Producer Dave Is FREAKING OUT!!

Tuesday, March 13th

Elizabeth & Radar try to calm Producer Dave down after he found a grey hair!


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Producer Dave is still in shock what he found on his body this sector is gonna get a little old little weird it's a good thing right aren't out of the next coming of 8 o'clock. We're gonna get you the new code word. When that trip to Mexico like Katy from Greenfield it's the next winter escape plan with our jet vacations somebody what happened over their protest as sluggish start colony Graham today as well it's gonna wait somebody's pregnant. When you know I'd be fine. They're David Ben Graham about bad why late. Bring our guys. Hopefully he's got a boyfriend there the coach my government panel on a gray haired man have the other day wears a did you bring an end. I tried to get a picture of it honestly but we did a pitcher like you can't tell what you it is I promise you other than drink I had found my head and this is frustrating and I'm really upset because I thought that I wasn't stressed but they you know when young people get gray hairs because this draster and it has set yet here I am grown a grave error and I feel like. It is not surprised at all by this. Producer Davis somewhat that gets so hot under the collar overseas a little Monday and things every surely don't sweat the small stuff he slips it. Now and you take what's making the grand. And I guess is this like any. You take a bass and perspiration than these things happen man what. It's a you left hitting your head still got. I don't wanna poll voters in the back because he's as you can see there it dole but yes they do so the whole thing though Hawaii still does he pull it too we're gonna grow. Some see that's why can't put the line I don't know how any more gray haired and I. I didn't need which is none canyon RD at one dude everybody is the total what do I do about that is great looks good east of you supposed to Wear it well look at me knowing he'll cut you leave a number. Yeah grandpa well I have great I'm sure he's already has greatly diocese had to tolerate it yeah. I washing out a little bit because he can't otherwise you'll IE from the bachelor seen. Our ability Taylor hits a dude is gonna get like you don't try that but I. Like it you're an advantage they're gonna judge me now when men in gray hair it's distinguished unfortunately in this culture for whatever reason if you have gray hair. As a woman it. It's a double stand as soon as she does Ole did not did not cool salute too much of a stretch that if I decide I wanna start being known as the silver fox. Of the studio no not at all opponent to get blown. The guys you might be the knob and in the sexy list anyway is and that's what happened the sexy voice prompted my hair to go grave because I'll soon flat dry weeks for me it wasn't that it was kids in the end kids forget advantage and got ten. Asks you just have the one gray hair the moment to really sit back and go wall was hungry or start shop and other play I. On the end of this Biederman a look in the mirror image or my national better signs of an hour and anti decides you had retirement the elevator all the way downstairs and I'm gonna go move our things start well. Anybody here sign on the and I. Arousal start in an hour my eyebrow. You are getting here and body cannot. You're you're rooting. My daily that his stock that just for chest hairs will be joined by one gray one chest hair thing reminds you not for con who wants fortunate to just weird. We just fine you don't have much to worry about and why maybe don't stress about some of the little stuff I thought oh they're very stressed that. I guess the other arm and look at that radar for backup. Howard Duff does this idea because all the time he gets the rind cheese sent to him at that table I yeah it happens yeah I don't want she's out like she's not yet.