Side Dish: Big Game Special

Saturday, February 3rd

DAve is joined by The Commish, Sam, to talk about interesting prop bets for the Big Game, who they think will win, and Justin Timberlake's new album. 


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Hello and welcome to weigh in another episode of issue with Dave. I'm your host David and I am joined today by my good friend of the committee shambles gone and mesh the dish with a commenced we U we're back for the big game the big game overall sir and yes you had to get Sam in here for the big game because. You know we've been talk of the volume on the side ditches putted the last one for awhile volatile. Next season of course so rude to go to draw a couple of fun prop bet because every year Sam runs a little prop bet. Get together revolver bodies. Good response to our national army attacked and I know some ridiculous our sports relieved you know through it up to that. All the go to a couple of real ones that Sam really likes and give our predictions on who's gonna win the only game in Minneapolis. So are before we get started I want to ask is it do you see that can apartment unit. Now Kevin Arnold got hit by one of the light rail trains today. Won't yeah pass on on TMs the AT&T both the videos and didn't interviewing Kevin aren't they're talking and in neighbors walk him through Minneapolis in Minneapolis has no real friends gone through and all the year Hong Kong Hong. In Canada Harden has gotten three out and they jump in the car to drive away and then often illiterate friends and zoom in by. Holy hell saw in part of the year lakers' go to Milwaukee preach it to me K art lug so yeah. He's probably listen right now so I know we got to realize out of the camera art got to give this shout out OK art so. Let's start with who we think's gonna win this game. Sham unless you first what do you a breakdown and well I think. I think. It's hard to go against. Tom Brady obviously on he was our pick when we're on my pick while we're on the pod for weeks ago who predicted that he would be dragged into it to this point. And one thing to watch for I think that it. Life in general. And football games in general they look everyone looks at the last game they've played so fairly come up huge. Win against Minnesota age huge win this huge. Absolutely huge win against Minnesota people are gonna look at that guy like holy hell. Millions of those caught in the world always on rail I played out of his mind what time out time out full exam cocky we just think that today. Identical twins. I might be little better looking but I think it's compare of having good grip 700 enough right time and OK we're back in our back so well. I think people look at flu coming off that game the line started at six point 66 and a half it's not a four and a half moon I saw that. On May even force some places I've done a lot of really backers. Understand who their defense is great. Tom and the patriots have gotten down earlier a lot of these games. But that's what their best exactly exactly but I see Britney did get and Duncan was away. To a Super Bowl win I think that. If you look at the last couple games of the regular season polls was not great he was not great against the raiders. And every play the week before and granted there wasn't a ton of pressure on MacDonald because Philly had the one seed locked up and all this crap. You know a little flash in the pan out paperwork over valuing falls at the moment I think he's a good cornerback but he is not the guy that. He's not as examples. I don't think. That Rupert 350 and three touchdowns less consistency yes I don't act because just I don't think we should I think telecheck is too Smart you've had two weeks the plan for this game. Yeah and they're gonna have some that disguises polls. So game picks I think Brett. The patriots are going to be up 2720. Brady gets me twice when he takes them down with six minutes runs they scored twenty seven's Bonnie and the says. You know three minutes to drive down the field and come tightest game. And he throws a pick or he'd you know fumbles or something big like that. The patriots might tack on another touchdown or something and in garbage time to ice this thing a lot of data that I'm taken the past 31 morning. Pats cover pats win and that's how I see it happen fable about you. Well I'm trusting or LA I agree Patrick and when this game because let me tell you rent or the playoffs started a lot of controversy that ballot check. Craft and Brady did not get along everything is gonna implode dog and blah next year. We look what I got on there and the big game again and again. We're gonna get his six trillion Astaro that knew him now you know raided criticize the other hand. And like you're saying oh. I've been a full span I mean he had a great season that when you started Eagles last time is there and he'd. You know he made big plays that he's angry black quarterback yeah it's a great backup quarterback gets any candy did his job he got on to the game. And. That's gonna do I think it's gonna be a good game but I don't think that he's going to have a ridiculous things and their running game the Eagles that really. Keeps amid the wreckage I guy's gonna give it a game against my against the patriots again Chris Long and again. You don't even last year Chris Long although there were good last year so I just think that opt. They're gonna put up a good effort but it's the patriots this. No you can't get them you know the thing is the lesser the giants who prepared not gonna beat them and I guess the Eagles have gone the other in the NFC east the mess they only division that. He's never lost this game two is a stretch for area. I already got it up all that stuff but yeah I think. In the long run. Brady just has too much I think it's gonna come down they're escorted out of it and they might be down by three you know five minutes ago on the fourth quarter. Brady comes down touchdown to win the game I think it's going to be 28. Money for. Patriots went on Torre put one on last minute drive Brady again. So were I mean that's always of the Assad are well podcast and our Bruce or some. Then I think it's kinda boring media week leading up to the big game just because. Hey Tom bill you here again some of the gun do you how Morris story lines we can talk about like. Are we gonna talk about documentary dharma and others not them. There's no big story lines they're con continuous loop there the big story is that radio host in enough. Talking about everything is that whatever is making a story on this point. Over to Iraq. Some props some problems from Sam's. And Euro prop sheet with all of our bodies. And now of course the first one has got to be. National Anthem pink. The senior National Anthem who has the flu. So hopefully he'll insider information yet Belushi yoga is good ago was Laura under the over under two minutes. Normally go over it out pretty well asked my time has gone over two minutes the song itself shouldn't be committed I'm pretty sure the puck but. I thought it to go over originally to not a pink has the flu is if you don't go dancing is sure you don't want to give it a secular music here and really not so I think it's going to be under two minutes. See I'm the longer I'm gone over because. Pink. I would through her career. As you know she's passed term peak time and hole. Yes yeah all she LL she stands on the side of the building manner I get that brought I think. She's gonna want her moment in the limelight baby she's got sick or not she's gonna show off she's got some pleasure if she's gonna show off she's called in some note if you picture and I'd nod a she's great. But I think she holds I think she holds a couple module launch recruit Michigan saint Peter anything I'm sick but you know it's not Michael Jordan flew anthem you know home. OK okay you are so. Regardless to miss though what it is land right on this going to be a push. I an excellent JT. Halftime show. Which color will this year be would be white. Or any other college. I'm Zain any other color I think is gonna come out with some. I don't know probably than my black shoes and some really really bright Buddha junior Johnson and he's. Can't really in like with the you know Nick Cannon all over the doubles you know on the JD really like but I think it's. It's a big game. And I think. Easy again bigamy globe real shiny gold but. I'm taken right for the prop that they did to music. A class act I don't think he's gonna dress up I think he's going to be casual JT gray jeans and a white T. Everything about it. In the woods and his new album is all casual machines T shirts finals and I was nobody knows and everything I've CNN's demands we he's been super. Catch you wanna say about his new album also he's gonna think redefining what genre really means not I have to let me do an album out overnight hours and cannot do it it. Like every song of the different genre. Which is crazy but only JG did you Taylor that they want the public John Legend once on something Jim Hendry and excellence on solid old school JT like. Go longer such a suicide note did you new album in light that much effort Raikkonen Marmara now. Article song won't you give a comment and a plumber guy. Laughed so hard to do offer these loans. How many times villages that'll be shown on TV. Over under one and a half. I'm saying over. You wanna know why. Because. They may not show are a lot during the actual game. The once the games over win lose or draw which draws are happening. There's a beach Yonder Bakken for the going to be off from Brady whether he won so what is a prop and how does it say boy during the broadcast. Of the game so let's look I think. It's 00 you know to me that's the broadcast of the game though is still broadcasting and answer. Even popular there's five seconds left in this building them and keep your connectors. Over one and half say that Schiller at least two toddler within three minutes problem go on over. Because I think we're gonna get. The standard. Used Gisele in the Booth you know Anna little's luxury box we're gonna see that Tom Brady's life. Or when I go around to show the celebrities at the game that I see that. And then I seem to be put into it when they're stretching so there's there I think if there's an injury and they have the stalled. You could see them meaning short clip of a clip of commerce timing. You know who blew gunmen who you tunnel plugged boom Gisele in the clip. Could totally see it happening they're sure to write direct count that count because he's not a lot of rug can I mean I don't know I am assuming it's out of there and gotten yours. I've got to count. I don't know literally all right so. Have fun once all of the fund wants them you got them so I don't through about 576. Props today. And I. Five month I was let them because it was because that's what they offer man. I picked up 567. Bob we'll find out how many here. That I like Nam. Let's let's go Durham the patriots. Have a successful fourth down conversion yet a 100% I told. They always told its fourth and one recent weeks and it you know only get they're always off fourth downs love that prop find that one. Here is my long shot for. And deeply salt. We can talk about this and a long shot for MVP. I think the patriots will win Amendola. That it is the daily and don't know cop and now if I love the area. Earlier this Brit I know that I don't even get Israel have been any here's the real long shot though if you are sprinkled couple dollars. At a 121. Patrick Chung. Don't ask me what action or how I think it shows two picks and Chung with ultimatum. Let's say this one and and the sealed the game sealed the game important it takes it to the house has I've six tackles maybe it's a fumble. 121. I mean aside yet are attacks you know why not I love blogs out there. Another thing I like although I think it might be close game. Minus an alternate line patriots minus one point five is plus 7071. Trip patriots blow out. Who knows so who knows it twice and I have to let it got to win by 21 yeah yeah I like that Iran. I love love this one group over twenty and half completions. Yes over let's go I think it's that conduct you look at the whole you look at their strategy hedge it bring an end fifteen Russia the game. All Brady cannot expect to see if you could say there's only if there were fall down early. I disagree lot of check downs Dion Lewis James White and those gonna have a good game skid in what January. Great for good depth. Two words isn't that it creates in the big heat up banners up and another shot in the dark breathe eat. Longest rushing. I don't think it may not have any rushing yards but his longest rush over two and a half yards. I could totally see. We know pocket breaking down birdie I doubt he scrambles for birdie. And you're getting plus 110 on your money's getting more then you know your money back on you and so like that. James why it over three and a half receptions. Older he's stricken gamer. The guy robs the superdome is at an Indiana looted and how to get at least five each other of that rope rubber receptions on their running backs as he ought to deacon knock here. On and lose our over one half James why don't really have. And over for a half what it did have seven grabs and you know the names straight coming into this book I love the check down here they love. Do a little motion with their running backs and running quick out patterns against linebackers all over that. Com another one. Is. It it's over five receptions. All my gosh. All right I think it's the game to stay away part of the first three throw again I'm stay away from Al Jon stayed away from ground I'm staying away from Brandon Coca. Every other guy I think Kurt angle are. Angola. DM Louis James why it all go Veronica I stay away from an older probably does Letterman and all runners like. Three and a half grabs through so I don't like Hogan neither. And I like I like it hurts prop. Kenya's Packard's prop on his receiving yards and receptions. I think Kurtz has a good. A good game he's good checked out guy you're Tommy James Harrison's gonna guards records. Now would change as a spot to get some sacks. Mulls how matter this Steelers. Coming guy went to a better team. We didn't put a god then put him in Iraq or Iran and every 20 yeah Arizona Tibetan 99 yards in the house before half up. I'd he's gonna shine Boren. Are no plans immortal too good he's born to lift that Eric Bledsoe out. There this site that's what the commission Sam got the fund props in them we both think the patriots are taking this one out into the second hand for Tom. And this is not the end of commission I am got to give the quality content to go it's lovely here in the studio man so. Thanks for listening and enjoy the game in. We'll see you next time enjoy.