Rodgers Loves Emojis...And Danica

Thursday, July 19th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the instagram post Aaron Rodgers made yesterday about Danica Patrick and the ESPY's.

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We'll Aaron Rodgers definitely has a big crash on his girlfriend and Patrick which she shut it and so is gorgeous they seemed really happy together and last night she hosted the SB awards. And Rogers put up on instead Graham. The picture of him and her which appears to be like in her green room his arms around her waist and said so proud of this beautiful TL the funny on SB host. Flame and the OG flame analogy flame of OG I got past hash take SP 2018 hash takes my date has to make fire. Hash tag. Flame analogy he do it. Today with it but every time we jobs that are. He uses a flame analogy he thinks is the hottest thing he has ever seen anything is they're getting a little closer with them. That is steaming as a little bit different than when they're at the box game the few months ago when their kind of your office and know each other yelling my. But tonight and I was right behind but that Bucs game for a remembrance and pictures of everything like that and you can it really seem to like look at each other much or third guard touch each other at all I thought the charges on Hannity and realize all eyes were on them with that in mind with lane MOD's he is definitely tension here. Films and angled toward the end wall that I greener on what is your favorite analogy to send to your significant other. I would send my the love lies with that the handy that it can't praise and a love dies guys do that for the QC I use my adjustments since standard smiley faces but I think it's gotten much different you know the minute I consulate villages and get a -- he has great knowledge management and she doesn't. So that is that smiley is it just looks like Mike Palin and Oprah and friends is. Moved here or who I feel like this sad trombone is to play for the I don't know he'll be back I don't know little county egg plant or anything never met her. Yeah.