Should I Have Called The Cops? - Part 1

Friday, June 22nd

Radar and Producer Dave talk about a kid who called the cops because his parents made him eat salad. 

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I wish you overreact. And call the police there happened to you Friday night Portland mix is Elizabeth generate higher. I producer Dan I never call the police while that's a this kid did in Canada. Who was steady as salad at dinner and he won his only so he's known he wants somebody to come and say yeah that's fine don't eat salads are called 911. And not only that they didn't come in time to call him a second time it's still in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police showed up. Officers got a house ala. They gave him a little stern talking to about the proper usage of 91 line and parents weren't happy and you probably have to go to bed without dinner and a salad. But they didn't let him go to that is stout. At. Man to just overreacting calling the police on something little obvious misstatement of kids these cars statement of not teaching your kids that I think his parents and and then he would let me say that kid than titled man coming duties ten years old woody Dillon call 911 because you know Alan Michael belief that you man and an atomic. That's what he did that if they said that apparently fine do it music. Any hope I shut my life Jess the story that last night the forgotten about them like this is a layers of Hebron talk about this tomorrow presented an hour and talk about this Marcus. It's funny and she said oh yeah real funny because here in our house you do get all the time yet that I. I don't call the police because you feeding meat salad she doesn't know. There are so many times that I have heard about you calling her you text me and I go why are you calling the police in our neighborhood on this little situation. Just happened the other day and I am looking out the window on this car pulls up but at the Don was part of this it was the dog was market. And I'm like who is here so I look up Internet there's a car parked in front my house. Do they must it ever was induced in their smoke in his cars like for the smoke it's a nice deals they thought maybe could open the windows and thinking well. What are you smoking in there yet now we got kids around this neighborhood we don't need that you cycle the police and the city is suspicious car robbery and that's com. Odd man you used to one of the policemen and you're not. Actually manually example is when cars go racing up and down my street tour. The good timing and entertain himself if Hillary is a guy today that incarceration up and down my street alcohol pleasing and like can you guys need to come here and do some monitoring Heidi 100 is packed people use in my street to get past and highways kind of go west Alice seven miles per hour limit Tony flat on my street tell you at the WA PD really shows up. While you just age yourself like fancier diesel away about it yes. It's much I just was still severely ill man nobody else calls the police like. Like like elegance a mile and as I am not grumpy I just want my neighborhood be clean and now want things around I don't want the color wrist wrapped in my what are all right time is over. I've run outside in my blacks oxidized they get out here who donate I could have you seen in years. Five foot two and let them directly I thought the police and a former neighbor a few years ago down history of this car alarm that would go off in the middle of the day. And my kids were little and then they would get woken up from a nap and I get so mad I call the police on the they never thought the whole O nine and what was your emergency. He's my number one music you kids you're completely and the world. And I'll be there immediately senator up there immediately can't really read it out that's big stuff going on and stay out there guys. So I said you're the only person do this can't be the only person that calls up and calls police on on people over reacts against these what she says I think you I I don't think anyone ask of them please them men. Did it did anybody else out there. This is what I'm told. I overreact to calling the police is anybody else in my boat we overreact call and little things like that give us a call the call please give us a call right now and let us know what's going on in your life. 4147991099. Maybe it was a salad in Europe said about us. Maybe too much fruit and veggies.