Side Dish: Fantasy Heroes Week 4

Friday, September 29th

We're already into week 4 of the football season, and this season has been full of oddity. Producer Dave has his new batch of Fantasy Football Heroes for week 4 of the season! 


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Hello and welcome to another episode of dish with dame it's another side dish we're in week four of the fantasy football season can you. Believe that it's RD quarter of the way through the football season this year wild stuff this season has been unpredictable. And lots of us and oddities and fantasy in regular games and whose win list whose undefeated. So a lot. Gone to this week I wanna apologize for any of the picks I made last week with the ravens Joseph Flacco miserable. In their defense. I don't know I'll really sold on their defense and ages really re in the bed last last week in London I guess I guess they were. Used to the foreign air maybe that's what it was. Another jab our biggest plane in London like a home game. But the jaguars right up that high is actually. Good thing for fantasy footballers become I think Blake bored holes is a good pick up any fantasy league at the quarterback you have right now struggling. Probably world last week. You revert to 41 in four touchdowns. And another ravens let us said that played horrible but I think that. Late portals is. Proving that you billions. Last year was a fluke I don't know why he puts a bad last year but he he seems to be candidate in the woods if fluke and it just stretched but. He's not a lead at all. But he's getting better he's proving that he he is that the number three pick that he was he can play up to that standard and having to public morals as another big game this week against the jets. The jets are coming off a win date they got there win for the year they're not gonna go. Which lists. And I think that there they're high stops very quickly when they play the jaguars who. Elegant way back to back games. And I think they can do it I think they go to three in London. They have a chance to win that division. Honestly with Angela how the titans are looking pretty gathered at times I went Nabisco could close race between them. I'm not a fan of the Texans saw. The quarterback I think he's playing this Blake morals and you never know the jags might win. The AFC south just just aren't out there I'm not sure yet I'm gonna start out there. Our running back running back you wanna play this week is LeSean McCoy. Not complain too hot not complained about since week one ray rush for over a hundred yards but he really F thirty yards actually rushing since nobody that. He's catching and running back he catches the ball out of the backfield and it PP our league that's huge and against the falcons. That's even bigger because over the falcons gave up mass appoints them at that time Montgomery leaked to. Get a massive points that to wreak Ko win. On the bears we want Newt to recall his or into a pretty pretty nice little player couldn't could be a good find for the bears. But I think this is a huge game for LeSean McCoy and nobody has faith in the bills for some reason I love the bills I take them any game I can. John McCoy is the safety valve for Tyrod Taylor he gets he's gonna catch above at least seven times he's gone. He's gonna run all over the falcons secondary I think in the is a big game for him in a I think a redemption game for him to look at the other and planned on Tennessee. And other running back I think is a great running back is. Chris Thompson. And the Redskins. He seems to be the back of that is getting in getting the plant time and over 45 points last week in prime time against the raiders. And the plan again in prime time against the chiefs chiefs defense is great. But primetime makes. The best of people come out and Chris Thompson is seems to be the villain number one option for the Redskins. Running back position whether it's on the ground or catching the ball another greatly PR. Running back who's gonna catch the ball five to eight times in the game. And having Bo Bo running backs are due for huge weeks moving over to wide receiver bird. Jay Cutler has buoyed Jarvis underperformed last week after having thirteen. Catches in the first game ever played OJ Keller. Went on to six. Yardage went down. Almost eighty not even fifty. And the dolphins embarrass themselves last week they looked pathetic today escorting garbage touchdown. Think got heading get shot out of they would do in Malaga and Gerris Landry. Was not really a part of the game at all to all the garbage time Oregon's and catches and I think teams this show up big the saints. Are who the dolphins are playing and the same inserted. Are bound to give a huge play they're prone to giving up big plays in the secondary and John as Landry. I just imaginary casino I had and just do it a little quick by paired up slit to the middle of the field catching and running seventy yards for a touchdown and there's. There's your big break Greg beverage artist Wendy can back any America to the rest of the game of that one. Sony back yard touchdown as you know fourteen point you good to does a great stared in wide receiver moving over to tight and how Rudolph. Minnesota Vikings. One catch last week four yards. And the vikings played great taste he had a game of his life. Well pat Rudolph nowhere because they're having big play after big play. Alvin that's happening this week against the lions I think that this game is gonna live in the red zone. And when the game live in the red zone that's. It's just a joyous joyous occasion for your tight end how rude of especially coming off a really quiet week he's gonna be getting looks. In the red zone I can battling to have more than one catching four yards and guarantee that. I predict he's gonna get a touchdown. I'm predicting that that game comes down to the last play of the game like every lions game does. And I don't know that Millen that game went on account Rudolph gonna have a big part of it defense. You know I honestly haven't I kind of miss and hard to my defense of picks. And I apologize for that I really do and I think that the deepest as big as we get the patriots. Patriots. Did not look good last week they'd barely is not aware of the win thanks to all man Brady never that are player. And adding up over thirty points I don't even know the last time that's happened so I think the pages come back force a couple turnovers early. And you know prove that again they used to be a top defense in the NFL and they have not. You know they did it they need to perform better than expected now because you live animals gone their offense isn't. The high a high octane offense. That it was with Julia element there branding cook seems to be fine and is ground. But their defense needs the play better in their defense needs to step up for them and I think against the Panthers as Cam Newton struggle and he has injured probably they might even play Derek Anderson but. Then there's the defense that can prove itself and I've been as the week that the pages events does that so there's your picks again you do it every wallet your ticker. Utterly care and other of the clip part of my biggest mistake was dropped and Matt Prater for some reason go Matt Prater gets. The most points OK can't Matt Prater he's gonna score at least ten point two kicks fifty or give up all the time. Thanks return and then I hope this helps your team out and they you win all your fantasy games and everything in your. You football pick on everything you got thanks for listening to dish with Dave. See you next time.