Side Dish: Football Is Back!!!

Saturday, September 1st

Dave is joined by The Commish Sam Kohnke to talk all things NFL. They talk about the newest contract signings and trades, favorites to win each division, super bowl picks and end of the year award predictions. They also give some fantasy tips and Sam is drafting his own team LIVE ON THE PODCAST! Also the big question is asked, "Is Eli Manning A Hall Of Famer?".

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Actually it. Oh and welcome to another episode of dish with day I had OK yeah today is special episode as a side dish. You're never last year. During the football season we did some side dish episode bogus non standard C regular football. Any thing and now we're joined again by the commission slam. You exam and grave site additional commitment we were back catalog at Santa feels great to be back. Gotta love having you in the box studios men Sam his commission to our fancy Vijay and how would no longer an option draft this year was who is the first time ever. For our group of friends you know and alive draft gone on today right now I'm about ten minutes gonna Arthel. Each candidate with some fancy advice throughout this podcast. Hands not your in this podcast 'cause she doesn't like being on sports ones and that's understandable when you saw this talked about a lot because a lot has happened in the off season a season starts. Thursday less than a week before the first and to grow. Regular season game 28 team just crazy. Lots of new signings lot. New face is in new play thing is. Of course. A lot happened in our global green and land packers' Aaron Rodgers and not getting in a couple players that we thought we admitting he didn't talk about that. Rather talk about our favorites for the year. Over under on win total Sandler regular problem blah. Betting favorites he's got this season. And yeah we'll go through that procedure but first we wanted to start where a lot of the design because it seems like. This offseason. Basically every week you've heard record breaking deal record breaking deal right you get paid. Off with Kirk cousins yeah. Going to Minnesota with a fully guaranteed contract is the first and run it kind. And les yes and it was 84 million dollars guaranteed in. That's absurd or someone who's never won. A playoff game never won a playoff game let media kit for the player here for a second I think Kirk cousins. Yeah that. You know you want Kirk cousins on the team he's better than. Blake laurels he's better than take it shot on a rookie you know you're gonna get a stable guy is gonna come in there or we not turn the ball too much and not lose the game and he'll win you a couple games Kirk cousins is no slouch. Arm young better than happened geno Smith they're better than you don't roll the dice with. You know some. Third tier quarterback but for the white means is he better than sticking with case Tina who proved last year that he can win in big moments. Whip with a depleted team. Agree right Nikkei you know came in case it was a study and how it in my mind he. When the Houston yeah acting like every single game that put over 41 million plus happy either like 500 multiple times. He proved his value last year and I I'm like he would give yeah you got my younger yeah. But I for the vikings' ability to do in that kind of it's kind of shady honestly in my mind that what. What is it that you saw in Kirk cousins who patently too franchise tag years writing that ends up or two years straight the Redskins and he. Kudos to him in. He did all right but also didn't work and that we're gonna get paid operative for his career or his stats and in August longevity and legacy. He's going to get better he's bill he's going to a better team vikings hands down better than Washington yes I agree well. And I do you think that. You know problems in Washington didn't necessarily rests solely on his shoulders. You know they weren't the most talented team in the league. We're I think Minnesota has a lot of talent to have a top three defense so. We'll see you can have. He's got weapons out of their missile the findings are going to be great will see what happens then Kyle Limbaugh as a slow down both felt that we're back I think. Aren't scared you packer fan is the vikings you know when will they go thirteen three last year yet thirteen and three. And I mean they controlled Activision and now they're getting ace done running back back. There will be ready Arabia Murray with politics were behind their defense is still in good. And now Kirk cousins and a lot people think he's a slight upgrade on eighteen and you don't. Agree I yeah I do Erica and I am not after 'cause obviously this is still kind of like 84 million dollars a lot the vikings over how to win totals ten this year. And there are a lot of people that are saying the safest bet going oh where this year well Matt. Bush I was like who. You know I think is to be tight but I mean if you look at the regression there's not much there in the edition is a lot so picture your thirteen injury. You know I don't think they go thirteen dream that I could see. We look at the division around them in the division around them gotten much better than what we'll talk about later in the NFC north for the first time a lot I feel like all four teams are arguably competitive you know. The question the bears as the last you know two hours. That right now I guess that's that's. So rogers' first at all. Mega history. Record breaking deal after your content threats appear cuts on this record breaking. The 84 mineral rocket had this. Contract. 134 million you know extension right yeah he could have could possibly make. Upwards of 180 million dollars incentives. And and money guaranteed over a hundred million. Cell and the I mean look. We saw last year the Packers live and die by Iraq and look are nothing without our rosters not good enough. We have nothing in that sense that's sad to admit as a packer fan and pat loyal as you know sports man this heat then. You don't usually one person doesn't make the team that really in the NFL. Right now the level let it die in Iraq here is that crazy little player today it doesn't make that team. And that's why I think. Rogers is somewhat that in every you look at when Brady was out like I'll throw a vehicle we percent now tax and I'll soften up and we're gonna win that game. Let's look what he did for her hello I'm agreeing to drop those but. You know all grapple did was last a whole other in three games and next thing you know he's got a hundred million and look I. I think a lot of credit that patient's system and the ownership and you know coaching well. Well you look also means just. John GMAC backups would what does that say about the players operating at the moment you say Matt Cassel confident. Guaranteed himself a contact the next year. It plays pretty close pretty well now. I know exactly two games gets a contract and Indians left in the plan last year because a lot. Gets hurt and whoever would listen pulls me you know you hear a joke of a quarterback so you know birth place and then it. GG so well these guys ever Brett probably are back up. We get sat silently asked for the exits from the Seahawks and washing machine and end up who who also got back I guess Matt Flynn. Yeah RTY and a you get into the confidently played a lot of stuff up pretty quickly. Against the line if you like clarify your response next thing at all you. On good format and still run the Ryder Cup dirt I think. Affected the Packers though in the sense that we didn't. Who we'll match. From the raiders I think it probably imparted to him in the money the bears his game will match which. Julio back into the NFC north. I mean that does that does change though my. Outlook of what could happen that their defense is pretty scary now brought sadness great. There are being couple is not bad knees and hundreds of the more you know yeah you can even knew there this year but. I don't know let's. Interview the linebackers are very scary dollar throw my commitment is that proven what's that's pretty that a rookie and holed out on top of that for a little bit bigger hole well before even play any game. It took for me he's never played a game and well yeah it pre season game in power. You know he's gonna compare to the offensive lines in the news. You know annual black and he was curious about that appear Air France team Phoenix Jonathan Bullard. A Goldman wrote on the sugar and Julio Mac let her look like yeah well all ball close for a linebacker and it is scary there. They're gonna be within a lot I feel like you know it and it they're not covered active in their lives he does is a scary attack. They get to the quarterback quickly get bought quickly especially with the iron off the line blows packed half you know it's tough to say that I actually couldn't bear defense. They want this trade a 100%. I agree and in this context though talk about contracts. Donald. His contract the other day in the rams' record breaking guarantee odd nagging 87 million guaranteed. And hopefully we'll dismiss the extension from the bears. 141 million dollar extension for six years guaranteed not email us just like it was one beat each other. Grant who we are talking about the bass players in the game and Donald is the best. Right include black problem that I'm back in the game include Max right there with mom now Larry and I'll. Well what have they done that's the thing that they're Brothers money and I think that is. I believe in mcdonalds freaked limit the free but also what they've done what the rams done nothing it gotten you nowhere else grim one of the round. The raiders don't clear that nothing his three seasons. Was the defense of the year and all I do is under 25. He has been injured. Thought they have to pay somebody you know I think when it comes out of this you use your money someway somehow and there's another Sony are not like you know dumped. I'm off for these guys on the money com. You know to an extent I think that I would want to you know I'm glad we era Obama broke flat the giants paid hotel all that money you know if you ask the best receiver ever he's. Top three in our league and he's. Twenties what was about 24 is all 25 years old result guy's going to be stuff that's fine in a row thirty. So. Cross into the ground for keeping. And what does 15. And he's going to be tough. I do that much of the factors could not and look at these quarterbacks. Brady's forty era in his contract does it go those forty years old now he expects the play then my understanding interview that I don't know it planted apple product but. I think he literally. Groove back in and all are safe bass. Not harmless. But I think that there I don't think that I don't like I don't have seeing now. It's very upsetting Packers couldn't get it will match also thank the rescue two for foreigners in theory the Packers for routers are going to be. A lot worse than the mayors you know the Packers buyouts and right in the mirror and don't make it anywhere in the NFC championship game at least you know that's 17 when he picked where the bears that they did you know six army be ready to fourteenth in the. Be ready though for you didn't get started this season. That compares him to come to the ravens. You know 2003 newsletter with you know that defense that want to rule of there's the offense is still a joke. They don't need to know you can't time it took two days he is like a sure fire my quarterback. Allan Robertson coming up soon. Being injured for a whole year that morning outlandish or Ireland ten YE played Nissan games in his honor. You know it's been hurt so you get Tommy and looked Dana. Traber appetite and yet the overall. There's no reason that your risky should be worse. I can look beautiful out here last year rice should be better you know another yes this now needs another year under his belt he's I think Childress he's gonna be a little bit better alliance you know maybe it's because I drafted him in our two. QB under so I think and you try to trade yeah you read it here clown I'll let you know he's getting better IE he's not. Going to be as bad as it was last year at all or are heard I'm not a huge bears fan but I think they're going to be an yeah I think it's really have a lot of question I think you're looking at 67 win. So on it's I think it's gonna really can be fun competitive game but I love scene. Competitive football anywhere in beautiful. Hotel for a little bit. Because. My with a 94 million dollar contract that he signed eyes light up again record breaking deal gamble the one up in. And I think match. It's. A 100% right now for the giants. Beat today is without a doubt they are nothing. I'm with the dogs on things like why did you win that division they're Matt David the women's division. Which. A lot about that later but yeah I think. That you guys gonna did you initiate a chat again because O'Dell's happy he knows he's got his money. We're in on the flip side that could mean he doesn't have anything to play for theoretically you're. Oh Dell's eat he wants that. I'm okay look at this area as all the oh does make an eighteen in the right. And were on average annual salary for a while until around seventeen my hands six and a half yeah in sixteen. You're well Brandon cooks sixteen million sandy locking sixteen million Jarvis Landry fifteen. You're not gonna and yeah O'Dell and walked into the mini series yeah. Play the guy just got played sixteen million she's old Dallas 32 million dollars more. Ben Watkins who you gonna take or on television time so this is why apple when people say you know only after we got a lot of money towards them down. This is what is your season goes through and some of these guys aren't even like elite wide receivers that are making money so. You know. Cha now. It's a tough way to get your money. I'm all for it I think you deserve it. Let's say how the commuter bus or C game out there. Yeah. I think it's gonna and how exactly how Ely again you guys and a which are popular president in the U haul center. So. You guy fall under the you are Clinton yeah till he beat the patriots why get to the approval of the rules against the patriots against. The team arguably if you if you and yes he's been doing this you know in this one game that's because Matt the news Bastogne. Yeah the last ruin is legacy the last what do how many years 1517. Years you guys consistent. He's you know ever since second remembered you know you look like I won right yeah I think a quarter record the giants and. Mean you can't tell me that Philip Rivers you know look under review and any trade. You get the film career is better than you guys it is the secret of better growth from our yard. But Eli. You can't tell the guy has yet to super. ON DP's. It's not authentic clutch games that he went on those throws the man in Euro retiree away you know like. Put him at all maybe I don't think he's first bout of error but come to three or you know he's he's shooting. Let's talk about our favorites to win divisions share. Yes because. Last night and asking our budget. Package division. On local team. We're here in the division I an early I think it's really going to be. Competitive and truly competitive years. And who I think I think three teams our vision come out. Really single out Hamas. Out. Who needs to. I think the Packers to win the division I think. Well you know Colorado last year obviously that demoralize the team and she was an easy matches you can pick up right where it left off. I think Jimmy Graham. I think that's one of the biggest. Often you know they had a long long time and one of the most guys because we lose you party. Who it's that no matter public opinion by now it's. It's not a word that's not in the world we're gonna pay off and he's now here and that man. It's going to be lost in Jimmy grant is that ref and umpire at vanity with Rogers. The because. Who is right there to the reds and Hibbert and every time we're running it and in the red zone could refuse. To state I think Jimmy is not. How it is pride I wouldn't say and the Canadian prime prime. Those here yet touched on last year's you know well I think Julian green and you know he's had a lot of tough passes on our defense is the sketchy. Better. I think we have problems like look at our secondary Josh Jackson enjoy year and once we get Kevin can regain its like okay how top we have we've got some guys out there. And then it didn't even want to think it is going to be much this year. Well yeah Clark. We got. Lol well listen I think my look off moderated get it there ha -- percent like Daniels it's like we got some dogs on national hopefully. You know we shall a little bit on the and you look back at the last. Fifteen years of Roger's career. Well when it we have an elite he wanted to and we were pretty damn good break. And we made considerable considerable so I think you know to repair air here with hopefully a top hat and top hat. Let it out in everything I want you know if we're topic team and in every category. You know maybe we're not on the path but you know worlds you're wrong you're not run last year so I don't know I just I want some from the outside yeah. That's not gonna put up points. We're gonna once the thing quick if we can. Well teams to less than 24 points a game 21 point game which should be higher. In. You know I think. The vikings also to make it out of the Lockhart I think dot bit easier I think cut. Is gonna be huge he had a huge star last year if oratory UCL a where is our prediction wrong. Now. In the division. I division was urged and our. I think. Not happy about that and I'm an ownership now on there but I think the bears in line and go go around 8977. And nine. Area I think antsy is through stacks are one of those enough I think a lot and five truthfully is where your clouds. I'm real real numbers should be I think the hot tape there but I think eleven and five is ballclub RT I just think there's too much talent and you look at it. You know these four revisions here. You look and let you know here's an. And then we'll bounce of the self quick just just I think this is another loan division. Look at the saints and and the Panthers and the falcons. And handed. IQ does this change. Seriously that it is now. They're going to be there I'm I'm not super high easier with the falcons could be equally as resurgence urea. But both consumer will have nothing to me attendance last year people wrote them like they were the worst team in any way to becoming confident compares into the super lawyer and made the playoffs income. Human rights clause that that. Weapons and their defense is young. On liberals out there I mean I think on but I think that the south is also look through that this business high flying high scoring league wearily. Defense wins championships which I guess you can say you're right neither none of these geniuses one regional longtime west Tennessee woman had alleged DNC got the same thing to go out tomorrow. Is that I think of the flu you know that it is that valuable one honest is that did one in green jacket. One thing look at it is that. Ingram and Mara what scares the whole year last year right on. They were pretty much 5050 split mark ball. Carries lies England Adam. Now and I think that's why tomorrow so effective is because they didn't already use them. It was a good change of pace when he got in there with Ingram being out first four weeks. We'll see you. Kumar taking what I care game catching ten balls is sustainable. Which I don't know what that is but let's just something to look at has suspended. I think the fact that he was fresh all the time made him so damn close and Ingram played he was held back classic look I don't so just let's keep tabs on that. I'm mark supporter but I just. You know I don't wanna. Income job blah the richer morrow you know until I seem play pool there is full time. You look at the candidates are constantly you know there are terrorists have taken thirty cares who are funny guy. You know car is no data jobs bill is and JD you should compare I compare Martin and JT and JU and this crime did. I'm did you actually knows. Is very crafty is very quick. Out and JD. It is an every down. And I think that's look you know I think tomorrow I come out better and JD degree. You can get. Less jobs the last yeah ran Seahawks cardinals miners what do you think I think. Seattle fall off base here at christianity one of the bottom tier teams react to it hard for Russell Wilson tonight let them get. To that bottom here as he has Aaron Rodgers qualities right EU is that. You know but the CI a and they're the worst team and Carlin would get gas rose another part of this year and Bradford broke the rules are. Hot hot he is the biggest mystery though. Folklore you look at the thriller and five last year they only got better on paper. I see is unreal I see him being around a lot and thoughtful and for this year. Seahawks were not so I think they regressed to like 56 when I I think there over under his. Wing angle under all of them. Well life. Well my lots of the year right there under Seahawks win. And you look at Arizona and they're not super count on me David asks is their daily job game layered through it all but he still loves you so free Phil Lawler well there candidates you know that he's the yeah. McCain's hero to. Charlotte this with a guy great guy again. And the niners they started miserable and you know real man Jimmy he's never off again in the NFL but I. One thing I can pull up real quick here hole because I think I was listening to them and they were talking about how absurd. 49ers schedule was to start the year problem absurd as it tough absurd isn't tough La Nina and. And he can't play once I only live once he over 500 last year to seven games and her body that said and last year it. All I'm thinking your apple six and how many games they want that's what he played. So you're here a year ago. 49ers at Minnesota. That's a loss right you know and then you're back home burn the lions will we can get an act play at arrowhead cheese. Going to be really tough game NATO at two San Diego. And they get the cardinals and then they get the Packers and then the rams so look I'm a you've got does Mike is slackers and he'd win vikings Packers ran in there. In that first seven games and then you've got two tough teams in the chiefs and chargers and then you got. Another tough team and the lions and cardinals. I think and a tough games are on the road and Packers in Lambeau and biking in you know whenever they see this is the first I mean this is hurt and do you like actual pressure engine Iraq itself. Hey I'm Lester you can do it every wanted I'm all for. You know the. Well what and I can be tough for them up today and it may first pick in the draft Natalie Allen number formula for how to do that. I have no idea why. Literally was surprised because I was in the triple in the news I was cluster for a second there. Alms side of that update after failure after it happened. Yeah well good picks for normally number one or number two. You. Actually see the arena when the division. I. That I think they have an Atlanta defense I believe so much and ran the fact that I just don't believe in. It's a good I believe in the rams' defense is here now. Madonna concert now. Big market feeders. They got joy miners now. That he'd leave. Soon brutal act they're going to be dead end. Oh offense with I don't enough west. You know it's a piece that is flat sea Eagles cowboys Redskins giants last year Eagles Super Bowl champs thirteen three cowboys 97 Washington's in the giant green there team. What do we think happens here. What do you think you are you I think the Eagles are due for every direction a 100% thirteen victory come the Super Bowl I think and hateful. You know shop full bird is part. I just don't know they just announced polls are and we can there's and I are excellence is close but he's not there on the office so I I just think it. It's hard. They did last year they have a great arsenal won them all and he absolutely unbelievable. Defense is really solid thirteen yet I think back I could see them around 910 wins this year. And on eight an easy because I think it's tough I don't think bulls is. You know he played real well. Yes. Or our season. And that's going to be and fractured reasonable chance and knock. So I think they've ever Russian. I don't look how Boise there I think they're do you line ferocious. Had a lot of guys they can poll by their. They have. Blank and yet they've got healthy online guys. And their rotation on their secondary is never had I don't think it's better this year and then think about it they might have to work receiving corps in the leagues here were priced Bruce brown. This guy gal and guy turns and images. There are super fan and as a wide out I think Z they just give them locked care if you don't get to the ground yeah you're gonna stacked the box and actually you know you don't ask me and debt may place. Sure sure. But you know you tax on Iraq so I think the record the cowboys are right in that you know six. Nine win bubble. I think that giants are ordered not going to be thirteen I know how tough schedule. You look at don't know you say on the defense is solid. Aegis. Couldn't put together last year I was absolutely terrible. So I see the giants. You know back in 79 wing zone which. You guys you regression buddies and it's it is there I don't think Washington is. That it isn't a little low and I know. Birthplace. I think everyone in the division is intent on ending wrong fiberglass panel think anyone is. You know going to be. You know and actually. Who's who's going holiday. Career not percent second picks his running next error. Sat through this all week. I don't loath either those it's calm. Himself. I won one Miami and then. I'm here so I think it's astounding. City. I didn't mean to inspire. And five and analysts. Blow. Who's more calm them before. Hopefully and hopefully. Meet changing it up and just. Ask whether it will work. Flew it on the east. Who who and it's the I think. On the street Lou. I think. I mean we know it seems that while our brand and a valid religion and I think all of and you gonna have a method you together. And let it stand as a weak division this is not a strong division at all. I think the giants take it and would. This is being honest black believe that like the bears or lions might make it and those that succeed the blocker because really we're just talking. The (%expletive) tired. Article Baier go home team there there flop of the Bosnian I think feeding its fountains. I think it's falcons saints Panthers won two of those three and I think Packers vikings. You know well that's why can't I I think Eagles must play I think they go read a native son and 96 engines mess. So. The east. Our job in that division that's been on the patriots Okur and Tony talk about this in my knowledge patriots were thirteen three bills and bills or not. And I believe I know it's a rot in. It the dolphins are I don't think that all concerning things that you're not income. Starter Kenny Drake Enron and other going to be used the average yards and had my car I don't usually yeah. The number twos and go pocket more than seven wins the jets they're young acting aren't going to be well he's Martin in. The bills and yeah. The judge's duty to love so dirty and get miles yeah when he treated or god is so wrong during the period patriot I can't tell you patriots. Do not go thirteen three well five or more 11 I am not a little bit but you know excellent. No Julia Allen might like to get their hands are a little bit you know I think in the end it might be a rough start of the season for them but Freddie Mac left and house agree what do you plan. Angel was forty sorted out into the playoffs and doesn't that. Beer is go to passing arm this team this division and it's gotten players. The Steelers ravens spangled browns we liked it. The Steelers I think. It's it's the other division I mean that. You opt out system let's get a Big Ben ladin Antonio Brown there's still huge business Shuster is a threat. I like this you there's no I am. I think the rounds. Actually play some sort of partisan division this year. I think that do it down cook they're big present. This will not back and I I think that. Today. Compete the ground this year I think that you know they're gonna win at least six games. I think they're dead and Jarvis Glen he's a really good light and easier to score and Kyra and it it actually played this year which Hockney race. I know. The future. What what are you thinking about buying plane like what you. He's got no certainty for his career after this year's Lola copy and getting news enjoyable. He's a professional. He's an author I think he's gonna play I think is he's I think he's guests are the first congress huge character but it may come by out on the ground by as many cats and lists and depending on the long ago you know to come to a war and they're buying and just gets there but it's not total items linked so maybe makes it happen sooner did the first 45 games you're gonna tell us if. It's our beat dreamliner. Into our foreign to. You're not here. Let me look at last year and for the builder having won their bet that their best season in the past twenty years. I still got a lot bigger. You know I'll pay your fan I'll answer out of breath and do the Steelers visited enough angle who even debate and useless I mean AJ and Andy Dalton but. Here's here's my sneaky play it's. The ravens. So Michael Crabtree I'm not. A huge Reagan's guy Adam. Just then there I entered the clubhouse so. Division I wise I think he's you know our Steelers and ravens at the top of the division. I don't think you know thirteen injury you know I think the better off and great I think they're more twelve and 4115. Team and the ravens are going to be eleven and five and six so I think the raiders sneak in as a wildcard column in India and the west move over. She's chargers raiders Broncos. I think this is a division. Every one. Lows the chargers here I think that a lot of people talking about this is chargers. I'll their time voters that you com. I think she's going to be damn good I ping the raiders will sock I do you not think Jon Gruden can turn guys Iran Oman and half and English trader no clue that their best defensive player. While the best offensive players in the league their defense is not going to be good. You know there are two big setback. Last year let's see if you can get I am wearing Gaza proving once flew here at 1204 season I think the Broncos defense. They're gonna need to figure some stuff out idols and one more than eight in case you've done and accidentally change course. That she's gonna be really dangerous I really like Patrick Holmes share. There are a lot of exceptions you can make a lot of them. Awesome place he's gonna be wrestling balsa and ER tired or better going to be like while these guys who'd be unreal those lot of. Interception bird I'm enough or kill them out at Alex Smith didn't do Al Smith did it turn the ball over and that's why the chiefs were little and they were the path. Year's race. He wasn't turning the Bolivar is making this a split out Smith was doing good things like. They're chiefs' defense. Is not as good as they used to be they got rid of the markets Peters. This there coming off an injury bug and you know they're there man literally in the world and a house and yeah. Hitler ACL and the yeah Phillies who they're married the man I hope that he had a good season back. I can't look at that she and think man. They're not they're going to be running our offense and that's how they run anyways re behind you know dot Perry hill. So I I think it's of their interest team team is I. I don't know much about my Holmes but I know that united safe and Allison at safety as well the chief because. When they gave up a lot of points that's when they lose games they do bowl the playoff you know they and their defense blew a lot of points. And candy given turnovers and making your defense engaged in that our personal insults our charter though in the division. Charters. All right with the chargers column. Charges adding mount and have a huge here. You know and then on it out jags titans colts tax huge Ricci what they did last year and 67. Holes and tax for a while. No faster. And ordered us. Shot lots and that Texans Angela Merkel will play ball back. Healthy presumably. I'll go for your I think. Jackie is unreal offensive problems you know public or Sox. Do you think growth sorry he's not. Horrible she doesn't mean that throws in. He just doesn't mean if you if you can't hurt I broke all last year for your own ducks but I mean. He's not in they had competent quarterback would be blessed human league they don't they have the device there often. Around the latter part of the scary dude man yet this thing you have created view. Is to prevent him from making mistakes that put him in situations where there's ease dump off passes run that crap while all. I I think they're. I think the jags are gonna. Make the playoffs. Com I think our team. I think it Texans come on now Tunisia and windows division I think that John Watson is a superstar. And I think their defense is great and they were clicking when he was so. And Jay you how it is yeah JOY. Up to eight game changer today week they have a great TI I Iraq if your team. I can't run vision cycle I do. Vision. That's excellent and there's also the colts will be better than not having formed while I think you know they'll hang around given what makes the whole year. Thinks well he's in the room I don't know if everybody does games with law and bring you back and you know it was three years ago I think we forget that. I mean yeah I can't regularly and nominated writer Lynn RG three is nowhere. Sauce and heat. Mean the roster and well. Our separate. Divisions there alone. Hijinks class go to line javelin and that. Or Paula yeah. Suitable and let me go through couple my. Com yeah I don't know the only runners here your over under the Betty. The cowboys under half and going under on that you think that's sketchy and well I see winning so many games so that will be under. I'm otherwise the cardinals under six. The cardinals go under six. So they're shuffle up and those like. Over on the order. We're wins. You wanna get into. And it players quick phone. What's it like defense and offensive MVP and then let's go to our suitable. Yeah so I think I mean I am calling home to honor homer but I think writers and MVP season has yet I think. Easier to prove that lights out there are a lot of doubters that lighted packages give my money in Egypt drew a look at. I was down in Italy last year I believe Andrea is known enlighten me. Watch water I deal with this sub party. They're routed its MVP I think and I'll have a huge year. I think he got his money and is. Gonna just hat at least eleven sacks this year. At least eleven sex. And I got him out of every bit. I like. Offenses and being you know. And then you. Yeah Anna but I guess through like Matt actually VP. Apartment and that doctor division conference count yet. After immediately riders also but obviously I have granted an opportunity. You do well in humble and it. Well I guess that's well those who feel really good if you believe that he not be at the. Well yeah. It's player of the year so slick defensive player of the year often by the year and most valuable player I don't know I think they they might be but. I think. Did in Iraq. Rogers I think is my vote for most valuable player I think he wrote 45 touchdowns and one. Nine picks you know and then we're gonna go well for. And I now. Polar. Defensive player of the year I think this is. Down to people in my mind I think June Ramsey. Could be a defense by the yeah on about how much he talks he's not on it and he's called everybody. And he led the and then yeah well. Yes if you can't Conner on he can back up is why. And be a lock down corner like he has that's warmly. If he gets you know 78 picks and young Nolan eat lots honors here we CJ and anti personnel. We want how fun is that going to be. But here's my if I'm taking one guy. Taken miles here it. To win the offensive player of the year and year round I think that miles Garrett. I'm Nina Hartley unless the music you listen to yeah maybe I'm just it will tuna are inaccurate countless hours here just dominates this year I think he coaster. Twenty sacks. Ali's X from what I heard it here and it's a hot hockey. So futile. What do you think through the through a cheer up. In the news in my heart and it's hackers hackers known we're in block have my scouts that's my thought ma beef. And yeah I think that I see some very good chance. They say are going to be out there I think tax and see you're gonna make some noise in the Texans can go in Panama. We see Texans Steelers. Shore. Let us say it is Steelers go to Foxboro and you know beat them in Texans beat. Jaguars years you know chargers. I think the Texans and I'll shoot. The Steelers oh lead you to a man I. Think he. And then second round yes whether that be by I or by how hard and I think that. I mean there's an. Awful lot of these times you know again and do the air show. There. All interesting here interest you here's. Meeting Michael. Will often over the years into the lockers dealer and which is really. 2000. You know. 130 ball. In. Thirteen. I don't know why I think what if I am what is hot today. If you look at the great debate that we have that she's got one career military hill and just filthy and so if you're looking in the wrong. Rule one holds we'll definitely be on this team because I have to add the piece of the puzzle here. On him Chelsey well yeah I should retract. If anybody is inventive minds before before we check out this site this episode additional day of talking about the NFL season. Marked as it rises five players are targeted our our heart our high. Targeted players on their team you know Jarvis Landry he's gonna get ten targets per game and you're gonna give again and let you second. Wide receiver or maybe you're flat look at running back to catch the ball now due Johnson also on the brown catches the ball he's gonna. He's not in reality trail you know so yeah these guys are hot target players who. They've made dropped passes but they're going to be getting 1011. Q why children get at least ten panelists a game you know look. He's not reluctant Delanie Walker retired and he's mango too tight and every year because he's still the number one option tennis. See you remember how us this league wasn't too bright. He's just a year. Jamie Kennedy is out unfortunately. A year and want my guys that I was over this year I have money to team that I after rain well it's my third draft. Hands poor accuracy out. Yet and I thought you were really thin man I love you for all our love grow on you or else on the intraday podcasts out. I didn't want to run through. Principle all over you let me go through like five minutes. This is this is from the commission out as it is important stuff condition hot snow's gone through April and now it's like you want a job just fancy. 47 and yes well okay. So here's my two cents a fancy wall here I think. The running backs fall off and I can save in five days because we're in two together and draft the ball well not given him any inciting well and he's gonna ask me a very accountable my heart. Did you tell them look out and didn't allow time who'll poised for a big ones I got racquet and the reason to order at least. I like we did you pick it up so I think that. You got a load up on running backs early I think they're running backs fall off the table especially tenor twelve or fourteen team league. And you have to two run backs spots flax. There's nothing worse than having a RB to bet. It's four carries team and you can't count percent. A lot of the running backs in the first six rounds are suitable guise you should have on your team after round five or six. They fall off the face of the earth do not want these guys. That falls off the face the air you can catch lightning in bottle Hawaiian Islands and there roundly you know seven round of my draft right now. And Chris Hogan who unlike a lot of the on board right kosice Jarvis landed and you started markets are few good ones is someone like Sarah just get it at a time you literally. And so there I think you gotta go running back here early. Because I. I don't I've truthfully I don't care eagle for running backs and verify. What grabbed one line out Ingram for running backs I. Huge you know it's a great strategy other quarterbacks aren't taking in the first firearms I don't think so I think he should wait wait I'm quarterbacks because. I just don't think it's. I don't think he's worth it because. Right now look in the eighth round Brady still on the boards and I'll any quarterback. T actually yeah. It if you know reading articles about this stuff. The difference between the number one ranked quarterback in the number twentieth last year was like an average of three. Points a week or so then you know when you sure would at all. And the difference between that first run back and the twentieth running back was like. Nine points or something great I think you'll. We have on the top court case. Hey lady I'm girly David Johnson. In that order at all yeah I'll highest. Priority targets and yes yes you don't wanna hear our. Column quality if you have a 678 or nine. I would go say one like takes it one over from our data and that's my personal opinion I think he takes a while we're on now and uniter Hopkins. He could winging your league this year I think he's going to be featured a lot he's also not let one game and agree there's the what's. But I also love Christian camp this year ease in PP early he's gonna catch noon six balls game. There is no Jonathan Stewart on CJ Anderson is a big fan I think my calf birdies and yet you know 1520 carries. Six rap game and like can top seven backed up five back mean this year. Like McAfee I love McCain but he's gone our PR. And I'd like Joseph Jonas and here I think in the third or fourth round Nixon's great value he has top five tops and running back potential. You know I'm an offense that we don't really know what's going you know it's the same crap and a in the angles you know in Cincinnati it's Andy Dalton and AJ green and it was duties just throat you know trades and go routes to him. You know I think have to rely more on Iran genomics and you know showed some promise last year and he's featured back this year do. Sleep on Royce Freeman will love this guy he's going in the fourth fifth. Team restaurant he is a bronco. And he is a rookie and look for Hamdan V8 bell cow Dovonte poker is not. Com AA. They're running back choice he's been forever he's you know scat back. You know but you never could control mode and I think Royce Freeman could be tough and act this year really liked him. Rehab continues Michigan team. Also I like I'd like Colin facilities. You know I do like rookies yes. If you don't eat if you can get Ronald Jones and child later in your rounds around you know anywhere from around 99 ended the eighteen. Pick them up take a flyer out there rookies yeah we don't know how they could perform so. Let's look at Al Martin Boston's league he views on the fourteenth on drafts and sometimes undrafted rookie cops because we haven't seen too much on you know bet. You know the wide receiver. That has been in the league for five years that you draft your thirteenth round is not going to miraculously. Block you know what you're assuming he's mentally I hear you don't know. Or rounds they could be featured you know how we org you had the money team taxing other point here is your business you know. Only mentally that sleepers. Looked area. Again a lot you know lions this year you just made us who I guarantee if I don't Super Bowl and every team. They go but I think again he's gonna be huge he just goes on top thousand lines of the last good they're known it and give into the reds are than. Blow it because it is can't they can't blame truck NN. And affluent areas where. So let's move the wide receivers their market earned run that well Michael I think Michael in the top three wild this year. You can get him in your second round. And actually he's going everywhere between you know while the twenties I think on the way back if you were to grab. You know. Michael Thomas on the second round draft you draft one of those big backs in the first I think the ideal scenario here you go. You know early easy David Johnson and Lady Gaga or safe one and you get Michael Thompson rounds you figure it out through life out there right there. I really liked that. I like Tyreke kill. Life you know I think my holds that didn't you try to feature of their targets I agree you know ball. You know the home laws. The guy's got a strong arm football maybe in jobs out like pure distance and tiger kills class penalties. And I like that go I think he now has there really high floor. Are actually that's a lot all. When he's healthy and working well you know it fourteen balls were a 112 yards and a touchdown. That happens way too much. Marc Cooper. Big boomer budget and big fan I would take it mark who were run and 629. If you makes it that far. Lyra that he could be great if you. Thought all he played terrible last year but the year before that he is great Nam. So I mean the guy drops like one ball here but hopefully. Yeah the pot throw the ball carrier Chris Hogan. I mean look at the pictures right now they've got Tom Brady's growth 4500. Port 500 yards. He's got through to somebody you know approximately 1000 of those but. Quarter up the quarter up Paterson is. Is there. Who else is it it's like can't leave Decker retired commander retired cattlemen's had a four game suspension Hogan is gonna catch alls he's going to be there somebody's got to do it. He's going you know under the radar under the radar 67 ain't round drafts. Another. Here's some deeper sleepers I'll just rattle law and I actually bush today he smiled at three of these people pop up the page here on. I don't think mark he's gonna win and will. Bowler Alan RT deep sleepers but I like those three guys are loaded as long numbers are inaccurate yet with apps sleepers. Here my deep sleepers Michael gala for the cowboys. DJ Moore really like DJ Moore Carolina. I'm like hey Wanda Taylor Tennessee guys who blazer. And and he runs as fast tire killed and Cortland Sutton. Mean it seems to be that number three guy and then interests. He's young he's super athletic. Check him out on so those guys do you think he would be in late rounds thirty that you could wait and pick Obama I cannot waiver wire sell books. Well not. I think that. You know I picked him want Taylor off waivers or don't really lay out definitely going DJ Moore island probably while urging. Calm. But for Thailand and others finish this up here. You know I think. If you're not grab and crop Kelsey. I don't eyes certainly. You know in that second third round range because there are other players on the border. I think good value pace car jacked oil. Bird indeed in luck looking a lot a blanket. I think he could. You know he's going in you know well round draft Jordan reed really high upside we saw what he was. You know 2 years ago. And am you know last year and how if he's healthy Alex Smith is not a time in Washington let's check involved on the lot and it doesn't you know aired out necessarily. You know he's not known for that. Jordan recast our balls and then. George Carroll I think George Hill is the ideal backup tight end and everyone team. Because. He is while those who were both guys you know Jameer how well you can pocket you know last year. Another year which you need GA. Were innocent and together as far as. You know Jimmy G started we wallow in or whenever that was late season and George K don't just count on his way they guy is. Mean he's an animal and he wrecked. And we'll let you know I. I had him again this year in I think he's got at least nine touchdowns and him I. And Jimmy Graham as answer at least. Not just. You know we're gonna be read a lot we're gonna score a lot of points I I think that Jimmy Graham say that ever the yards may not be there. I think he's good for four grass perfect yard outs on today and immediately he had six points for Iran. Amanda. Over all if you go running back heading in the early rounds. In New Hampshire McCain and to me did you. Fire back first serious meeting here so I mean I am devastated because I think he's going to be great. But let's see not a elder look some of crime locked into the steered ha ha crying. Here I was ill it's. More tuna I don't. Fall off the ball is ball. In. So there you go party in the first round like you know first five rounds the grass or on the world we live out com. You know then you can pick up a lot of these. You're Marc Cooper Chris Hogan and your partner wide receivers you and what you know if you if you had four running backs that works. And next thing you know the guy immunity that you know only took re running backs and second. Rounds seven. And he's let's say let's say at least starting Chris Carson or were shot penny or area and Johnson and you know Carlos hi I'm sorry Carlos I've nearly and you have five backs you've caller I have we to corals are. You know averaging once a week and go hey. I'll give you Joseph Nixon and pop and offered one for your best receiver and your last night you know best case scenario with the good. And that's that's my thought process if you eat your deeply in draft law a lot of facts you have opportunity trading especially in leagues that I will say I'll meet you. Thank you for that commissions that the great little wrap up. Of fancy stuff I was they need you have. Big hitters out and offensive we always had I've put side drafting my team and I can I just put in my. Enough money in the team address it and is very rare that I go to mainland that big waiver wire. They thought Megan MITRE mid season because you know I. I have the case them. Fear is fear the worst that. I'll trade somebody in the next three weeks that person I just trade it'll blow up an update dat some idiot I drifted obviously like with the raiders. They practically all of that they already wanted done that it is evident in the data drafted and brought. Would give the money. So is there anything because yesterday I mean yeah it works in my case few words yeah weigh in and really in Bethlehem office. Now I acting definitely my strategies moral and game com a lot of support equipment management and good boom or bust. You know I'm gonna. You know. B thirteen three in when the year you know call lol. Read you know what I hope you don't pack you don't do that. Yeah yeah because if you if you are set yourself up to make some deals and come week you you Paula you know. To block buster deals where you make teams better you substantial guys on the banks that are performing the people's orders New England. That's how my strategy room. I. Yeah I'm excited to see what's gonna happen the league's. Onyx and if you happen in real blow off and I'm just so excited to. You know literally wanted to wait for after the sue Google over that yeah we will watch the NBA game and I enjoy it can't act does not and cannot be any large group blog in an obvious candidate they marched to swallow. To little rock and I'll pull off. Finally here again we're less than a week away from the start of the NFL season thanks for hanging out the side dish episode of did you date commission cuts. Always a pleasure to have you in Asia whether. While talking next time guys.