Producer Dave's Mom Calls Him Out!

Tuesday, August 1st

Wes, Elizabeth & Producer Dave got a message from Dave's mom! He's in trouble!!!!


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Right now we're talking about one and always you on a flight so we're all headed to Atlanta you've got a flight tomorrow we're going to morning show boot camp. And we were starting to talk about the things that you can and can't do on a flight and so we're bringing this up because of less than I ain't. The shocking I know we disagreed on some things. I never disagree that's so weird I someone that can't stand when people put their seats all the way back I think all the way back is just over so you don't need all the way back unless you are. It's a nice flight in your sleepy or you can stomach ache and what you wanna put it back all the way this is it that chair is designed to do that you should be able to do that. Producer Dave said he doesn't like misbehaving crying babies yet and that's have a list worst west says there's like people who hit everyone with their backpacks can dial spinning fourteen times like what are the pure went a lawyer up the aisle and our country with your stupid back. So Kiley is on the phone college educated Catholic we have audio. And back friends. Mexico into spring break and we had gotten out of plant and we're coming back leader and it was a single lap and get a six month old and he's anchoring angle and those are on the screen and it spent the entire flight in the app parents are right after. And I better fix my adult lap the whole way. While it's there right up. Okay there's a lot of things to add to the list but I would say drunk. And it tend to mom's death this and that goes for not just out of planets and life. Well at a west. OK so as you wrap up this conversation when an icing on the flight which by the way you can join the conversation FaceBook dot com slash makes a lot you know as messages especially if you're related disagree on the show especially here related to producer Dave Holmes well producer Dave you're not Naomi semi a personal message here because you do Zach you're just at a couple minutes ago. You went on a rant about crying babies you don't like crying babies in that it's annoying granite he has no kids or babies so he'll have to experience them flight. So you're informed us she said I reached David as she said what David do you realize. When I flew home to Minneapolis with David first first birthday he screamed at the entire way home remodel or. Just said that was a good baby on the flight come on dance and I'm Naomi when Odyssey here in FaceBook I just stand with him the whole way dot dot dot until we end up finding out that he had an ear and. Actually all know all. But nonetheless she screamed the whole way and Tyrell passengers shot mean they eat a lot and that's why I was one of those passengers I wanted to shoot either even like to knock Carmelo we get current.