This Present Stinks! - Part 2

Tuesday, February 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave take calls about the worst Valentine's Day presents. 


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There's a new list out online and it's at the top three things that women just don't want to analyze it every year c'mon guys pretty simple don't get stuffed animal argue our own. Followed that up with something amazing like a spotting her jewelry don't get a appliance and number one and gym membership or workout equipment and radar to tooth. You deal does we just as wade just on a couple minutes ago and she revealed that many years ago radar blot her why it's there's a thigh master. Because you lock guys up. Really wanna get that I really want to and I thought all right I'm going to be mr. you're under the rescue. Young dumb you know on denying it Suzanne Somers she looks good or bad girl and a shared so do you have a really bad on Tuesday giving you wanna share Collison now fallen fours 7991099. Hands on the phone what was your bad gift. Well I would actually dating a guy I've met. And we had been dating her about two weeks and he worked as a funeral home director and I met Allen and it rolled around we went out to dinner and you just need. Floral arrangement and it's got the people can't ordinary like bats and I am I personally I don't really beautiful and as I am looking at I realize that the candle had been burned little. Oh now all of that and it hit me it. Keep it they can apply our roots. Rural. And Chirac advocates eating at remembered to get any paying it bullying olds you hours to read you are all out of somebody and give it their ears as well as they take us. Also we have a game producer. And yesterday. You're taking I am sorry in my opinion and I bet your view or aren't taking a flower or somebody else that's bot battle breakthrough illegally every bit. Oh look like stealing edit word. Yes I agree I die maybe it is one of the dead person to live iron and if so important so he gave you the flowers as well. Just look after all morning. And it pretty. Bad bad bad do you rate. His dad and GGO. Now you'll you'll aunt Pearl White blocked yeah. Yeah yeah. It's actually this is your wake up sales to be lit in the middle and I. There are no debate that I am a little Denver doesn't and a growing old I don't I don't read about her body GQ like. You know about it idealism they we don't pay for much blocker now I don't bullish. Yzerman of the trash chill running but I get the hearts delight tell him like I know you got this about you're I don't like all bring hero earned it. Flowers. I think I guess. That is really happy that's the worst Valentine's Day gift of all time be angry about what I and you. Yeah which we got our show I think. Have you back guy and I would be happy to bury back Gaza you are any time all right we're gonna do Tiant have a Valentine's Day. Yeah you're nobody and I.