Side Dish: Fantasy Heroes Week 7(With the Commish)

Saturday, October 21st

Producer Dave brings the commish of his Fanatasy League, Sam, into studio to discuss the Fantasy Heroes for Week 7, as well as giving some advice on which games to take against the spread. 


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Low while we do another episode engagement gave and your host Dave and it's another side is because is that time of the week it's fancy football time. But it's a special side dish episode because we got. The commission my fantasy league as a side dish with the British nobody Sams Sam hi. Yes yes yes the side dish with commission I am salmon were here live in studio day of and it's going to be great side dish today Dave what do you think. Yeah I'm excited very got. Add your own little two cents on too because you are a betting man. And you like you say fortunately or unfortunately you're looking at the spread of those games are gonna end this side dish with some hot takes time that spreads in what the take this week. Ross and to start with each of us giving. A hero a cure. Quarterback a running back and wide receiver. And now I gotta give you my drafting team because. I want last week. I have to say with AP huge but he is less than 4000 dollars and legacy that he's gonna blow up this year. To John Watson cryptic last week so yeah keep on following my lead and you probably want some money with your. Daily for a team. But let's just start read off wave your quarterback for fantasies and who you're either quarterback this week do you think the go to guy so did some digging. And I watched that Monday night game with marks Mario against the colts last week and his hamstring was bothering him all week he went out games ago and I think the fact that his hamstring was hurting him. Made him a better passer from the pocket he couldn't escape the pocket and do what he likes to do so we still in the pocket threw the ball. Threw for 306 against the colts and he's finally healthy he's not on the injury report this week. And look who he's going up against the browns. In the browns despite being just the worst franchise ever. Heard and not. Bad against stopping the run so you look at that two headed monster with Derrick Henry DeMarco Murray. They might shut them down their top five against the run but what are they bottom five in the league get Dave. Against the pass. So I like marks are out of this week he's going off at 6900 in draft kings. You gotta pay form a little bit but I think he's worth the play and again he's always a threat to run on the ground get a touchdown there. Alex economic Delanie Walker as well I think that's. That's a sneaky stack right there so I'd like Mussolini and sneak easily expand public like Arianna are going this week firm for a stack option quarterback. I oil my quarterback Aaron this week is you'd like Cam Newton. And no a's didn't himself and alluded travel at the comments that he's Megan press there's not he's playing at a pretty elite level right now is looking like the candle into the Super Bowl. Quite there but he's definitely. Getting back not that healthy can look you not last week rush for over seventy yards and a touchdown and who they're going up they're gonna against the bears coming off a super duper high. Bret Bader is a huge win another AFC north victory for them in overtime but Mitchell should risky don't call me Mitch. Is it mid chew Ruble he's horrible. Yet what gates stressed there amid as the original but what hit eight completions last game the team is not yet. Again their count my hands and not make the mistake and run the ball. And Brenda and I'm gonna do at camp I just I just they see this game started off with the Panthers going too quick scores before they get to eight minutes left in the first quarter. Cam responsible for more than all the mum and yeah I'm thrilled that these ball just losses that sucker up there yeah and he's going to be pretty cheap in daily Al so. I got him Imus squad actually and I'll tell you about though a bit later but that's my quarterback because the cars they're gonna just below zero. Moving ordering neck. I'm sticking with the AP. I don't I I I want you to watch him the rest of the year and see him be a top five running back the rest of the year. He is still AP last week you know 1362 touchdowns first. Drive of the game get a while thirty yard touchdown on the third play of the game it's the rams defense is pretty good and their front. Their front four on their defense is pretty good air Donald's a scary guy. But the cardinals offensive line is finally healthy and HP is a freak insane in our New Orleans he was miserable and he's still out there to prove that he is. Cop running neck or. Forget it he's the guy he's network course that beats you down he's the older version of Leonard for Nat nowadays. He's gonna get into comparison Gloria he's get similar runs out they run hard. And again in the future for three yards four yards four yards four yards and then 45 yards. Again he beats down the defense look for him that you know take away some long carries in the third and fourth quarter because he's being down. You're running back to you know I'm not thank you he might do so much about I don't know that's up to order it. We're gonna stick. Again unfortunately got to pay for this guy but okay let's look at the last five games that the 49ers. The miserable on six 49ers had. They played the Redskins the colts the cardinals the rams and the Seahawks. If you look at the running attacks on all those teams no one really sticks out because again Arizona didn't have AP Iran with Chris Johnson and Ellington. The rams. Girly enact game rush for a buck 152. Touchdowns in that Thursday night shoot out when they throw the ball often write briefs at 115 the best and brown and on the other hand down. Again not threatening running games. But Redskins had over a hundred colts marlin Mack and gore had won sixty against these niners. Arizona they ran for almost a hundred Seattle Chris Carson ran for 130 so I'm going with the this week he is going to be angry. Again that's all suspension I don't enjoy whatever it is I don't like the cowboys but. They're healthy on the offensive line Zeke is angry and he hasn't had that break out. Zeke game that we saw last year I think this has got to be it everything's in place for it to be hit if this isn't it. I'm off disease bandwagon this year. You know he needs to have that 150 plus with two touchdowns and they're gonna write down these guys throw it there healthy that cal was at the vessel line in the game and. I don't disagree that the thing is still see this game been closed into the niners seen just. Well anyway and now winning every game has been with him three point oh are they down seventeen up into the Redskins last week an exact match. And lose a wild story the niners but again. I don't see it being a complete chewed out because again he's gonna chew up that clock and you know I just 9000 bucks Japan's farm now so if he spends them these expensive yes. You're worth it but will it worth that I think Seles or not. If you're gonna cash in any term answer head to heads. You gotta have money team could go for 35 plus points. And you gotta have that guy that blows up and draft kings to to get money so what do you think about undersea then. So I hit it. We got to go and pick answer Packers here again on the game and just with the daily fancy here. Michael Thomas the poor guy has been just an absolute discipline here. You know you're dressed him in your second round the league and maybe in the first round and I think we have an MR Cooper situation your hands where Marc Cooper. Bless his heart he's been absolutely miserable it's not like I hope I'm trying to. Nine split. Until last night so we're recording this on Friday last night last Thursday at the ball on that absolutely crazy game. Marc Cooper goes for over 202. To two touchdowns and you had a like 110 and six games up until last night. Check this out. Last week against Detroit with the saints they won 52 to 38 an absolute shootout Michael Thomas their best receiver. Three receptions eleven yards passing game Reggie they've got to be kidding me you think if they score 52 point Michael Thomas will be doing something but he wasn't. They're gonna find a way to get on the ball he's too talented. He's too fast these two young. They're gonna get on the ball early. And again packer secondary. You know is not the greatest thing in the world. Smuggle a war that's non news. But again I look for Michael Thomas did just. You're gonna get the volume I think I think they're gonna find a way again ball he's gonna have Stephanie grabs close to a hundred maybe touchdown. Off. Not close to a hundred grabs the you aren't yet you know. What are you 100 grabs it works. Yeah I don't agree I don't disagree that but I had to stay away from Eminem wanna I don't wanna touch him because I just can't do I can't go against it yet. Rick I'm pretty sure probably see you had AJ green against I did not sound natives I've gotten an. Yes who knows but my writers here this week. It's Q I know him. And honestly amounted reignited as that is on again off again week. He he's been he's been alternating since week three. Good league bad week purely bad league now around two good weeks what you lies a look at you ought to get about ten catches 150 yards and a touchdown. That's just because. I feel it. And twenty Izod also and now live rather play in the jags that's a conference game that veil and Ramsey. Boo EA they're not. At all honestly but. You I don't and he getting really really quiet week against the titans last week and I think he's gonna blow up again. This this division is still anybody's division so literally won one big player that you under the at one big play the slid across the middle of the field. Do this time and wrong so both where there isn't heroes and both of us out to give you got my draft kings team real quick. Because when the money follow follow along. As is does the special early morning only one or two ago so I got out. You bullet cam at quarterback 7000. Not bad right on against the bears domination. Least least to beast beast last summer and it is a beast be 74 LeSean McCoy. Going against the box at home. He's gonna catch the ball at least eight times is gonna add at least the guys catching at least easier on the ground as a big game. Another running back AP. 5802. Of them are last week but he's still gonna have a big week and it's still pretty affordable for him going a mile wide receivers ya Mike Evans. He's due for a big week Janus is back healthy supposedly this week. He's gonna go to Mike Evans and if there is trying to touchdowns Mike Evans into the one he's 7600. Q I know my guess that he's only 6100. He's gonna have a big game against Jacksonville that game could go either way it's gonna I'm not a big one big play and I think he wisely that it gives it. And a third wide receiver is. Cup Cooper who her cup on the rams. He's he's jag offs favorite target honestly. He's is greatly Wes Welker acts almost in the slot gaining imminent. Danny and they'll ask you know or other warmer rant is now the patriots so Kubrick cup he's 4600. My tight end of the Mercedes Lewis. He's 4600 super cheap is on the jags it's against Nichols is their defense is not a good linebacker corps is not into that you lose the big day. I think our cities Lewis does need to act like he's playing in London every week right guy catches the great that's down. Everybody over that entire world must lacks. I have to go to taxes are spent I don't know Allen tomorrow. I think you've got a big game he's gonna get auto dump offs and now at eight. It's not a shot cadence wondering who should play in these situations demise get in the the major workload especially and they're dollar region to catch and out of the backfield and Packers defense and we're we're not too hot so are both solid starts and yeah I think that both have big games but still the pedestal in this game. In my defense is the vikings they don't against the miserable ravens who Joseph Flacco just seems to underperform. Worse and worse every week. And the vikings defense is very good they had. Let's turn overs against the back of last week Graham says that homilies first real. Time editor in football game but. But I guess defense is pretty good and Xavier Rhodes locks down anyone islanders he repairs and Smith the great defensive back. I like the vikings are 3300 tomorrow by the way it was 5600 and now has my whole 50000 dollar budget win that money without red. Also a quick cut today here I don't mind the the rams play the rams guys this week if you look at golf Cooper cup and saying lock means they're all very cheap in draft king's I like him playing in London if you like they've if you went there last year for no good reason at all I. And I think they played today Billick went on a trip. It's only team bonding or something guys do it got to take a look that up but said it Watkins played absolutely terrible last week guide I think you're one. I like him too then like there were on the same page today and so yeah I know they are here commission I am. A wind gets Hamas and takes you on the that the spreads and who you you got this league in years. And years sports betting world. Again this is going to be just a couple hot takes care. Lobbies and passed a cop takes a hot Jake's. Yeah and the dish would game with the sand ahead. I takes I like. Again Dave were against each other on this one but I like the bears Luke to quickly has been ruled out I believe as of today with a concussion. He's there heartened sold at defense and Chicago just. They find a way to hang in games. They they should be the falcons' week one they beat the Steelers they hang on for a big win in Baltimore last week in a grind it out games. Jordan Howard can really run the ball is Longstreet biscuit doesn't make a huge mistake or throw three picks. I think they hang in his game take the three points take the three points at the planet home to three points. Yes the bears are miserable building a meat is C north teams and guess what the candidate in the AFC north so. Look for the bears to gizmo as can honestly I think they can't have come out real high. Where war will see won't we I did this with Dave recap on Mondays and my next line is I like Atlanta three and a half Sunday night big game. The pats defense is just terrible at coming it is just the ten champion here. An injured they're injured do. Tom Brady's single handedly keeps them in games it's the Super Bowl rematch they barely snuck on the wing a win last week at the jets Brady have been bring them back. And the defense. Ability and defense and Atlanta has just laid an egg last week. With Miami in that second and they forgot killer play I think they went into the locker room. And we're like Ira seventeen nothing will walk over. And will just move on and doing the next few week and sucked so I. I think debate. Add some redemption. As far as super ball and as far as that at bay late last week. Take three points against New England gets down early games all the time. Time and then they finally come back and wins let's look at that Texans game yeah same thing same thing last week. I agree with you on this very know lies that half point half points or killer I don't like favorites and a half point out of one of the scariest things in the world because when they only won by three. You look at this thing a way to the falcons three and a half. Again I seem to falcons coming out early. And you know it's like third down. You know seven at the end of the game and somehow Tom Brady runs down a field. And they score a touchdown then they go to tears something but again a field goal three and a half too much and is ready to. Excellent. OK let's just. Wrap up here with how the NFL and bedding and Vegas makes no sense at all no says the public has gotten. Absolutely crucified. In betting this year. All these big dogs are going down left and right if you look at the falcons last week with that twelve and a half points against Miami. Denver just absolutely sucks. On Monday night against the winless giants thirteen point when they know I received thirteen point favorites they went down. So here's here's my two cents and things not making sense. So two weeks ago that two cents and things exactly yet that training as well that takes. Two weeks ago. The bills play the Cincinnati Bengals the angles that just suck right Cincinnati's home. And they were 83 point favorite in this game and the bills had just come off wins against Denver. Who work wasn't unanimous top five team until the gag last week. And then at Lanza. They'd they'd be both the home the bills did and then how well in the world. It's Cincinnati three point favorites do you look at that line and Dave I told you this yeah I would ails you look at that line. Every one in their mother was on the bills and because it didn't make sense they should have been three point dogs and Cincinnati goes out there and they cover I think they won by five or six in the armor for our summit and it even worse what again. A cover it did not make sense at all so I look at the lines this week. And I'm looking at this chargers line. How the chargers one point favorites at home against the Broncos yes the Broncos late innings on that football and they are a little banged up. But the chargers again they'd lose every game at the end of the game and it's it's miserable what you think that they would. Give some respect to Denver and that defense but they're not so that's a little fishy to me. Again it seems like Denver should be. Four point favorites or two yeah. Charges that game Hamas targets just because I don't know why I don't it doesn't make sense so again go chargers in nets and shot put Phillip yeah. They're gonna keep it close punch and he's gonna grab a couple balls and young hole. Not on the team anymore can't blow the game forms and I think they got Nicki know you know I mean he can very easily blow a game as well. Yeah he definitely could blow game but anyway Sam. I appreciate you coming in as a commission mr. won a pleasure to account. Acts yet into the great addition to dish with a day of we've been you know plan fancy sports together and ligaments breads and Oslo for a long time those nice to have a chat about this and armed men Wear fancy basketball league a whole another story Abbie we know anything about them the basketball but according to solve our. His first three games go blocks going on yes but he thinks that does that does a dish we gave up hope bothers helps you out in your fantasy Oreo or. Significant others Tennessee if you don't play or your friends Nancy but. They listen and I'll see you next time.