Reality TV Is Showcasing Wisconsin!!!

Friday, May 19th

Elizabeth Kay and Producer Dave talkn about the newest Wisconsin native on Reality TV.


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Ever wanted to talk about Peter Krause from Madison Wisconsin and maybe you know people. Peter it's one of the contestants on the upcoming season of the bachelor it's another it was doesn't person on a reality show where exactly the only game we iron. Maybe at a news documentaries that are out right now the week. We do mommy Daddy Dearest slender man but we got a hot guy for Madison. Peter 31 years old business owner. This guy is fit he owns worth personal training out of Madison if anybody knows this guy here. We'll protocol is 4147991099. He was on Allen. Had a couple guys a couple contestants on talent. And he had gotten a microphone he said I'm Peter from Wisconsin school zone is actually really looking he's hot. As Keck I turn on just by you imitated it employs so out of it and can't imagine what an eye is land the bachelorette is back with Rachel also has a Wisconsin tied down. Log graduate from Marquette. Now the other contestants that are going to be on the bachelorette they've released where there from their name and their aides. There are couple professions and here I'm slightly confused about. Maybe you can look this suffered yesterday so Jonathan 31. From Florida lost his job he's a tickle monster. I don't know if all of that one up I think we give figure what that is what is that a joke is that his profession. And does as a lawyer Rachel wanna settled out of it. So funny because I didn't beam into that has to ecological I've ever watched her reality show and you know the guy's name like Brad or whatever and it's underneath them. Sun on his mother. Well I would think he was like really that's that's all I could figure look he is the son and his mother. And then other guy with a really interesting in. I occupation and maybe Google this one Lucas thirty from Santa Monica California a contestant on the upcoming season the bachelorette is me. While boom. That's what he says all of the WH. A VE 00 and while boom I'm not making this up. What is that WH. KD 0:0 am but a whole lot boom Scott while whom do need to know what that is present other made a career. No it says it says in this article says Lucas a thirty year old quad boom most likely the season's villain gives us a moderate. So that's what blue means that villain and that's what it means you can't wait to watch Monday on ABC it's next.