Should you keep clothes that DON'T fit???

Thursday, October 19th

Fashion style expert Jordan Dechambre is back on "50 Shades of Kay" talking about what's on trend this Fall, should you keep clothes that don't fit in your closet and how to dress for your body type.

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Hey it's Elizabeth K and Jordan shot Brit is back our style expert who's been here fifty shades of K and now that we're in new season is time to talk about bastion for the new season all fashion. Aaron talked about are used someone as a items in your closet that don't fit anymore. But you're still in onto perhaps its motivation and hordes what you look at every day and Sam didn't and they get there and dedicate to that size four again it's gonna happen. And that's used to Jordan's or going back and think he's so much for having me always such a pleasure to be here now that fall we had this fall fashion and why should people be trying out which can be wary. Up at this he's now clean off all fashion is so fantastic IE. Honestly nature confessions I love it so much more than sprang. Because you can actually lay ear piece says it's all about feeling cozy and bringing in texture. And looking at relief fund like warm rich colors and how do you bring those in your wardrobe. So I think for fall it's all about finding those textures. That really make a difference for you in your wardrobe and obviously there's a few trends that are really punctuating the fall style landscape but overall it's about finding what is the color I love what is the texture I love. How do I feel cozy and warm and comfortable and still look amazing. So that's kind of where I met with fall fashion right now what are some of the textures that you're talking yeah apparently leathery time talking lab serves her. Does men's clear inspirations with wall. And I think that so wade has made such a huge comeback we're seeing that everywhere and vowels it is really the name of the game right now. I see every minute sorry about that we purity since he'd like maybe a velvet blazer like about the trust now it's velvet. Booty Tina crushed velvet booty it's that can distress on velvet two practices there's so many different ways even little on clutch is. There's so many different ways to bring about that in near wardrobe and it doesn't have to be black. We're seeing it in every color under the Graeme thank you sixty textures together I mean yeah like swing aid. Boots the act and you're wearing him like a leather jacket that's all you can do absolutely and and I say if people are worried about it I mean mix away. But if you're worried about it you think he might be kind of overkill with some of the things you're putting together. Find one statement piece some may be your statement peace and that outfit is a fabulous. Over the need black suede boots. Then build the rest of Europe and around that so make sure that instead of Ben do you mean a law on the lake. The leather trench oh worry you know this major lakes laid dress. Instead. Juice something like a relief fund chunky knits latter. Layer your boots over a pair of denim jeans these stings a little bit more staples. And then add immigrate leather handbag gore had in a fun little firm facts over the whole of that. But just make sure that you're sticking to one statement and everything else should be a supporting player that's love when you come on fifty shades of K because things down so simply that that's such a great take away the one. Top the one thing I didn't notice whether it be the really cool eagle and Jack and like you said it really nice you know Bagger to right it's the one thing an own goal from there yet and I'd honestly like I could come on in I can try to explain like they're really complicated ways in which you could Wear head to toe swayed. Are you could Wear head to tell lab error or Italy came in tuxedo. But honestly that for the at the average person who's getting up in the morning and they're dealing with getting their kids to school they're trying to make it to the gym. They're trying to get to work on time you know. Everything. Is a struggled today like everything's a struggled to translate get ready in the morning get out the door so why make it more complicated yes yes and it doesn't be expensive either doesn't it doesn't I I'm constantly mixing high and the flow and and a I think that that's something what I love to do is mix high end. Versatile pieces that are. Not only seat in pieces but in best in pieces things you're going to be wearing from year to year so maybe that's a relief fabulous leather pencil skirt. That's never going to stop. Or maybe it's a really grates on little leather jacket that you know you're gonna be able to Wear for amber or a fantastic animal print tiny tiny neck blouse. Something like that that you might be able to just having your wardrobe. And then I go to places like eight to Batman forever 21. And I kind of tapper in these very trend pieces so things like a crushed velvet booty which is hot right now the activity year and it will have title I will cost you 3040 I'll ask don't feel bad and if you Wear a couple times you got your you've got you are now credit yours alone in the market he had this year a couple weeks ago and we're talking to DC it's a case about the united way fashion show yeah she told. Meet her advice that she tells people can shop meaning your closet ours yes fifty bower. You goal anywhere altitude so yeah cut costs and things like that. I'll tell you it worked there was one camera there that I was looking for sure it wasn't really sure why one game page backed out you know why I have sole Manny tops in the school right. It took about thirty minutes yeah I try not multiple shirt but not at all the white plastic plea for. Its. What I am yeah being perfect I even remember I had ST yeah I closet and that also goes back to class organizations while somebody desperately need help I mean we we all do and even from me I you know part of what they do was going into people's homes and helping them with their. I assume it caught my house I'm scared that have been my house now afraid it's going to be like. It was it's been living. High. Things aren't yelling need to get rid of all black why I happened will be heavily emotional attachment right and Anderson among. Channel attachment to it you remember. Where you were when you bought it yeah you're shopping with your best friend or maybe it was for a Whiting and you have such fond memories of it. But you have pictures right lake yeah you like you have the memories you don't need the tangible item to hold on to to still keep those memories. And then there is also the cost however if you think about it as. Yes I've I've made investment into this at all it's doing is taking up space in my closet. We make could be recycling in this to goodwill and hoping someone who can't afford this time around that's a great attitude about how I generally try to think about it. Absolutely go shop the senior class at first. Email I I don't in my closet I just kind of arranged things by color her that's easiest for me because it's very easy for me to then pull a couple pieces that work to get to the color according to get back in form and half of working at Victoria's Secret and at the gap show out color Corning I have actually but I do is still feel like I have these items in and I just. I need to get rid of an ex president mentally into this next part of the podcast yeah a friend of mine cool just to add her third child. She was talking how purple is the back and these genes that she wore before the baby of course the baby was born a girl singer will not happening in and I love her and she knows we're talking about this in the podcast yeah she still mean identities. G eons. As motivation yeah. How do you think about that and people hang on this stop and not least change a lot and as women they yell at that age yet all the time yes. The benefit of the united that if I don't. Kind of afraid that the slim fit. Because that's appeared genes that's trendy right now in two years. That that gene isn't trendy anymore operates so if I'm holding onto it to try to wait until I lose that weight. Knowing it's going to be couple years I've wasted my time in a waste of space in my closet but without being sad. I think that if there's anything that motivates you to be healthy. Hold on to. Even if it is a pair of jeans he never actually gonna Wear that you'd just want. I I know right I I I I thought it good the look on your face that the listener and see but now it's church I think that there's anything that if it's an inspiration TU I have a skirt that I bought may be on my gosh probably eight years ago it's Sarra. And it's a little skinny pencil skirt with a problem. It's adorable not really in right now it might never actually come back in again. But when I was at my healthiest now is that my my healthiest and happy this week that skirt fit me perfectly. And now instead of constantly jumping on the scale are always going my trainer insane let's do all these measurements to kinda worry am. I try out Matt skirt and it's kind of my litmus past or how I'm doing so you know. Keep the jeans if if it's something that is gonna motivate EU. To be healthier but don't keep them if you're hoping to actually be able to Wear them again for years economy they're not in style that you're not can do it it's not an act and the don't do it's not going to go now for a second about the front talk. You can see all time yeah interest I cannot seem to figure out now what the deal is if I'm just over analyzing it. And if you're listening you don't know what the product is yeah. Just that yet it just the product your shirt pocket and and a little hangs in the back yet. What the hell like why keep it right 'cause I had. They hit some I only deal now looking into it too much you're sure to honor I don't know what he and I IP could be two things he might be over analyzing it because I eat out because I feel preview does things right we we over analyze as women a lot but I think that. The front touch is exposed to look very casual I front tuck almost everything I. Yeah agent like I used to grant right. Thing but the key is you have to have a share with volume. If Fisher doesn't have any volume to it it's in a late directly on your bodies and you're not can get the look of the front tuck which essentially is a way to defying your waist when you're wearing a voluminous top. So when you're doing different tuck lightbulb moment right as. I'd duty kind of insurer that you get this really kind of greats and can of slim fit in the Frandsen then volume in the back. Is take the front of your shirt. Spin a little bit around your finger and then tucked it into the waste the end of your pants I UN and he's very slowly bring it out and Agassi yet. Yet. But the key is you want to be able to see your waist and you it whether you bring about tonight you wanna be able to see your your race stand with that because that is the whole reason for doing different tack. Is to define the waste that is amazing feeling. We solve all right hey we've figured out of the front pocket the tackler from Ali she came out today. And she was Iraq an affront not nice shirt looks to be protected he had her words. And all I did this right but right outline all the time. Out. Calculator but that that is crucial and the volume the volume and the more you move around throughout the day the batter looks because as your naturally moving your weeding your arm easier talking with your arms. It's a pop out just a touch more. Until it settles into this place where it's gonna be comfortable comfortable for you and look fabulous and look fabulous and that's why we're talking you during halftime I ambulance when it comes to jewelry yeah a lot of how cool is that accessories and these are really inexpensive ways for people to be. I'm trance out and they're out there it. Is your take Aaron. Jewelry JG OO am adding to me what's in right now the big bracelet to big watches ring right what what is it would jewelry I inform me jewelry is just as important as clothing I. Absolutely adored jewelry but you know I'm a person who I highly to have a basic jewelry game. Like a kind of these basic pieces that I stick to and then I'll have some statement pieces that they bring in when it's needed so like on any given day. I'll have a couple Ingles on my wrist I have a pair of earrings that go with everything my closet that I love for each of them they are like three dollars and go with everything. I have this pendant necklace and anywhere that it's like. Buddhist symbol for balance like deceit lake simple things that bank that's my basic like when we look at like a bra and underwear from meet that's my basic of jewelry. And then as I changeup my outfits I hadn't our state and pieces so obviously necklace lay airing is something that were still release seen. We are definitely seeing statement necklaces as well. But not that kind of jeweled. Can costume jewelry that we had seen the past few years it's really more about building a statement necklace around a few different necklaces seer kind of creating a lot. Right now earrings are the statement if you're gonna do something big and bowl let it be the hearings. Were seen so much with fabulous drop earrings and he did tons of color. Even for fall were asking me is great burg Indies in rust colors and oranges. That are just really kind of making. Earrings hop. And of course. Every different type of of metal you can imagine. And if you're wearing silver. You don't have to Wear also for you can Wear silver and gold and copper in the exit I got to that because I think is something that our grandparents all right you can't mix metal it's like a white after Labor Day it's these rules are rules that. Are like in the back of Burma okay yeah expert it's not a world and it's not a role absolutely not pass that now we can move past that but we wanna do is make sure if you are mixing medals then I did you learn I have golden silver on the right now and we're doing it exactly right because you don't want. Is to have. Gold earrings gold necklace gold bracelets and then won the silver ring. Like he wanted to make sure that when your making a statement with with mixing models. That you're actually mixing all of your muscles so you know do a couple different times in your bracelets. You know and then play off the earrings then maybe your necklace is one silver or month gold to maybe have some roles golden rings on don't be afraid to really take it over the top because it's very fractional and here in Iranians are saying because what my hours on it at 3 am strike days like today. It's a point it justice yeah hazard that there's just no way that it's getting bright every single day can't wait for his hairstyle has yet completely. Cringing at saint I. Only second pop with. Iranians via rates yet abstinence and they're so fun in and the other accessory that I really think is becoming big and and for so many years. We thought it but it's glasses. I mean so many of us who Wear glasses and for years I think people just kind of wore them because they needed to assess it was a necessity. Now people are wearing glasses because there's so many fabulous frames out there now with more B Parker opening in the third ward we have so many options for fabulous glasses. Boston store now has an optical inside called my where with a ton of you know fantastic frames. So retailers are responding they are understanding that people don't wanna read their contacts all the time Shaq so I think that glasses are another place for you can say. All I don't just have to have my one pair of glasses I Wear every day I can have a pair of black glasses I can have a pair of tortilla shell. I can have a fun fashion color and actually have fun with glass we do with sunglasses yes exactly the same thing should be applied to eye glasses now with the weather change Jean yeah weather being called cults asks I currently you know you years ago you said about you know paid a lot time it's your first impression. You know invest in a good Kanye and you talked about here yeah G decayed. I am with you on that there's nothing wrong with having a great culture where. Almost all the time you lastly in Wisconsin yet a couple of really good colts can you speak to that absolutely I I am such a cult fan I can't even tell you need to ask such a coach can I love glee airing I I am like a fan of layering. And I think that. A code as that top layer of layering it has to be special. So I am all about color I love a bright red coat in the winter. I love the coat that comes down below the knee in I'm not talking puffy I mean like an actual like Walt princess cut code. Again so great to define your waist. We're seeing a lot of broke he'd be coming back again so popping looks with gold has been huge coats this year. On puffy coats for seeing some relief fabulous crop coats where again and you can layer a cropped coat over a long slaughter. And kind of do perversely airing we are we think that we have to do longer over shorter you're looking at absolutely do the opposite. So I think that there's so many options right now every creole color right now there is a Coke for. Mikey you look in storage it's a blue it's Raddatz the yellow it's green there's so many analysts. Are there are and then of course the men swear fact Rex. That are popping up on Coetzer overseeing hounds tooth again herringbone. There's so many fun ways to do that I love playing masculine feminine together I just think I explained that when he's out your do we like kind of a masculine. May be your doing on herringbone. Kotsonori tweed coat. Playing that up with like you know caddie like a fur. A first car for adding a lake a fund like leather paying out the facts is something that's kind of like okay fierce and famine and that here in a dramatic to actually finally cut you. Were the pills your college writing your home at things yet you want everything. Every and table to match of the war not only some variations of metals some bullet. And a little bit doubtful for instance right now and its future we see so much the parallel between interior design and fashion in general it is about mixing techsters it's about mixing battles that's about mixing colors. Patterns and doing that in a fresh way. And you can do that I'm making sure that everything's under the same mode T silver thinking about an interior design might say like kind of a lot that old Hollywood glamour look to my house so you bring in some gilded. In gold the gilded medals do you bring in white are you bring in these things that remind a civil Hollywood. When we're thinking about doing it for stock deal. Well what I wanna be needed able I want to be fierce to think about what that means and what those fabrics are and how decree that look or I want it great athletes are so maybe that's a relief fabulous. On coated plaguing Mino with a little Sheen to it. And then it's a fund military style boot and then it cropped Popper jacket over a long you know. Fabulously cozy grace water. So there's so many many Israelis because typically get on the geek yeah I'm picturing. And I had a riot right it's great it's trial and there. Again at shopping in your closet and it's saying in makes a match these things together. And definitely be inspired by what you're seeing MP interests in what you're seeing on into Graham. I mean I get a lot of my inspiration from there gosh that's the one of the hugest the easiest ways to cool yeah and McDougal on into grammar pay interest in things like that hundreds are fine it's funny because it and there are people out there that may be due take a little bit heiress with a fashion he hasn't happened the day about a pair of black teens had rips in it and went to my steps that's the game yet and everyone commented Alex. Holding urging young. Tackle all. It's. It's OK cool here's the warm to the game you absolutely Shah. Yeah absolutely sure that people listing that don't necessarily take these ash arrest me feeling OK maybe it's little edgier than what I abnormally where you can mark com nineteen it yet. Comfortable in it and perhaps they. Fielder Bassett they're gonna present their myself OK it is and it all comes down to continents at the end of the day you can Wear anything under the sun you can Wear something that I'd 101000 dollar down from Tom Ford. He compared twenty dollar dress and target. At the end of the day it's the confidence that you have that is making that look rock. And if you walking you a ballgame and you have your fever ripped jeans on and people make some comments oh gosh. I'm sorry that you don't know what's in right now but now I'm sorry for you. Yeah. And I. T he people comment in the first by the hasn't locked into the game yet had a moment of like wow is also talked about it and write a concern I have holes in my age exactly exactly back to the football game yeah I mean from writes all right wanna get in contact with you George bass weighing on my website has like contact information so jordin dish Camry style dot com. And Jordan does a really great job lake talked about earlier. I'm just making it simple easy to understand. Your audience you know people looking for hi people that are good but I don't want to break the bank right aren't idiots trying to break the making a lot of tips for that you mentioned in a contest before they had people. Had told me that the really appreciated your tip about Ian claw back yeah are closet yeah. Absolutely happy yeah so people. All the talk about a podcast yeah biggest thing to mention was that tip that one hit yet basically when you go out and you buy something new. I keep. A door hanger on the back of my door and as I buy something new I hang there in I don't Wear it with in the first two weeks ever pack. And of course that that doesn't count them buying something for a wagging a month away. Or for some special occasion. But a time date buying a basic or something that I expect to be integrating in man were driven a regular basis. I better wanna grab that off that hang your the first couple days if I don't it's gone back because clearly I made an impulse buy. Now regret later that and of going to goodwill and just cause my closet to be a mass. So I implemented that. Yeah it's huge and now it's funny yeah I think those things that we Dubai and then if you love it you're gonna where you're gonna Wear yeah wearing it. Yeah new shiny new toy and it Udall well then why it's like you know eleven that much at ten. I have to. To Jordan she is a style expert she has a blind into Graham. You do closet consultations idea that you can be hired someone's personal to ask you a little changed in the yes. Yet he also see Jordan all the fun fashion shows so you know what's going out of fashion follow Jordan because you are in the deal with everything go to new York and Chicago and he's sneering way of just bring all of that here to Milwaukee's seeing Q how much I appreciate actionable. Thank you for having mean if you enjoyed this podcast and you wanna hear more make sure you subscribe so to subscribe to fifty shades of cake. Make sure your on your iTunes app Google play or your podcast app on your Smartphone. Search for fifty shades of Kate that's 50. Shades of Kate than I should be a little button. Where you hit subscribe there's also a little button or you can hit every deal I'd love it if you left to review. Let me know what you think again it's fifty shades of Cain thanks so much for listening.