Scene Stealers & Pesto Secrets!

Friday, April 13th

Dave and Hannah discuss their top ten "Scene Stealers" of TV Series, drink some beer and give a recipe for a simple pesto that can go a long way! 


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Hello and welcome to another episode engagement Dave I am your host game and of course. And and I co host and the woman that I get to snuggle up to sleep with every night and you don't. And a hi thanks for that fantastic and kind of embarrassing intro. Ian Ayres does not publicly and. Some today's episode is gonna be very TV focused in its gonna be all about. Scene stealers in TV series because and I watched lots and GB. We call it research. Hundred retirees their tractors. And two days. To the best David TV's still leave and a pocket and I think our first for podcast and a David Davis. Terrific television two days go check it out on the dish and it page oddly out there did all the greatest or and scene stealers in TV shows. Another beer tasting and reputation today. Weird hazing and beer. From Auburn from Michigan bell. LeBron. And it's got a nice little sun it's pretty via. It covers the label you know and had a cup of beer is called cobra and yes legal grounds to talk about. The scene stealer and drink that beer we got a recipe for pesto and some secrets about past. At the end of the podcast. But before we get started with any of that we got to start off. With an animal fats. Now. Eight years have straights on it and 20 which you say. It's to. You commit a crime strike and hoping to strike. M so law. Seems the TV shows the the thing is so much TV people and it. What shows do you watch TV and it. Shows that lodge because it shows a lot based on my ID I come home from work. I click list. And 67. Showed that around last night ought reality show drop how many that's great. And it ought to launch an assumption that you. Most reality view. That's. On shelves. So. It's hard hat and specific order. Honorable mention Korea of course because. I definitely. An honorary. Your your real. So. In no particular. I just in your office elements that. From. This show. Steve how he played cat and Shane. I great start great start. Is probably one of the greatest characters all he goes through such Chinese Italian also and Reba you don't know Steve. While ago how. You work an eight and he totally different. Yeah on straight hair. Start ups that we live in. Ice cream truck. Couples even with me. The you know the nature of Fiona on the Grammy best friend. And he does is restore at one point the male prostitute. At one point spoiler alert there is actually kind of port the plot so get it the public sees its exit shameless there's probably. At. You're one. Though at one point. It's V his wife. And these mom pregnant at the same time but like purposely lake front we. Accident I'm trying to give you his wife pregnant but why can't get pregnant. So than an actress told the start. Do a mom. Like close enough ray. Don't know it that easy decision but they add that this idea that discipline over a season and then you know everybody and and. Spoiler again the twins so yes triplets that are cousins sisters. And a lot of bars so I guess anyways shame he fascinating show cab one of the greatest care at all. He's just this huge like. Probably six hours six science. Do you is it total softy is like a guy's Indian Amber's time though a lot shameless. Don't look at LA Owen and his next irate next that week I won my personal saints. And a lot of my favorite shouts. Tony hale like guy he is. Buster balloon like little brother always in the background and her development he is. Geary dairy and eat with like the assistant only in the background as a lead him. He's carried it isn't chalk it at the box of them. Computers the iron. Tony help for me it's not then it's not like a regular angelic. Hale every single thing that India seems the only. He's got two enemies Gary. In deep it is just so it's it's facial reaction out that I well I don't know we're looking did to that's the Tony LA is awesome guy. But you are active and then I've noticed ponies facial expressions and when he gets house asked the it's the funniest things I just was Brandon and me in the and. But the thing about it the rest of it when he's not talking and went but an idea what part of that scene. And you are just looking off in the back and there's there's Tony go there and somewhat belatedly. Remembered. So Tony L goal Kamal as an actor you all know that little area who's next. Next that we'd Jack the house. And I on the ground out one name Schmidt. Yeah. And Max Greenfield. And I can't be honest sometimes. The only reason I watched. Some. Key just so. Talk about like. Literally. Let my hair. They re just these areas one experts from Asia. And and it's it's just like a challenge for me. Is one. And so he used to be. Obese. Preakness is an ex super. Powers it needs the Atlantic and now yeah. But he's dating a supermodel. It's great Schmidt and Schmidt is a great gadget brings light to come into evidence inaction avenue and in this season. The next right next step we acts capped rate Holtz. From Brooklyn nine dying. Legend. Andre Brower. Or outcast. Once time. Each time. All underground. And how what a great care actor he is a black. Gay. Black gay police captain. That's like Andre Barrett portrayed whose dad and the whole show yeah Brooklyn and nine yeah like no social environments such as cents a huge honor. It is again let's let cord to hit the little things that the little mannerisms you have the little one liners that like. Just don't even fit into the situation but because he said and the way he says it Brooklyn and I thought yeah Lola shows that gilligan's. Really underrated decoding the thing with network shows legal way for a long time yeah you don't bank -- flee it forget about it. But whenever we see it Saturday the Arab we watch in Brooklyn 99. And I never artist Kevin. His husband Kevin. I got it like you said it's like that oath. He animals' normal things that he makes it's not so funny like he Texan will meet Trent thanks in large. Yeah they've ever open a proper. So got a great shot and left Cuba 99 and next week at. Well I ran ET CH BO show. I principles that the character. And. Of course that figure that character. Well I also think all justified. The scene when they're not supposed to be on past the first season. And being there. Throughout the whole ship them and beam at the main rival the railing givens. Boy oh boy and one guy. Like flamboyant. Hot like it I don't mean is out streaky. And like you how allegedly scared bullet election just flatly. That he didn't. Use unpredictable that's how is. The complete opposite though. Yes Patrick county just about it. Comedic moment but it's pretty bad round. This year and Bryant Pratt and Tutsis and half hour highly recommend. It's just a quick Watson some. It's story I think it'd be big brightly. They're their friends about it you can rivals out. And you never really now. Like Whitney. Trying to both become the vice principal only and the name of Al principles that he co co principals. It's weird. Some weird stuff goes about every time you the long guy on screen now I think it is create an all time steals the scene. That's five out of these ten out of like that no matter so let's just keep on movement. To number six on the list. Are favorites is from parks in Iraq. And he used to steal the show every time it is. John Rafael. I'll bet shortz who. Actually get the chance to interview. Four days with Dave about his new movie happy anniversary and at that got you got an interview with him and well wells from master none she's great master of none too. But she's an analyst sign on benchmarks and on the list. As John Raphael in parks and rec but also to me it's quiet house of lies. And it's the Ben Schwartz demeanor. Arrogant yeah. But hilarious in that area insulate you don't mind that he's there again and you wanna like his character you. Net marijuana encounter in real life but Nancy areas to watch like John Raphael it's got to be like probably the worst human being ever. You know. But. Man he is is I love every scene he's in and when he'd like shows up and that in part and act like they got pride and yes exactly what you see in comments that. And if so where is his sister. Mona Lisa Ralph you know Jenny slate she's funny though not on the I don't know also left his. They cannot be something who knows that in this study John Raphael Tokyo he does know who that is easy jump up. Source there very funny. Old movie that. We got. Problems date. Probably show that nominee is seen. On Netflix on spike. Rate shows on TC and receive. Points and then a movie afterward via a long time afterwards the non state. That castle that Alan Richman is the actor who plays who also plays rough by Al. In the news editor Diana used in the second Hunger Games figures like part of the district one. It Lilja yeah I get any lines idle it which of the waste. Loyal and. Under Danish student at at which revel in the 18 now I am all my guys that castle. Is the linebacker after the college football and eat and run the frat house on Howell like. Yeah app fraph brown typical stereotypical football. Yes but he's super soft yet again that the event is secret things that assumes he oblong all you know frat bros. Football. But he just his name is it really that. And a how to get his man and let this story OK well man. This really is like one defiance. They're just like they ask him Heidi eight name and he says well when I was the kid I had it lit. And my teacher asked. Who are you out of there early wire you opened bag there ain't that because I'm really really fat. She's in the it's like ethnic content that name is John jailers I'm leaning area. Bodies and that he is that castle. It is just great and and in the movie is welcomed the fat land returned at that land them in a Netflix and it gives you an NFL is just. I had got that canceled about this a really raunchy shell egg really and their idea. But it's holidays. Movies and from that. We've got your boy I seen your Chang. Can't junk and community. That's a great show that mean I don't know much of a doubt lovers try and then. The tech. Anyways and I didn't get the job because I really am it's easy shows yet. And Spanish teacher. Chang and he does because. As it was and is entirely then well it's thick. Spoiler. Not even. It's like yeah I mean just basically for a whole season like in the he comes out of mine to. Fit tightly. Spectrum can you know les Unger. Ciao oh. Yeah. Check in this. In yet basically. Anything that you and is normally really funny. The excuse that doctor that's who went to duke whose leg brilliant in my guess and make. A walk and a doctor was acting. At the gas and the doctor knocked up. It keep it out yet. That's an actor and and actually show broke out. And that's a lawyer for. A lot of actors are. Yet you that you can act she advocate. Here at twelve. As well honey I. And PH of the document that. And I itself. And the guys that gained a lot of attention lately because his movie the big sick. Who mail and Jack. I don't. Canal and out other life on. Every character I've. Our way yeah for ever and now. I didn't realize that Equus in so many episodes of that job he has at all about the watched and I didn't know those two. Actors. Is that they were like that I think brown eyed but like the whole show was made at sketches and not only. That they were literally all the all the people of this town the only have like one actor. Her shell. That's like any other gas. Blake plays like another character in the mail. That dude that is back on the leg they tried it on the phone that recently our. And m.'s star I think at one pool lane. He is he's so dead pan but he also like them all smile lines basically you know an act like break because that is back and I keep my eyes and I think that's what every single one of these people on this Libya when would they are doing it doing that. I'd like to act on opt out party. Crack an apple went latching well onions. And I did not act and I would love to. And it. I would love to do that tells them you're just like. The thing about it you can see there just there in front. Sparring matches with each other Q. And wherever you count being mad stuff to the canals real funny guy. I'm glad that you. Not Providence. Now made it to our final guy. Not sure that's not a drama. Not a comedy act but not leave because these are no particular order exactly. The reality shows a little comedy and drama. From catfish and does not need now it's that's. The thing he added that world Max asking that I would bet. I think cabbages for all the way to show just because these people. You can't make up the cost. They're probably give it a little bit of an ally but they have to get crazy crazy but he's so proud of these people are capital it was a big guy behind a camera. I am rated they're like filming a twenty and thirty they're filming hand in building need no judgments. The distinguished. And you guys that holding a little tiny digital camera island from what I. A whole actual crew at. They're the real not relate it really necessary. Lagos an actress sassy Max when he gets real unease people think. Just watching it happens over the OK if you like OK sorry ass and I'm sorry and I am proud Canada. Do you realize that you see with people's emotions that you actually are having an effect. At what people do with the life that we wanted to look. The delegate selection then yeah that these people can actually understood yeah he's a track accidentally you know the logic. To see all these people. Like her and that is needed that maybe she. Loved and. TARP which is WiMax and all on the axis of a better because there aren't a lot of episode sorry Neil. Not to throw you under the bus that you're great he's a hopeless romantic optimists that it has an bad and max's apple. So hard for that'll season that was boring. Which Charlemagne in the gap was cool out. I don't remember luck on how you'd need you and he's been saying he eats it he's the real especially like write off rate up again go mouth immediately act like it. I'll businesses say they can happier now this hopeless going to be at worst one yet I. And yeah I'd like. And it's yeah. So. Carol mention Korea are mentioned. Just one character it's the whole show. Is great the whole shell. Apple scenes. And that's exactly what superstar. Superstar on. NBC. Probably really underrated. Season. Three down he gash everywhere in the show me tango shy and dean here it. And his job as life pregnant Merkel but they can they can't have sex. And Sandra. And his dad then let the election there she had a fake boyfriend for about. Season and yeah it is known that not a spoiler. Like Christina budget epic boyfriend. Yeah and then it's hey now he's K it's like you on that and I said yeah and you like gay Latino workers and document and he. Heatley says. You might even love the boy is green the main boss of the old tire like corporate. Still our relationship off data showed it. Dina meta for our greatness to yes but she's not seen other dealers that Iran had a couple of episodes and she's supposed to be sure that the straight on the show. And the funny thing about superstar is actually the main person all the creator of it. Wrote for office which is really slam my favorite Shannon's. And I feel like you can really tell by that the workplace dynamic the kooky characters. Who went in certain sins. Ice seed this time comedian. But it's still it's very different Brittany and French. And then a bunch the other writers wrote Fuller. The grinder. Really. Great job attacking Rob Lowe. I. The rich I can't Sonia arrangement. Seat he had better be the ultimate list and alive now but nobody knows bad. And friends wrecked. Frank. They got he made the list that quick yes and I asked superstar man highly recommend you watch that show. I guarantee you who would have to bunt off. Well. Definitely characters. Cute. Yet. Cared. Out. So I doubt. I'll show that we love and now it mostly counties. The drama like. It is just team be late field having Latin deal and it's an intense speeds may need ball I don't I don't remember I am widget. When Boyd is on the list walking in in a drama justified he was funny. But he was serious and magazine to which Wyatt Billick he and like shameless sometimes it is a serious Joseph at. Is serious stuff Q&A but it's like. A drink. Some. Beer error. I. There. Battery for our case and it happened the year called you probably are ounce. Well. It that goes over all of Marines call bills the beer is called O Lugar so that over all round from like game problem GAAP difference. Adds its favor and from midsummer night's dream yeah I think that is what is there's that. It's an American week ilsley gotta say for like ever with ice on his theory first moved here. To a Scott and I thought this was like I PA I was like a super I don't like aggregate icy day. I don't like the play. An American weak ill with spicy hop character how mean flight. He's but it just like a little bunny mildly fruity around lead and color and scent of a sunny afternoon. Rule as you so it. Port out really good point is that I'm excited to taste it who sounded would sound Kennedy. Well and you put that professional that year and I now a couple of minutes smoke and. Smoke. When youth popped at an earth. It. Looks like a light beer almost like champagne. With the campaign. And it. Not my favorite not my least favorite it. Communicates like job. Regular. Beer that's not like a mile an. A grade above those years. I couldn't name you like I don't know names Beers but you know I I think it's better in the bottle. In a glass. Pat isn't. And think they're better because you know not much is tasting these guys like in a bottle it's way anymore. I remembered as a he year like. Acting like green tea makes a beer or like a routine in the year. When it's poured out it's definitely want to be. That I liked it sticks in the back you're thrilled. Yeah it's really like full bodied rates I would Def icons like it's not like. Me. My favorite is I don't drink is not like. I laser I would that's overly similarly. Like today it's like immediately. Agree above outlined an. Article like a tasteless because to me normally Beers just at the same I don't know names would be years. It doesn't agree lamented her summer B. He's had a look at it I don't Barbeque it looks like a machine you know looks like a decent machine mechanic and having an angry app but it's not. I lay there Italy's. It's like so. Can't I'm not into it and yeah. So that brings us to the part of this episode dish with Dave. Did you pesto recipe. No pine nuts in this past go. Aggies and secrets. How you did not make it to call for demo pesto pots and a because I. Because he kind of like make a big dark past now. And then you have an interpreter for weeks. And throw and it's Cooper. Made this from me. Yesterday night annihilate lacking from kick ball which steal your base we want what's up. This year anyways came this past them and we have equipment that very. Item in the past to a point but it wouldn't it. I guess technically without pine nuts it's not a pants down its appeals to you but. If you yet it's just said that at issue is at pesto without an article on the today is that fish that's clause in the past. So anything to not make cast in if I had any sort of not in a house honestly it would have been in my pants down but I didn't. And it also had a bunch of arugula. In my fridge ninety's. So I made a mixture of basal analysts going bad and arugula that was going back. And not bad yet know Lilly had a crispy on the crisp green collared in your past that's crucial. And just blitz it up wits to close it out alive it's me. Cup attest a couple of days and a couple of arugula. So 11 yes and if you if you don't like approval as much I would recommend putting it into the ad. Sharp all burst the ball to. Nasal sharpness and like a shark is just peppery that's holidays. Summit at red pepper if you want you know. But so like those anyways you need two cups of greens and your choice you can also use it's if you really want to tune. That's also the way and really any urge you want per person or something like that. Lets up with two clubs of garlic. Probably like a table Spinner to a column will. Some salt and pepper pants are on T it's a good at a handful and cheese. It is blended up and then what I did to make it look Amy was. Cream. Tables and a cream and this is just nice to for a when you add capacity is at the richness to it. Sleeves and making it its little leaguers make this pass though. And punish our in his QB and up pops yeah ideally you make like Mac and cheese and cheese you know and squeeze in the same steps. You well what ever posse why. You regulate it like slave get over this no no it's not put you in a cricket. You could get in the productive. And what I like to do is I like to add some frozen peas and that's just one of my Korean pop those fantastic and you crow that the big and it can bacon resents. And eggs and then she just. This place and ache and half Roma stick to Bennett and cram double matter having. But it yet then you just have this great test so that is good you know for a quick press so. At that. And we editor fridge NASA makes you keep in a fridge yes that otherwise have a bad and as secret. Is that when you are cooking your past. Take a little measuring cup and Kate keep out like a forests of the pasta water right before you dump out a pastor for Easter and it. And add that when you add your pesto. And what it does is it lets the pesto stick to the process really well. And it just adds it's really make nice reached agreements without having to add glamour and battered. The latter is lake. The secret love it and I loved the dish and you guys and I'll try to make it and it's just I'm green because you greens of boiling noodles and water and putting has pesto and and you gonna have a dish. That's probably better than anything you've had a week back ally. So they're as an episode it's the scene stealers. Scenes Steelers. Are great and always good to sit in a studio at the announce a boon to our. Go watch more TV. Research guys. So I hope you enjoy it if you did enjoy it. You could go subscribe to dish with Dave it's really easy just go to your podcast app search dish with gave. Click on my beautiful face push subscribe at least a mile a lot bill and I would really like the valuable in place that the government as it next time.