Should Radar Get A Cat? - Part 1

Thursday, July 19th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about what Radar's daughter is bugging him about.

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How do you not give in in your house when your kid begs for a pat. It's Elizabeth the right partners today X what kind of that we talked about it on the cats so no no no no I think you begin. My youngest an upset no here's the deal my youngest. Daughter nine has always wanted they can't no we got a dialogue. Listen my wife and I when the kids were born we had cats we have like two kids wants it. We have Friday we at Wrigley and Gomez was that the kids can go Obama's got a bomb as right morality the other two got older we had put him down and then. We had a problem with goma so he would be put down two of them we got to dogs at the dogs the only thing in the house right now the only pet. And I listen. Parents probably. You you agree with me on this one and the kids are younger you start with the caged animals you start with dish. We were fairways up to lizards and get goes hamsters journals and journals with all that stuff. We had cats now with a dog and the dog is happy I'm happy to take care of the dog well now a sudden my youngest fourteen year old Haley says. Get cutie. Brilliant TV and I'm like now it's like happens everyday. I'm seeing pictures on her phone she'll snap them to mean she'll text and to me into this one's a turned out to this one's offered this and so cute don't care don't. Isn't that the with cats is it's like a one year commitment an haley's Howell will wait a minute she's 1420 years by EC that I'd feel like I don't feel that I cats and literally like time knowing when when when I was gonna say you know what I should say is. Haley is going to be a house soon which means this cat that she wants and loves isn't gonna likely go with her when she leaves no you are still stuck with the cash you are so right and I that I signal that complain about the easiest path to maintain his group. She wanted to those who say that can I tell you my friend Doug and Erica bearcats Sophie cutest thing ever Obama she's great. This can't muscles in the easiest can ever they love to travel this kid now has seizures and they have to give the medicine twice a day like on the hours that you never know what you're gonna get the pad at same. There's never any problem my cat. Don and I got. Got broken and he tells us he's ago that can get as many problems that the checks and think I can come to go walking on the outside he's healthy litter box once every now and then you still we have early hours here and this kitten when its first brought into the house is gonna run around into the night crazies like you say to him. Followed now are you kidding me we do Hideo is that downer for the first couple days received any kind of the thing is that you had cats and camera don't you know what you're giving to litter box extra food cat scan of the dog's going to be and that the hill that there holes imitate a voltage of that and we know they're gonna get a long I'm that you manually it anymore does give you know you don't. No we're good with the deity didn't think your your households good it's good if he's got a routine everything's good ball yes perfect flow I don't know I only jail and throw a cat in this thing you know gut says no it's a commitment that you may regret and that you're stuck with the cat can get her to stop begging for the he's acknowledging daughter. See note here daughter and our company's you don't have kids is not in any way he you need to start having kids that's. I'll present this hit and know what we're seeing how many times did you don't know now you just said that the cats are are so easy to care of his compared to a child. But the Phillies take care of no mouse not a dollar and not know to the cats I've with a yield to good your house cat. I know how busy you are I'm and I don't let you know the US are staring down the barrel of dean and dean masters you wanna be able to common goal is pleasing travel more now there for a while 56 years yes that that could happen and they did manage travel airlines after 56 years and I don't want him to camp there highlight stand my ground what would you tell your kids did make them daddy's house spirals Holler.