A Retro Gamer's Paradise

Wednesday, June 6th

Remember playing video games as a kid?   You played 'em at your house or, you went to your friends house...because they got the newest game!  You'll get all those nostalgic feels from Chuck Deau, owner of, "Makes Cents Variety".  It's a retro gaming and pop culture shop in Milwaukee.  One step inside, and you're instantly a kid again!  

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We all love to look back at childhood and some of us so much that we'd like to stay in that moment. Growing up. You can experience that with a trip to a retro gaming store in Milwaukee hit the power Barton and mirror after you did answer gratification. A fifteen minute plays as soon Imus is fabulous I can play out involved right away yes instantly. Is that it could die within America created and I'm Tony radar has and get ready to step in to your growing up years as we talk retro fun. With the job Dell the owner of makes sense variety right here on. The radar and if you're looking for 70s90s. Rector gains in collectibles well makes sense variety fiftieth Howard here in Milwaukee. You just name it that's very need to go. And it's everybody goes to make sense when they wanna do the retro thing chuck thanks for being here are preserved greater now manned so it. Make sense variety is how how long has it din is in this current location. It is our third year of the current location. Thirty year third year we're just starting. And and so when this all started. Now obviously couldn't just get the store an empty store you had to be collecting things as. As you eat your life when we live a very different large animals we can't we develop our personal vehicles for collections we've gone to get this business off the ground we gave everything we had to get started I mean you see the fruits of that. Occur are definitely worthwhile we did it start so when you were getting started did you. You pack ran as a kid did you keep things just aren't parents and let us now toys and I think I have a mental disorder to exploit where. I have an obsession moblog much like other collectors who may not have added a booster is our rhythm and I'll have to go back and give at all. A sawed in half after these tours initially. I've my friends atom we played with a measure house you don't hear when we well was back to reality we're not argued yardage list 45 dollars or they took just a yard sales. And that's where. We kinda got an almost mentally implanted like we defy and really cool stuff that our bodies now believe all have to wait. For toward our birthday counselors are us again. And Somalia we stretched dollars our parents made Israel for those kids and planetary data on and some. What we do now and so when you started collecting did you keep things in your garage in your base ought to Stoudemire are also there aren't reprisals full brunt of the basement army and has boxes and talked and told them we were by you know we totally ours their will by the whole yard sale. It was straight at all slower process that. Give or covers some goals to donations sullen as well before we started a resulted as they receive salt and that's of that caliber was his bottle sales sort of down you need to come to my sales. Defense of the I don't know your dollar and learn about security guard at 3 o'clock. And that is that none of the yeah yeah I think it all that the Jackson just got to take this event at that point. So days in the garage is packing everything what when did you decide hey I need to get into a store front and and really get this. Wrong order was our words and amusements are a lot of guys knows about me or worked an arcade amusement industry for off fifteen years. So I know everyone in that industry from here south of Chicago north to dream decade. These guys in that industry is well known that they don't necessarily teacher there helped. I mean they car corners stage. Take advantage of situations and that was the main motivate her for me to say you know what I Knoll. That and a lack of entered the stores I don't want an emblem at the time this is several years now passed. We're not serving the community and not serving the needs and you were a dollar sign to them they dated archer Roger as a collector a person your needs or wants. It was how much can we get out. Well and we came when a much different approach we came as we are here for a and we wanna get to what you need to we wanted to save you money door. That's pretty cool and then out now your move and everything out of the house finally got into the store where I was for gore is very okay who is this the first Darien and then there are no we actually had a batteries are not many people all the disagree that we had the first six months we've basically had a trial wrong we opened a 600 square foot place right on national love people want to burden has might remember us. It in our name they just saw the lights in the flash and in the windows we have old Nintendo order TV set up in the wind all night that was okay Mike Tyson's punch out is on the gets your attention right on national as you drive by. And we sooner people determined now to three years later say that I river reenergize a viewer wants an Arab. Contra plan in the wind all lies Leo freeware that I'm what 52 I was on the corner of our 46 and that's 46 the national right by the VA if there was a tiny little soaring on the corner. MBAs who really had to windows. You had a 5050 chance of fear doesn't make the right Dorado have vision is is that it was over brought. Even and a little tiny humble sparked. The collectors immediately got behind us because they appreciated. The sincerity that we haven't and how genuine we really are we you tampered sandy and a gamer. Her fan of that error either you are you're not and you have to have yet you have to know your stuff you do don't call you out pleaded not my client so we'll call you out and call yourself and you say I know what I'm doing and they'll call you all. Had the extra credit underdog and it tugged the owner of make sense of variety on the fiftieth an end Howard. And it's not just well all sorts of toys collectibles and stuff you've really heavy into the gaming. We are from Georgia from commercial gain orders that would background and our kids we do commercial weed through. Personal game in your own household name in which more people -- customs through Bhutto at all borders there's no limits of its and gaming global talks and were so we're talking about like I'd like Nintendo Sega Genesis is selling guitar RE really Alito and solid resume you do have a television due reverence relative okay because I grew up with a television not very many people that everybody was an idiot sorry they that's primary job is the guide and a so absolutely there's any question B seventeen bombers again. The voice and the games were army and its all of his a lot of break to first licensed games for sort of license on their own sport stars and shares in some a lot of standards for was still using the industry today and you still have we are on ourselves well. Probably it will slow solemn. And people still try and enter in so they can do lower on the mantle as compared to donuts I don't know is securing broad you got to restore does up there who are loyal to their system and on it's a fair envoys but they love their system until resume yes sorry whatever was you know that I grew up with I had to call it what you said earlier you have to go to your friends. It's like to terrorists absolutely I did on my friends' houses the play guitar because everyone was all Atari is the range and which gun at my house and play and it's over and talks and has slowly I always argue you are camps you are an expert look at this and value. How what is is summoned the the high in demand video games that are out there or gaming systems that are being. This earlier and he just classic in Harrison perennials are probably two restaurant now are terrible graphics and restraint systems Turbo graphics sixteen army by and you see is a really for an system out of Borough money on our system is incredible some of these sets can get up to tense morning 30000 dollars for game just a games they came all amass system if you can complete decide. So. So with the graphics that you see on games these days I drive a nineteen year all that certain. College kid I think that some graphics and and everything you can do and talking to people lie in in different states and all over the country. Why is everybody seemed to gravitate towards the retro thing what do you think. I think games now have been dom down to a point where we hold your hair and do the whole game I mean it's almost forty minutes started game littered literally to be our job to install a game that it lost opted itself amid if you work all day manager working man like well sure you. Your home your tired your kid's got a family whatever your responsibilities are pet in the mortgaged. You don't wanna sit there for three hours. And we for this update by the time has gone to wriggle back a chair and now you're always on the exit a player I think people just wanna poll that the Nintendo all the sake I'll. Hit the power button and man you instant you do instant gratification. A fifteen minute please session armistice fabulous I can play out at fault right away yes instantly. Offensively and even die within a minute we didn't let that happen I think it's yours if you have a stunner yeah. Atlanta. As us so what does your favorite game of all time you know honestly is this pretty much split between any SM the arcades you are well I was. Really prone to urges I was a kid that right to say let's give school I would go to time out of Northridge are Salter is not every day are not you know here in their replay Ortiz in away or whatever you know it was fun times back then. But you did it because they had a brand new game and arcade or whatever was for me that was WW superstars the original. Wrestling game and add ons are older and yeah classics in her chair and was just hum unbelievable about the like that in your home. And you'll go to places like directors that was in new soldiers Diana and underlines please games and DJ am Muslim or what comes to mind where did a three sided. Set up and and there was gas lines to play a game dues as loss of Arabs a field operatives nowadays it all get. That experience like on arcades. I just got back from Las Vegas. You are chiseled their abysmal. They're just a shame sham like a shell of what they used to be and they used to yet you're right they used to like walking into a parent just the twin girls out here Peter and Internet any bigger bodies were there there was the soul shall spot to go now we all turn or foam soles of media and there is no more of that in person. It is there's this really a sad thing and I camaraderie yes I actually am an online like you said he Wright talked on and that's those who have very different than look at someone in her face in their facial reactions or body languages. In asking for dollars in go to the chief Jonathan operatives would be on the ours are girl's dress Ellen yeah. Whose initials are these and hi how are we told you I'm pleased. Our Internet on cable news and snow in the that's. Is a video games are pretty big Ed Nixon on route. Or at least 50% of our business and we do a lot of toys are gonna run out by toward guys author of listen and we want to know reduction regime ambassadors universe yards old lines we we have all LG on Hasbro. General we're a little like big time. But the lion's share our businesses our camp tonight it is video game here or there are calls or anything related to it even advertising promotion deals kiosks store signage. At all. Now standard and you mentioned all the toys that you just throughout X what are some of the other collectibles at lunch boxes and there everything 67 and obviously if it falls in the window of pop culture's so this could be advertising that can be anything that was tied to movies to TV soul. Toy franchise. A recognizable character popular culture release cube Ronald Reagan anything Max Headroom you know anything from the Lamar Max Headroom and got crisscross and I mean you name it regard yeah oh yeah a little bit of slump of form that is really cool up posters and things like we now that we were fortunate enough to meet someone that has the art collection of new rules stock never been rolled even their all flat packed. Argument is some of that selection is Bruce lead. Iron Maiden poise and Errol Smith on Cinderella we're all these forces are sore right now you just said poison poison had asthma and my usual stock my lights stay. Risks an odd time I think I might have just a bit lately how well off to go around put it up on my way over yeah. And in TV memorabilia give them things from TV shows how smoothly down. You have signed merchandise are wanted to do Myron hours are have a boon docks seeing slow rosary that signed by one oh stars of the movie we know about just a really lot of cool pieces like that and we even presidential side pieces we need all the way across we do a lot of autograph pieces. Mile and an I know people can stop in the star. Earnings out mobile for the and instead up. You got a great website absolutely makes sense varieties are come you can also check or FaceBook pages light her review on her if you're on the store checker so it really helps you danger gone operate like that there had never worked referrals or four hours of Israeli village have that search engine on the on the went and -- updated quite a bit correct reaction we have so much going on it was a good spent more time tour we're gonna redesign the site the next rounds were working on the second location right now whoa wait a minute your your work out a second OK we are it is in the planning on its preferred approach the last twelve months everybody's astronauts are just so much you know to assailant and insult people don't know that I have way more than once and that's store we can't Hauser and display at all properly. I'm not a time a guy that's gonna do and I don't wanna say they have asked vote. Maybe we defied a better word right in that I don't want we we won't throw stacks just awful bombshells we are gonna display clean and make it look pretty good that's as part of the draw. So we obviously need a second spot and we're working hard. We have a really awesome announcement I ultimate by the end of the summer at a larger too many people excite yeah but here is a second location. That will be announced in the near future for makes cents aisles and people are gonna be excited about that it has there is going to be -- -- there for every war you have slippery and I need to set aside blocked sale on on anything else going on this summer you're gonna who obviously reduce side Marseilles retro game artists tonight where we give back to the gaming community we love our local gamers we provide free tables for legalizing come on as early as a done in the morning to set up her own wares right on the table Knight has pawn and made deals all they along with other gamers Alter. The biggest one we're gonna who generally happens at the end of the summer August we're working that DL right now we will announcer. We're gonna shut the whole parking lot down there be food vendors would be your tent out to herb piles house's routier's itself is a great family thing on top of gamers paradise to get a get a date and a we do not finalized okay I'll follow us on FaceBook okay Florida we will announce on Craig's list believe we will try to contact you as well we're getting the data definitely learning a broader if there's if your followers to keep public you don't get the day for serve. Tool that sounds like an awesome plan now one more question sir before we wrap up here. If there's a game whether it's an arcade game or or a piece of memorabilia that you really want. That you don't have what are you looking for you look at for some thin like cash and wish I had that must. He's personally you personally. Honestly do would be the world and Nintendo champions are targets that's regrettable things over cards are great cars used me that a lot of people and serve our recognize that they were they know it is it was a tournament cargo was given away by Nintendo in the heyday of the eighties and early ninety's room. It was given to winners of of those tournaments senators very limited numbers under a hundred believe these long really and and Europe terms thousands guys try to collect the gunman apple America drives partisans are now. There's a standing offer on the Internet that's burned talked about recently avatar is offering 60000 dollar bounty for the gold car. Right now it's just one yard one car one car entitled cart is offering and you give you to find one right now made the deal forum. He is baloney is 60000 dollars he will pay. And an art and that's and it's and there are five open offer by an old collector online. To give an idea of some of the hysteria behind Apple's two games now when you go over the holes that's like baseball president and house every car whatever it is you collect. If you're missing one or two that's what you down soon you'll pay what it's weeks. To complete its regular mall man sixty grand sixty ran on the gold you all upwards of I mean I've markets prize will be my quietly talking low. Yeah take a look at the. All right so yeah that get a hold its bill that makes sense variety it's a fiftieth and the Howard. Your hours Tuesday to Friday noon until eight. It was too late weekends twelve to six you know mom and that's pretty much a standard remixed panels hours in the near future but right now let's spend the standard. If your gamer and you haven't been to the store if you or a memorabilia collector retro fan. This is the place to shop right in the lot it's the heart of Milwaukee. Writers are more we'll do everyone a favor other your attention as podcast or listen and radar you mentioned his name drop radars name in my shop or if it's morning for some off. That is cool. What do I get 40% because Oprah is my name and I got the monitor yeah. Just don't make sense or righty thanks buddy for being on the radar room you know that type yes it was fun we've got more on the way. Go ahead and subscribe to on the radar and you'll be notified of the next podcast is available to subscribe to on the radar on your iTunes app for Google claims it can also hear it. And 991 the next dot com.