Side Dish: Fantasy Heroes Week 5 with A Twist

Saturday, October 7th

We're already more than a month into the Fantasy Football Season, and Dave is here to give you this weeks "Fantasy Heroes". This side dish has a new addition, as Dave drafts a daily fantasy team as well! 


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Hello welcome to another episode of dish with Dave I'm your host Dave and it's another site. Dish Tennessee football week five heroes man that's crazy authority in week five of the NFL season. Over a month and it's been a wild wild ride let me tallied teens have been underperforming teams have been over performing. And down this week's I'd did you wanna called into the end admit I'm gonna draft. Daily fantasy team. With a budget of 60000. Imaginary dollars that get you on the daily leagues. And yet you wanna use the team go ahead you that I hope it helps you win some prizes. But let's just get right into. My picks for. Heroes for the week. At quarterback. You might be surprised but I. The jets cornerback Josh Macau and and are hilarious. But the jets actually have a chance that go above 500 which I don't think anybody ever thought. They would. Do but the the browns and the browns mean I've lost faith in them already this year I had to begin in the and lost it. The do have miles Jarrett coming back the rookie from Texas and and help Libyan the year. And that could be a little bit scary for McCown but he's not he's got a pitch count so who knows how much of a player but. The count is coming off his lowest his lowest QBR of the year. Which is pretty sad and they still won that game against the jaguars overtime. And so I think we're counting up the browns I mean he's thrown for over 200 yards the past two weeks he's. And these are on the thirteen to fifteen fancy points and I think that you can control plane and if you need really a quarterback. Play him. Even the daily league you draft him if you want. Moving over. To running back. You might be shot that's when two lead going against the Seahawks defense but Todd Gurley he has he's got seven touchdowns this year. Guess that I touched on yet last season. Six. Were four weeks into the season and DOD has more touchdowns than last year. He's touching the ball catching that he's running the ball the race and the real deal this year I think I think they're gonna win this division the Seahawks are not the Seahawks at old. They're soft they're really soft that thing that Iran over and you know Todd Gurley. He's he's making up for last season he. Performed very poorly last season and the whole rams team was. Those miserable last year so I think the tiger earlier at another big game this week probably scored at least two touchdowns. A move it over to wide receiver. Rashard Matthews on the titans he has been putting up big numbers he's. Average seven targets again in the past what fourteen weeks or so that's a bigger get the ball didn't look at at least seven times the game mute. You're bound to catch at least five of them right you'd hope the gonna catch five of them and you know. The dolphins are with the Pentagon gotten dolphins. I said last week probably the worst team in the NFL right now they're coming back from London play and pathetic. Shut out by the saints. Have Gordon nothing over the past two weeks the defense. It on the field so much that they get tired are they gonna get beat a deep plays so I think that I Rashard Matthews. I'm the titans even if Cassel is plain and not an area of Marietta's hurt but. Either way I think Rashad Matthew it's a lot of looks and put up a good game you. Move it over to tight end. Tight end exact lyrics like that at the Eagles he's done he's really athletic tight and he goes for a long passes none of the aliens. Tonight's safety valve for Carson Wentz. He's. Not a cool pattern that you Allen asked does that pretty interesting stat with that he's been on a really cool pattern of eight catches five catches eight catches. I catches. We're on week five in in the pattern he's gonna get. Eight catches and I think he's gonna follow that pattern. That's eight in PPI early that's eight points right there. He's gonna give you more than ten points that tight and that's really really valuables actor he's gonna have a big game in the cardinals are also. They're struggling Amanda two and two they barely snuck away that winless against average Cisco they should of laughter tied in yet somehow. Somehow Larry Fitz came up in the clutch last week that touchdown in overtime and with under a minute left in overtime that's hilarious but. The cardinals are two and two I guess. But I think the Eagles gonna win this game backers. Probably score that touchdown I'm just gonna say probably. Put him in your line edit the data and if you wanna get a minute daily and is in league gave him as a while. Moving over to defense. Komen race back to that LA Seattle game the rams defense. The Seahawks are they're just not good Chris Carson is out who's the best running back threat anyways he's not a threat this year. Thomas Rawls who knows what he's gonna do he did not play. Everything careless just healthy scratch these guys that makes no sense but the Seahawks if they're not the same they are. This scored over four realistic yes it was against the colts and that is going to tell about halfway through that game. The rams have been playing good there's. Donald if that beast up front and battle does scare re. The rams have a good defense and I think. This conference game the rams are really take a hold of this division the conference. I think that's huge for that and I think they're gonna put up big numbers against the Seahawks. So those are my pitch again kickers. Like us that ticket I don't know about who cares is co whatever kicking you want to end. But I'm gonna let you know now my have my daily is league. I tell you what play I got. And how much they got them for. Does a pretty good value team. So my quarterback. Sturgeon Kobe burst that quarterback for the colts are going against the niners. The colts I think they're gonna get a win the niners to somehow find ways to lose every game and Brusett. He scored on its feet he scored in the air in the good quarterback had he's cheap he's only 7000 dollars. I running back. I got duke Johnson junior on the brown he's been a huge part of the offense the past two weeks is that about 25 two points in PP our leagues he's catching the ball you run the ball he's scoring. He's 6000 dollars and they're going against the jets. And I just iconic quarterback like I said earlier but the jets you know. The doesn't give up points. First big pick a book the week is lately I'm bill. 9500 dollars mostly as a player on the team. But it's worth it because they got those two cheaper picks and they're going against Jacksonville and I think that Pittsburgh is starting to dominate last week lady touched the ball. I think forty target 35 rushes I think five catches. If you talk to all that anytime that you're destined to get big pitching numbers that you can't not get against number he's gonna touch the ball that many times. And then move it over to wide receiver yet another steeler Antonio Brown he's 8800 dollars and again going against Jacksonville. I'm Matt last week you saw Tony a front row that. There that cooler over yet matzo keys you get a lot of looks this week ended get a big week last week to Andy as a man so just imagine him happy. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Pittsburgh needs to prove that they're there the Pittsburgh doubled. Other letters here you get TY. 7300. On the colts like the Jacoby did you buy connection double points anytime they score again going into the niners. It's fancy at all about the defense is they're going against Hewitt you kinda get matchup that's weakened deal. Two I had a quiet week last week after having huge week the week before but having huge week this week I think men met last wide receiver is well bowler. Will Bullard about I've looked cooler beat on it tight and the detects an excuse me. Go on against the chiefs. And willful are healthy now he's given to John Watson who's playing great John Watson looks great way really it. Really liken him and will Poehler gives them another option outside DR under Hopkins that the huge pick and he only 5700. Dollars that's so cheap. So she immediately got on Antonio Brown moving over tight end. Marty Marty Bennett gone against Dallas wanted to hold teams Green Bay Yunel. Been a mixed reaction to Marty here we like a personality Bossone and we don't yet and catching the ball. As much with like so I think he comes up for a big week against one of the old teams in. Kabul it's a heck go. And a kicker. Gone ran back to that rams Seahawks give him Greg's airline. He's gonna kick the ball a lot he kicks fifty RBO go all the time he's the big dude he's a really trustworthy kicker. He doesn't miss very often. That's that's gonna fancy kickers a Greg's airline for the kicker he's 5300. Marty battle it was 5300 also what is funny kicker and Providence same price. Pretty interesting and and that defense. Buffalo Bills Cincinnati's horrible build our very underrated team. And the three and one this year they're still underrated. Expect them to get at least an interception or two off the red racquet ended column. And they're the 4600. So that my team. Draft that if you like and given me the permission to do I want you to do I want you to listen prizes. Alina next week how they did thanks for listening to this side dish episode that he football heroes leaked by. I did Dave and Alla. Yeah next time.