Should Radar Get A Cat? - Part 2

Thursday, July 19th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers and get their advice on if Radar should get a cat. 

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Do you not give in when your kid bags for yet another pet in the house it's Elizabeth and radar on the mix yeah that's hard because you make your kids happy you have good kids they've earned it applies it puts a lot of pressure on the house here's the thing man is the kids have been grown up. We've had caged animals we can't fish. We had cats now we have a dog I thought that was the pinnacle I thought the dog was it. That's it the dog and deny that are now not gotten a fourteen year old hale racing and only getting Katie again I like the kiddies I'd like to have one for myself. But I keep saying no which he's begging me. And I keep telling you she's fourteen. You're gonna be the one with the cat long after she's on the Hamas and she's gonna be out soon sold not a good time for the cat yeah the Dodd noted Katz writes I need some advice from you at 4147991099. And that Melinda. I keep my kid from bagging for those that. I never heard I heard a hat when I was younger and maybe if Fisher after water products. But I think that. Maybe getting hurt aperture issue it all the and I think giving her that opportunity. That responsibility. What it got hurt at all future loyalty and responsibility. About other things that you and it especially if you've been fourteen. You know should not date change may be at a higher that where for college is going to be huge responsibility. Maker you know herb and you know doing chores to earn it. The money court finds out of food litter we sure that you backgrounds schools if you aren't the Arctic cat. Linda deep. Your here's a bill that would clusters and she's all that with the dog died. She has that would give beat it wanna add more responsibility for T get a job yes get an hour working really good volunteer at the humane society there are always looking for people right pet the cats and socialize with the cats. And I cannot get her cat about that because there's gonna bring yet more. Thanks for the call Melinda we really appreciate you listening as the word aid are all okay I pace John's old what do you do how to keep your kid from begging you for more pets. Well I gotta tell yeah I bought a new call our first home to my daughter and I and you weren't there purchasers saying in form and I really don't want to local. I knew what was good what was in the little box it will put water in the all but I got to Saudia. I did get one or are the best sister rebate. All you sound like a sweet daddy and there aren't quite doubtful we brought back at home. Totally unmarked well or they're worried. I would get another animal who wants the only small want. All boy they'll boy's idea how to block the heart strings here at bank of thank you for the call. Because yankees your daughter's face light up that's always such a joy they TV show on pay give. What do you may get the cat Yasser now. No absolutely Nat because I have a daughter and I want to thank these. What more to life that they are yet Greek god. Expect her kids her baby sitter and who can act when he got it at every day. If you want one that called. That no no no matter what that is great cat so he would have never seen her grandmother again. How long wow. You only in my apartment she wasn't fat that cat he's at he has been. And she could spend the next twenty years with the cat. Yeah just like Elizabeth says yeah yeah wait until she gets out and around to get her own cat yes they let it all. They do for the and I think they have nine lives thing is I I got it I love animals as his three cats like I think they bring so much happiness to your house but I feel like. That the radar household is already caps and easy for you to say a Knoll and you keep saying you know your gut tells you know. You're near the rest a little life that this animals allies thing was clearly you've got to bring an in your household to you all are armed bored with them and I isn't right ten unlike you I'm worried I'm gonna have to start taking care of that and now you. Well. Any words that we went through the bunny egg we are back. Get an obvious where everything else. Yup radar all right I'm feeling strong now thanks thanks yeah I dominant. I hammered on that's it. Fakes early in the day. By.