Side Dish: Fantasy Heroes Week 6

Saturday, October 14th

It's Week 6, and Producer Dave is giving you his fantasy heroes for the week. How many Packer players did Dave fit into his daily line-up? What's the best adjective to describe Aaron Rodgers? Find out in this weeks Side Dish.


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Hello welcome to another episode of dish with Dave I am of course your host Dave. Side dish Korea it's week six of the NFL season. And man I just mentioned last week packer cowboy game because Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers I gotta say. Minute thirteen double in the game with a touchdown to mount Adams got knocked down ten days ago the game with a touchdown sell just got there that out there. Packers are looking give they still. They got to figure some things out on defense honestly. Move minority you fantasy heroes for weeks six. And got employee I got another daily draft the team last week's team won eight dollars. Great stuff so off. Let's just move right along and start the quarterback. Quarterback for week six. I got my boy do show on lots in Houston Texans quarterback. Not the first week because for some reason Tom savage played I had tag bench Tom savage immediately and what are now second half the shot comes then and he is. I mean he is doing amazing things are now on the NFL he's keeping that Texans team. Alive I think they're gonna win a division I again and I said that maybe the jagr and would detect and they're looking like it. Even OJ yeah lots career may be over very sad. Detected the break in the John Watson so I didn't like 200 passed yet again which isn't the best brands like us amazing. But he's a threat on the ground he rushes for about. 3035 yards a game. He'd put above fifty burger this year are ready and he almost beat the patriots should be the patriots of their defense and choke on them. And now will Fuller is. Only healthy so not only did the happy Andre he's got willful or. Lamar Miller seemed to be taken of his game a little bit the running back so I mean I think this John Watson the great quarterback does the I don't know why he wasn't starting week one I thought he was into the game started. I got. Bid and the asked about that because. Had the Texans and pick them so. Anyways does John Lawson your quarterback you gotta love that. Moving over to running back. No and I think this is right but AP Adrian Peterson just catch it to a new team on the cardinals now saints did not work out. And guess what on the cardinals AP is going to be the number one Washington David Johnson out there the worst rushing team in the NFL that's why they Witten got a piece. He's planning to be run in the blog and on first and second down which is what he is more we know that AP doesn't catch balls out of the backfield he's not he's not a third down running back. He's the beast running back commute beginning the ball on the first possession of the drive let him get seven yards and start the possession and a high note. So you expect the AP and he's had a horrible you're so far. And he he says you don't wanna quit it'll wanna be done really sport five years so eight be the thing gonna blow up this week the cardinals need something there's somehow. No threat to their season. But this is this the make or break moment for them an AP I think shows a big that play in the box and the Bucs rushed me honestly is not bad they've only given up two touchdowns all year. Ideas I'm disregarding that because Adrian Peterson and he does amazing things he came back from shredding a leg to be the best running back in the NFL Adrian Peterson is unbelievable. He's non hodgkin's anymore so I don't know where I can't cheer for him. So lot. Eight. Any of the pack at wide receiver Leo majority will do. They would do even Randall duke because the play in the vikings as the rivalry game. Okay. We're in Minnesota. The pack and are unreal. And the packer fan they're playing great right now they're. Air routers looked like he can do what ever he wants when everyone's Xavier Rhodes yes he would shut down lighters even this year shut down a number one receivers the majority. Majority gets what has scored. Every game he's played this year he's put in four games he's got six touchdowns. Six touchdowns in four games he hasn't he had a gonna hot over a hundred yards yet okay. But that's right he scored in the red on many little patented dirty slider into the back of the ends on watch that watch that the game. Also. Look at Delonte Adams. He is proving that he's the real number one receiver. Ten days before the game against the cowboys he was not all but dating germane thing and with the dirty dirty hit. Me somehow comes back. Play the Mets Sunday against the cowboys. Ice. I mean the game winning touchdown. Great great catch up fantastic catch not even look easy. Money can't jump ball jump ball gadgets. But divine adams' playing great and he doesn't have Xavier Rhodes on him and the vikings again they're defense is pretty pretty solid. And Brad uses scary scary dude when you play against an ragged anything can happen. So we're gonna move or two a tight end and yes I don't know who this guy is his name is Greg Kindle. Greg kill you on the San Francisco 49ers RA the winless 49ers. The easiest. On the reliable cash option for Brian Maier junior the only guy that actually you know prove to catch the ball parents are not a a week or two they play great he's been dropping a lot of passes. Greg kill his season high. Of nine target probably career writes you honestly. Nine targets caught seven of them. Over eighty yards and touchdown. That's a big game and their plan the Redskins this week. And the Redskins what they do they allow the tight end of the other team to actually have the most receiving yards per game. They've allowed the third most receiving yards to tight ends and can see all year. But that's that is his wild. Tight end on the opposing team against the Washington Redskins. Have the most receiving yards. On the opposing team. Wilde's look for Greg kettle have another big week this week again he's gonna be. Super cheap and fantasy super cheap daily Tennessee and get a daily fancy running his jump over kickers in defense because I'm sick of it. They'd its erroneous it's erroneous honestly for her new tell you what defense are located at play. 'cause the wife and also in the daily fancy. Then I'm on now in general in the last week Robin is going to be the wanna be on. And it doesn't have a kicker late last week's data have a flex player. Just huge saw. This is my daily fancy team this week and I think it's gonna do some good stuff via so I carried out just like I like my quarterback. When put them on my daily team to Sharon Watson he's just the browns do it and you mentioned that earlier is going against the browns this week what is. This John burst the Sean misspelled names differently. Does not contact him and I don't play so anyway as the shuttle logically 6700. K that's pretty cheap he's gonna. At least a copper three touchdowns I'm gonna say it's that's that's a good point there moving our running back. Running back number one Mel Gordon. On the LA chargers to take snuck away with a win last week against the giants. And the plane Oakland Oakland behind them playing too well nothing Gordon's big part of that off and he's catching the ball and run the ball. He's putting up big numbers this year I like Melvin Gordon or 7800. Dollars. This. It's only 50090 cavities of the present a little bit different Austin last week on mother and Beck. It's a peak of got what he only 3400. That's like a player who's expected not to get in the game. But he is expected to get in the gaming get him majority of the carries. And I think that he puts a big number that could be a steal for your fantasy team. And move and covered a wide receiver just like I said we got a Monta Adams and Jordy Nelson. 57 thunderbird and on day seven 100 for Jordy. I explained before they're gonna go off they're gonna have big days and it's OK to have two receivers in the same team and their routers that are quarterback. At third receiver. Is Mike Evans. So lot's gone out of that Arizona can't debate and make Evans he's going to ask Padgett Peterson I understand but the cardinals are. Pretty whack not gonna lie Mike Evans is. A top five receiver. And he is out to prove that every week and I expect him to score a touchdown even if Patrick Peterson is the one guard in the whole game. Over time and again another another deal. Greg kill my guess that earlier he's that he's gonna get the most target Travis league he's got to get the most catches PP our leagues that's a one point. He's only 3400 just like AP that's so cheap and that's allowing me to get you know some of these higher higher end players like. Numbered and like during Nelson you know because I got these two guys. A wide receiver flax. Is Tyreke kill Casey he's been quite the purity huge rookie last year Korean launch another huge drop here this year for the chiefs. Hi Jerry Kill has not been kinda quiet but I think that you can always trust and still. He's ever hear of Alex sixteen fancy points against no that's not bad at all he's 6400 dollars. And he's gonna catch the ball he's glad you are run although they might get a punt return. That's the thing with Tyreke knows that he can score points on special teams. Rushing the ball and catching the ball and that's. That's what you offer flex play I feel like if someone who's gonna do everything for you don't wanna waste reflects on a running back who doesn't catch the ball. You don't wanna waste your flex out tight end to that's just. Silly. Solitary kill you reflects this week they're gone against the struggling Pittsburgh team drum doesn't plan this week. Love drama there isn't but that doesn't scare me so. I yeah I like Tyreke kill and for my defense. Tell you my defense is because they are actually. You know after the draft day and I know I said they're not playing that great to have Melvin Gordon gone against them so this could. I really does not come back to buy any because diva isn't going to be the game repair my daily team as the raiders but really cheap. Point 500 that's what I can afford at the end of this so there's my squad. I hope you use that help you try to hasn't funnel that. And thanks for listening and it's going to be another awesome week of football I'm just so pumped every every week on think about it when a Sunday when a Sunday itself. Thanks to listen to this episode dish with Davis the side dish. Fancy heroes for week six and we'll see you next time.