman and Coleman and so I knew the weapons are there Hanssen knew Julio and Matt ranking. Put something together if the poise of this team. And McNeil on the defensive side of the ball they're good defensive team their defense finished better than their offense this year. I think that the rams are too young next year's thirty year. I I truly believe and will get into is this a couple minutes. If the falcons are my dark horse if they win this game if the falcons can beat the rams here which I am I'm 5050 toss up. I'm picking the falcons to go to Super Bowl that's wild I've. It because it that's cleared out they can beat that team last year and they were a better team and it's paid less or the falcons blew a seventeen to zero lead on the dolphins. Yes I remember that you're not coming out and come yeah I bet on that not through so I mean mr. Amin goes here's here's the case sports it's a falcons can beat these brands which is their hardest game they go to Philly. With nick polls which I'm not scared about I'll take the falcons in that game. All day if they go to Philly even though philly's defense is good but I'm not trusting bulls tonight. You know I'll play this ultra gritty here that you use a starter and Italy I do you fix what he's been miserable the last four weeks at all. Not being good so I don't today. Take a with a grain of salt floods hit shook falcons were to win this game which is going to be a grind and they can figure out who get their guys. Who are extremely talented. They're going to be miserable. Aren't just coming. Interject for a quick in the next you do want to interject. There Donald is going to be new and Matt Ryan the moratorium even want personal plan. It was up to all the talk and Tikrit this guy airports are for the viewers well. But I'll call. Aqueduct SA ITX. Ships. That is sacks quarterback hits all the action it's bound to get. The magic number is eight. Over he's gonna double digits to have a business that. It's a good point so basically we're opera Madrid's except for this game could go so Sam they can go either way I think. In number and I'm and a half its yeah I think the rams could absolutely blow him a 100% but it's like that that. Better earlier games that titans game I'm taking Atlanta money nine or on taken the rams with the points. I don't think there's any way that they're gonna cover and now wind so that's we got these were again this weekend gone around. Let's just move right to our predictions and for the AFC champion and a two champion was matchup gonna be in the super ball soul. I troops could leave that out of the SE. Is gonna come to the rams I think I think they're gonna do it I think that this this year has been a dream year for them like they had no fans at the began the air I'm gonna hate them still video of the year there's still dominated and didn't know fans that again and now there's don't particular fan base. And I think that their. Proving that they they can you know they can put up the numbers and have a defense and stop people what they need to. I think you be really cool looks of the bike teens I hate saying this for the pac event I think it would be so cool if the vikings. First year in this stadium in the playoffs Super Bowl here in this stadium do you think stadium and they made it there. Debbie off some X even if and they somehow could figure out a way to get home field advantage of the Eagles in a lose. But I don't in the cabin I think the Randy commodity and a C and I don't think anyone beating the patriots in the NC I think it's gonna be used to illustrate Jason C championship game. And I think that the pages are gonna say glare that somehow. Because that's what happened and that's why haven't of the paint the Steelers signed ten this year into the Steelers snuck away with a win the last second at the next five weeks in a row metal last second score to win again I think it's gonna bite them in the but. Just like the last pages and against London with a loss like that with that stupid not touched on cults. I'd indicated they're gonna win this game and those suitable. And I think they're gonna win this rule because they say the cause controversy going on right now what controversy. Or controversy going on this franchise is unbelievable I actually going. No I read real nice little conspiracy theories that I love the conspiracy theory. They released this supposedly. This whoever's came up with this they said that they released this article with all this controversy. Because too many people were backing the patriots in Vegas and Vegas was overrun with patriot bats and they needed to throw something out there. Because apparently this guy I've been sitting on the story for like weeks if not months now and he chose to release it this week because all the future events on the patriots and yeah. Overrun with future bets because it was such a cakewalk because if you look at the patriots first game that they're gonna play next week. They're gonna be a double digit home favorites against whoever they play you're gonna against the chiefs they might be eight point favorites. If they somehow play the bills there are the titans they're going to be. You know fourteen point favorites and then even against that is the Steelers or the jags. Are still gonna punch out a touchdown favorite souvenir basically count on. You know too heavy money lines to happen to get the Super Bowl so. There's not really any commotion going on doing this are you a new England's. Ziggy you wanna go a moment ago. I like. The patriots to be in the AFC championship game and I think they've played the jags. Because the jags are gonna beat the Steelers because big band played earlier this year. They destroyed them. The Jackson 5 interceptions in the game I think their defense is too physical I think the lack of talk about Antonio Brown right now and his health status is bad news he's not healthy is it's bad I. I'm nearly running around but like I would hope that you know we would get a little mini update like he's doing well he's back at practice he's rehab I haven't heard anything. And I think more time is bad bad news because you know we did hear it much easier for a long time and that wasn't good news. I didn't negotiated in better doesn't it adds interview but he's not given away much of what's really don't know of what's really happening so I. I tragedy and I think the jets for the pats and I think that. Brady's is too much that teams two good they have too much invested you're not gonna go in the New England beat them. So the patriots will be in the Super Bowl and like I say if if Atlanta wins that's the rams this week I like Atlanta in the air as Serena. Actually match. If knots if Atlanta loses this week. I'm I'm saints fan I think the saints are two are on offense if Amare really it's gone. I think that. They're pretty unstoppable on the offensive side idea of fun so I would I would love to see it either of those. I wanna go vikings calm but. I just have a hard times who is well. You can't argue with the patriots if the Smart money you're gonna bet the patriots you're gonna. If you had forgotten it he says Sam was miserable a Buick the patriots. And I'm a long shot on let's go to this sure sure herb that so that's right stands he there are you. Our. Can't the same period you guys but here's the outlook. Jackson wrote it and reality of it is. Probably stop by the brilliant man. And sports bureau. Against not a super legislator not. So pretty large bulky as a stud quarterback already. So I don't even include Eli has called us in order. So I think pitchers are outside. Sheriff this week I heard this all actually this thing. The saints are. Just great faster Brees also call it great and carry. The Israel. Radio on its way to. Teams are set up this year they're pretty good football last dirt away and escort. Lateral so. I can't fit undergo a saints patriots super ball hard to beat the patriots dirty on that want TE one. Saying it's certainly an appropriate Minnesota via ultra is also scenes as we don't mean to them like yeah. That is stats looked all at a record any sort of all audio all that they might slow death dirt here six pitchers are also it's what do. Aren't solved there you have it that's the playoff spectacular side dish from dish would Dave. We're gonna come back next week talk on next week's games as well as the eagle clearly young enough on I don't know if you're gonna have off work anymore because. The winter storm on the East Coast might be done by then thanks for joining us the about a hundred times. Sam thanks for coming into the bust videos as well and good luck with the air playoff viewing and we'll see you next time.