Producer Dave's Brother Caught In Hurricane Florence

Thursday, September 13th

Elizabeth & Radar with Producer Dave talk to Producer Dave's brother who is caught in Hurricane Florence. 

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Well the weather is a lot different for our friends down in the south with hurricane Florence getting ready to approach the coast aborigines Brothers Ziggy is down in South Carolina was a scary stuff it's Elizabeth and radar producing data is here as well your brother is down pollen you've been down there he's being saying not child's enough for a little bit over a year okay. And he's he's been loaded down there but you know there's the stuff you know hurricanes happen in low hurricane season so zig he's on the phone Ziggy you good are you a life. Gephardt for release well a bit like I. He's about to do that it. Not everybody was under a mandatory evacuation in your area EU decided not to leave. It is very true yet the Berkeley county which the county over from Charleston and Charleston County got a editor Greg there. There and Bert we're gonna go order that they. Rescinded it mandatory even act. And commitment and now so it's been super on in. I have been a lot of rain. So you're not really getting the worst of it anymore in North Carolina is your South Carolina. Some tropical tropical kind of talked and a little bit sort of protected. Good hits southern North Carolina though it will never spoke to crux. The man Myrtle Beach is right well. And so they're probably get the brunt of it. And then I read about cigarette by the other it where all of a category two or category one. I'm even come Obama Charlton maybe. And that I just heard that we might even not even see everything and give it a thing until Sunday or Monday it's smaller group residual raid equipment so. And how close a UC news the ocean. All of the fifteen minutes to the ocean so work un unprotected. Well pleasant with visual upper earners regrettable but the vote that belt are brought to the west. What are you doing that. So like past the time because you're not at work I assume I'm an oh you work it would at a school yet just hang out. Altered Monday. And we've just there playing cards to impose rules. Awards and TV shows took a couple of. Did you other store and stock up on food and what are the cells look like in the stores. Yet so that's not the shelves republics are clear the there's like one loaf of bread left there's no milk left or what their left some vegetables Merkel and those are MP. Ziggy with you got the apartment I got off. The latest things are flooding that your partner will be safe. You have to all the second. Florida and it looked like the page sure all the cars are pretty. Pretty steep so look what the president is going to be off here like our second floor at about 48 point by Q there restored during if it does blow. Really and there's going to be any standing water but like everyone on the first or you can either send back in front of their doors and let them take everything off the patios. Sure sure if you're just joining us this is up yesterday's Brothers Dickey whose diet Daniel island in South Carolina thankfully not gonna get hit two bad from the hurricane that's headed to the coast. Your mom is worried about to those that he'd like you decided to stay back if you wanna get stuck in traffic in case it did get bad right. Yes everyone who super where all the girl at detecting they're they're kind of freaking out over current record America Lambeau to let. Or heartless but yeah on this in the anchor down here and worst of the worst but they're standing water outside. Maybe something bad happens to the car but other. A BR it. Well you're just gonna sit and play games watch TV maybe snuggle up with -- com alert in your girlfriend up. Exactly optimal ought. On the patio. Like I hear and see that he can't get some peaking you get some footage of the of the storm as it blows and only if it saves the our ought to do it you are able where were comforting your brother here because deep that was a little concerned about G a couple days ago about now you don't care about little. I. Just let's go give you an eagle hug all. I'd still Z you take it easy if you got any cool pictures are pretty dirty like that senator must elect to come on FaceBook page. All that well and author who got a popular are you these days spent about.