Secrets For The Movie Theater!

Wednesday, September 13th

Radar & Producer Dave tell Elizabeth about their trip to see IT yesterday.


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To date and I yesterday. Go to the the movie it's because they want to try end. No cure me of my console via. His unit issue I think you're sending Angel to decline yes and then since I was seven and a likely to deal. What is an agony balloon animals. You know read the Wal-Mart and Inkster. And brought them together and this is against hate dead north that he did not you but. You also said that he like he's tightening. And now. He has patting me on the head he's gonna need a shoulder robs you he really took a liking to me and I didn't I didn't like in gas and hurry if you ask me first lieutenant she goes the last thing I can remember and ever since that day. But not like clowns so what is producer Dave duke let's go see it shifts. Ray movies it's close to perfect movie in my mind but radar Atlantis is. Interesting person to go to movies list because because we want the movie at noon and call at 1135. You play on how it was going on here an easier car just I don't know but he. The leaders thought about the other economic known he's in Oak Creek. Movies at noon you that you still 35 to 1130. There's and I'm an early and get their guy. Sure aren't they bottom right. First volume tickets are parties but designated to use so we get there and I go there very late com. 1152. For the movie started at noon on panic that is that the secret. The secret because he's quite get there too early because when you go to movies you have to get a hot dog. But there's seven people in line. And all but a lot with tyra we still in the theater before the traders too hot dogs and put in my pockets to keep them warm. Doesn't listen along. Time period from when you buyer food to when you actually eaten feed you when you get there so that's a secret for hazard that's the secret is that you get to the movies latency can by hot dogs steaming your pockets real quickly. And you get good dude it's not creeping up and honest yet clown movie I'm walking in with a clown with hot dogs in his pocket and yeah. Oh yeah and that's if its steam does not did. And any doubts that apparently I I agree that what it. It's great to pick. And disrupting other people we work to excuse me he's meets Harry radar this program if you look at this topic. Weeks and days and there's good as any of the movies I could just talking and through and so those disruptive. Carolina resident who look at Bruce Willis in the weeks ago. Soccer gets illegally dies and I just am so glad that I noticed believer in lotteries. You missed out could come under a clown will be now. It did not I don't know lying I trusted you and even generic as we wrap this up. Is mean and you know what it's acting it's moved its drama yes it is scary and. You're adults it's got scared park system is yes and personally consider like thrillers like super good thriller suspense movie with horror violence. And there's a lot of laughing part as a lot of great one liners draconian.