Rodgers Knee Update

Thursday, September 13th

Elizabeth & Radar with Producer Dave discuss the update on Aaron Rodgers knee 

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The big question has the most important question is do you play Aaron Rodgers in your fantasy. Team this weekend because of his the issue you packer fans I don't know it's a lose a bed and ran our. You can always listen to our show where we go whether a year or going to the doctor with their routers are allowed by downloading the radio dot com am now in the news. Favorite the next in you've got us there with the media's listening to us while he's in the doctor's office and a new look to take us on the golf hall here on day four of Aaron Rodgers need watch and. Roger said yes to peace deal better. And better and better. Every Monday Tuesday in an accident now what could happen this weekend yeah I don't write him. On Monday the Tuesday it now know today that really the deal with a lesson that look just like all quarterbacks say we take it one game at a time he's taken it one day at a time. And I don't play I received threats. You're stadium when at a time self feels tomorrow and you know it's up to us front and Saturn and and hopefully radios and. Is Kelly getting these guys what is. California education and what is the injury although I'm following yeah it is like. And bomber in going to kick off but I'm OK if they. They need to rest of this weekend because I'd rather have them and you know week thirteen and then that happened right now the thing about that is. It was important to have finished that first game because it because getting that win was huge because now we can't afford. To lose maybe game and he I don't I don't like that idea of a lot I don't. Isn't only on Saturday one win you know we are re like we're like the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James. We put everything in number twelve and number twelve. I don't know what can you get post on Sunday night from a ball Rogers is heard for the rest of the year you think we're going on sixteen he comes back out of the tunnel portal with sixteen NL but that's due to our year here. I think ultimately gifted him LeBron as a Yankee Stadium and the bronze look it. Heat on wall I'll check clearly leverages. An X.