Sexy or Awkward?

Tuesday, November 14th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the rumors about the newest "Sexiest Man Alive"


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Public Shelton is rumored to be people's magazine's most sexiest man and radar what I told you this can lead. As like are you kidding me why you Blake Shelton. He's sexy is neat yeah I met Blake I have I met Blake that was at country radio for awhile when I met Blake. He finally cut off his Molex. And we were told backstage. Don't bring up Blake's there though he doesn't like to do that do not talk about his hair and he was also going through a divorce to do Miranda Lambert losing don't ask about his personal life. Like OK. So so anyway we got battle this is not gonna go well let backstage hung out and could not have been nicer dude funny just make it shelves. He's great to with a for -- 1% and that and he just got on Twitter and he was crazy with Twitter music you bothered to our fan I'm not volleys and he follows news that's pretty cool but that's only cut by default because he is brand new to Twitter. You think he would have been named sexiest man if he was just a country singer he wasn't on the voice as a judge. No he would not that you would not be named then he's not a sexy man. This is. These pink spots and make no mistakes are definitely marketing pieces that they know they are that yes it's not like what it is at a Ryan looked at the table to. All will affect my thing is I think Gwen Stefani makes the starlet the writer. Programs that there roll their eyes and are you kidding me Miranda Lambert. Yeah I sure it's she's probably your campus as our allies say it now let's talk after her eyes Saturday. Blake is still awkwardly awkward that is sexy now and in 4017 last year it was the Iraq and that's like the complete opposite. Hello Blake Shelton has greatly the rockets yeah popped. Smoky night. Sex appeal demanded of experience that they'd really gets to do this that and play the guitar this is what it's about. It is all about the personality that is you I mean your personality is. His personality came in Adams romances like my favorite thing to watch you know that's I mean that was about awkward I mean I'd be the sexiest men are you kidding me.