Puzzles, Pizza & The Perfect Pie Dough

Wednesday, March 28th

Dave and Hannah are back for another episode of "Dish with Dave" and they are talking about the new Scientology TV Channel, how fast food restaurants got their name, a lollipop specific to your face and the cheesiest pizza ever. Plus Hannah tests Dave's trivia skills, they taste a new beer and give the easiest, quick pie dough recipe. 


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Hello and welcome to a another episode of dish with Dave I'm your host David of course and joined guy. Cannot co host. And my partner in the kitchen. Partner in my heart manic co hostess with the most fool. Me the co hostess with the most news. And that it took him so. I talked about some fun stuff basically the food world. Also in the science college world because you know he loves giant. Very interesting. And we're going to taste another beer it'll barely Jason today. Are tasting my. Bieber appeared as it says Sadler it's not. Punish sour note that's going to be on one sour ill and it and a goalie in order. Two on your and minorities sounds kind of. Oh if you need an inch. Or a taste of beer. I got a recipe for yeah for basically if basic hideout. Because it is Hannah guy just made some delicious and now does. The other days and it all starts with the tide out of out of I don't know that you can use that might go for anything which July. We wanna talk about it. So all of us that it's ready gubernatorial and start. You know what time it is. Do you now. Articles. Have the largest penis to body ratio. In animal kingdom. With PS is up to fifty times the night there but it's. Fascinating. An article. It's like it's selfish I don't know article or Republicans on yeah I read that article law. Going on now don't an interest in knows innuendoes currencies they New York killing all one cell. Scientology's. Cat there own heat the word. No commercial. Commercial art no commercials. Are hoping. Hoping it's a commercial for gotten to. Learning this right now and we're we're the lucky ones we have DirecTV which is why we signed you know is only Hendrick TV. And this is why they don't have commercials as the quote. There's no doubt that advertising because I'm like a commercial channel the goal is to generate revenue. Our mission is to answer people's questions. Well let me tell yeah I tuned in a couple of times. Because interested. Wondering what is. Everything there looks like a promotional video. And that's what belt and promotional videos that you see in school it just evokes more questions. To the music underneath everything including me feel like. Cool there's like that real perfect formula of diversity. And different backgrounds. It's just so. I know hurts. It's there I think the real reason they don't have commercials those who is. And I don't know mrs. speculative obviously. In trying to pay taxes and want more. Advertisers and network. So. You don't network now it has no commercials you can turn out any time and tune in to your Scientology's. Education. Which I'm trying to educate educate get into it so well it's streaky. Its pilot. Are so remove Arthurs stuff enough science yesterday moving our third stuff. And out to talk about. Milk. Because milk those bad. About quick do you expect in it but there isn't new Lula and label in the works. This public there's a bumpy label is gonna tell you he milk of bad. Well. Yes it's actually it's you know well. It's a cast that's our well. It's it's just the symbol at a to food packaging. The ball mark. And it decay is the way that you're who became so when you indicators about mark delays. And when it is bumpy. Is it is put your finger and this is one of bumpy. It's bad and waited smooth as. I think this will be great for much more things than just milk. But isn't really telling you if your food is bad or is it just replacing having. A sell by date on there. You know does it just eroding two weeks regardless of if can you know sometimes the sell by dates are you know sometimes your milk can go bad. Before and sometimes way after it. Yet we get we had a situation with with bill that we thought that we learned just because I'm Fredricka work him so that the amount was that because we drink a lot amount of fat milk or milk got out to drink it now it's cooking it's a cooking over I put in my copy that sometimes you gotta like dude it's not passed an attitude sometimes it. It goes to taste. And that like couple seconds. Before you actually case that knocking at that time and a mouthful of sour I don't do it. I would and you like Nathan Resnick it's a relief examining a check in the event eliminate that like eating tendon. In case that degree yeah I mean he may use itself. At the time I can tell because their milk it's our around the rim. Just because it's. But don't drink out of the judge Sutton all we always up to all leaned heavily Lorena or you'll have any congressional even matters. But sometimes it's it's. Critical of certain there's a Washington think but that and everything. I guess you'd you know that oh yeah realistically and other stuff when you see the mold. Yeah Canadiens are on myself you feel yourself about your expired early on me and aunts. Continents. To mandate expired on. Oracle's act like man that's ever. But don't get that. Item that you could not. Not moving up in the milk over to. Restaurants. That's my favorite restaurant. Funny that we I mean into faster. Also loved making ourselves is as good meals. At extremes. So. I tell you how all these past few restaurants gas and Alan you might ask you. Mean and the go republic that you probably know Wendy's. And. Wendy's is named after. It. While. I know the name Dave Thomas on the low end uses my favorite fast racetrack when he's listening. Ninth. Two out of that. Yeah. That I don't know you're really close date. Oh the nickname of one of his own kids Melinda. But he tried all the other kids out before settling at using Wendy's name and none of them had parades. I'll upgrade. I. How do you think. It got its name. Pepper. In. Something. Yeah basically just says that it was the eureka moment and. Not saying. Cooley I'll call eureka yeah. It's just like that I like details. And. That's mad as exciting as my daughter's nickname. Which went up and. What a burger which only about a battle arbor. Used Lenovo x.s. Can. Because probably. That made public and reaction. A year. Did you immediately. It'd be like someone like. Her. Who were. It's numbers. On its way. And you know a way it's. You can gain a year fates customized. Well. And then you see yourself. Great for so many occasions birthdays. Weddings. Yourself. As you get people about regular athletes base likes him like you're saying to amendments. And a oh likeness of yourself that you're not seen and I guess I would if you've got them to pass out everybody. Who somebody would either get you geared. For yourself. Meters if it about it. So I was accompanied at the British company and called Firefox. And so that it lollipops service called basically here and it cost 55 dollars you sent a photo went. You describe the person you like turn into. Allow it up it's to be fruity flavor now on earth yeah. It takes five to seven days and then the chip it out. And about a Bloomberg big EU base fine lot of putts to fifty dollars one giant. Like that giant at the size of the girl's face excited actually yeah again and looked like here. I really is it's not printed on pop that many out of it yeah it's little like. Like you get printed. Correctly ethnic like a bloke that's easy volley it's like for Walgreens. Rolled into her hair. Features me out and those earning an immediate that they could be weird. That's yes that's a little weirder and it looks exactly that. As an app. Can take. Care related that he made at eight. Can I guess it is also have to have that one flavor because it's. He used all different flavors on your differently cutlery with Abby. It cost way more than 55 dollars and that's rated proficient that's a big lollipop and not the pretty intense there's some real art it's like a sculpture I mean if you are. I am not a as well. For and a. The go up with a riveting and an on earth that you finish a puzzle you know you don't want under your probably like a fine. Did you ever. Know Graham and it and it boggled that we'd glue them on electric cardinal aren't psychic economic back Liasson. Long lines to resent this Shakespeare puzzlement Hadley and he. Like that's only difference scenes and it's happening now gun. On me. A man ideas. All of this is definitely she experience comes in the don't you wish you edit frames and I was isn't over and we don't. Jewelers and now. See and laps that we had a our that we did oats wheat. So I am probably you know 15. The president or something anything about it. And lays. Agree it is you don't want the public you know and are living room. Yes I know what I'm not get you paying any puzzled I'm gonna do over again. Your public for your birthday. But maybe it is populated. The world's cheesy pizza. How many gene do you think about it. World she is a member. Of all it means by different not currently eighteenth. Against both sides. I would say aids. And higher. It. Happened in eleven different Sheen that's reach. It. Exactly you wouldn't get there too much. In a hundred no Jesus. To eat. It. That she is two point six grit and T. It. Amateur. Pick up a bowl of cheese. Just indicates. That it favored. And it. It's a danger details and that you name written outrage out at and it's I might ease that it makes. Its season cot and. She's. It. As they're talking yesterday Wheatley and you can hold out mostly in the that it's. Possible that she used it's like ninety. Bill would be difficult soggy and hopefully. And it. So I think that. Take off with a side. It isn't a hundred cheeses and it's just. When you start making jeans and a knowledge. Would be. And move on gays but mark my. Your youth your. Fun guy. A couple of true or false questions because we really. Trivia. The next lately. We want HQ. And an. We only won ten dollars accumulated so. What does that really mean. I got away and people. But we also it indeed trivia. Crappy how. In. Dollars. Or. So grammys and your questions yes. College of Smart guys. Are so it's like just chipped up Agassi. OK for the first time a few final because. You and as you so sure I'll. The university of Minnesota. Was established before the statements. Your. How possible. But these trick questions on that true. It's true yet seat definitely new trivia I can never be too. And with the territory. And territory and it is and territory. It was an estate and eighteenth in the team. That. All hers. And her. IRA to file the first film without 100 million dollar budget. With determining. In nineteen. There vaults. The first film. The rugged and could yeah definitely pitchers. With shrine. John you know. It is. False yeah that is true but. It was another notes written it ten years later. True in 1990 fire. I wonder how much Internet costs probably like. Fifty million. Yeah and a lot of back in the day that would let equated it lately Isner and trillion. I averages of art tube trains your wealth. That's well let's. Actually stands not effort to save our ship. But forests he hours. You describe too much Obama say. False could be dragging him I had a sand save our sailors were related to music PC. Now it doesn't mean that I'm Sam. Vaults. It is. Well. After last dance floor. And. Well it's just because it's just that although the word question I know that fall semester for three. Your context clues and I'm right next I'll do it just in the there. A duel between people is called a tool. True. True all true true. I. Well we're. Not going to be at between three people. Not duel at the duel between three people of the true because that is all duel that rule. Glad I don't know where they are I've. Thought while. That Turkey was almost the national bird of the United States. They faults. Because. We need to pilgrims ate Turkey. On Thanksgiving and that fake weed make. I think false. IRA it is. Health and but I got that right Benjamin Franklin. Well it is reported that he wanted to Turkey instead of eagle. So it's true. Yeah well he didn't like eagle he never did but he wanted instead our national CEO. He wanted most it's so elaborate at all right he might be just on our deceit. They never heard is due Franklin had never heard that but. I electricity assets had heard that so black lab last lot of Albert perfect score irate. Bloopers and used to be called owners. Gash. I feel it's true lake as they up clam boat it's like bonus scene. But it alas Al bonds as good as the daughter. Gonna get too excited also. It is true. Okay because it actually. Owners it predates. What about under. It's just out my owners. It's not act mad at bat and happy that the 100%. Well. We're back for. Iron and I did take the beater. And we're each month. And that her email it's. Soured party's her at such a thing in our sounds. It says it. Said. White guy you little tactics Howard knows black. And they'll have been asleep and Tyler finish there are fresh I would say it's freshening. The gears grind a score out. It is. X. To be yours beards beer is beer I don't know I guess this is going to be I do differently clearly united unlike anything I've ever tried. Boy it's super it's like power in Italy in its. And if he's not I think it's been our biggest monthly. A one. For all of it is that it looks like rubio. Does count and Lee looks like root beer. If that beard it's. It. It goes. You know what. It's like it's like almost like it's later. It's almost later this matter is now here. Sweet. Sweet yet that it's like scenery. And agitate for that all of this that it cherries and at cherry Pepsi. A oh that earned us. This view. And it did. Not. Go back. As is dead it's not it's it's very refreshing drink I think that that. That looks like soda hopefully we'll leave. It because it's. Yeah that's really looked like late. Carbonated Sony. Again looked like at Buick if you put those down at a table. That's a clear. Hale. At. Stick like. Choice and that's. It was one girl in an accent that's 18. I'll looks like we got a new. Alcoholic beverage that we can enjoy together. Look at that the united. Glad angina and you're either love it or I'm. Yasser Arafat. In public benefits. And Clinton now. Dad had an out of a sudden. And now we just made at an ad yesterday. Aunt and out of all about. The dealt with the basically if I don't suns debut because we baker and. And at a yeah we bake them sheep which you can't deeper and predatory habits don't try to be healthy can agents. So. But it's a really simple though and you can use this for really any high wanna make me. Avery yeah and it's a great I don't really flaky and buttery. So here it is. Get a food processor. Of some sort we got our hand O line. New kitchen in 08 at food processor but it's two cups of flour. One stick of. Very very very very very very cold. Butter. You got it. I'll put him there then you get those easy. Magnetic. Hand a process that the other a few times so speculate that sandy kind of resentment in Canada the borders. There's still trying to butter buds establish into the flower. Bet you put it one. Egg you'll. Save the egg light. Could use that later but only but it want egg yolk for days. Which I don't know the whole leg he can. Though it's not just haven't on the field and it Billick. Little bit more. Flaky in case you don't also overwork it into right. And it grows better liquidate it. As Paul that's all that together. Salt Lula assault there and and. Kabul teaspoons just enough idea lighter eyes. Light up. Teach at a time. Out and it comes together and if 100 dollar and you know. Put that into some plastic corporal in the ball and refrigerator for what at least an hour at least an hour to do it overnight yeah. But we like with a Edward fast clean and freeze it at this high then. They'll make you feel it's I don't really simple and that makes a good amount that makes. Probably two full sized. Exit at high thankful that I've made it missed fifteen of not. Big big and actually make you like a top of the luxury. You were inside it and Romney are edgy veggies sensor and bananas. And had. Hello my hello Heidi Hammel and all the lives that just apply it is and what we've made we've had an orange chicken. Which raises and it. Slow cooked and chicken. Wins some garlic some Qaeda and some red pepper. Sob. Krugman. And that puts a Mandarin orange juice oranges and it. Slow cooked it and puke. Puke that pulled it. Dial one villain we also made ground beef. With ethnic Greek inspired Dallas that it achieved in peas. And deal. And that's a few 100%. That the one Ater. It's like the privately they've got a beef eaten p.s. ICP I'd say more please all these communities so go tribe of the pie and have not. On this thing happened not a and put on call every one but over anything. And thanks for listening to the British side but I think it. Then this episode. And Oakland's on the TO so let's civics that. You we got an episode I hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it. You could go subscribe. To dish with Dave is really go to your podcast app search dish with gave. Click on my beautiful face push subscribe at least a mile a lot bill and I would really like the valuable in the government see it next time.