Should I Have Called The Cops? - Part 2

Friday, June 22nd

Radar and Producer Dave talk with callers about times they overreacted and called the cops. 

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Have you ever overreacted and called the police on something that's pretty much didn't need all the police is about to an undeniable that when the mix is Elizabeth and radar Fallon had an island talk about this because pretty today found this in the story this kid in Canada called. 911 on his parents because you money eat a salad that they send him and of course he got a stern talking together and they can be healthy I was just say in my wife Jess says that about neo all the time I'm always call the police on little things in west Dallas you know people parking out front in my house and smoking in their car and I want this stuff around like all the police and she said. You gotta be the only person that does that Mikey just let people live in just let things go. But that's not how I feel I always feel it can't call the police so. We want to find out from anybody else of everybody else out there anybody else out there. Is like that like is giving Canada like meek on the police overreacting 4147991099. Melissa deal over react and call the police. They over react I called the leaves the humor as the eye and only because. Everytime I add that EE a neighbor that I did it at 11 o'clock at night and that hopefully all I am. Let you their vote late so. There's you're wet at that that you can't quite hear cracks after certain I. Right right and not only that but poll. Like you said not only is it 11 o'clock but. Comic (%expletive) are waking up in and that's of a pain when the kids wake up. It just bothers everybody and I'm sure about as other people but if you wanna go out there and confront the guy at 11 o'clock in the lady at 11 o'clock at night so just how the police at their job right. I item is. Out of my window on Mac doppler out clothed police and parents aren't. Well I'm in the best thing what what what are the police to do that situation say you can't mow your own Mon. Other ailments making it needs to be out. Billy has wanted to look at what they get to the city. Yeah missiles that party part of the city ordinance they're not so good job let you keep call the police on people like that OK so it does criminals out of West Bank the particularly in in my. They the next is this. Rihanna so do you overreacting call the police is this you were talking about. I never worry that didn't but I'm here and meet our overreact and although it's a problem for law. They rape or leaned in in me street a street intricate and I am and they weren't. Going in the neighbors in his arm the neighbor's property is. A hole golf dare say property lines until you monarchy there are some fights over property line leads me and the actress so what what happened multiple. The police canal. They came out and exit politely ask him. You want and aliens and an of their own because it is not articulate articulate that. Right right and did your parents comply pretty much. Yeah and how they quietly and stop the proper I'm glad I don't. Ever make me think again I. That's right if you don't like submitting actually just put up offense you don't you. And it actually. Think he's a much for the call. They have a great weekend YouTube die in accidents. Caddies. Or did you react on the place. Culture yeah what do they call on you for. I. I don't act it. Out at. Eight and yeah I. Now. I. Have the it. Out. At. A graduate. Where we heard the may have been a moralist go and I like Imus hang out my cat. How good they are not like. Errol it lap at a look like act like that out. Yeah. I. Well legality DV with a cat. That is Louis area as well nature of the kitty stays that we bring you into human or keeping an ITT. It might be yes exactly think is a lot have a great weekend.