People In Wisconsin Are So...

Wednesday, August 8th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave discuss what out of towners were telling Elizabeth about Wisconsinites.

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There's a common theme when it comes to what people out of state say about the Wisconsin state fair heard it last night apparently what is coming up it's Elizabeth and radar missiles wild last night it was the why don't we show so we were out there with a mixed team right by the main stage which again looks for us on Friday radars going to be difficult to deal seat. Stick your karaoke EF. And everybody that came up I asked him where you have an unexpected and SA west Alice Milwaukee block a shot a lot of local people always great to see our listeners. But several people from Illinois. Ohio. Michigan. And that it at a group of girls from Florida and Massachusetts became friends because of wide only. Really came to the fair lieutenant asked him you know Greta but Milwaukee of one I don't that we think are fair what do you think. They all said. You people are. Still. Nice we are nice we're good people they a lot of options for the work. And I wanted to kind of and a blank. It was a constant theme he said I cannot believe how nice you all are here people are still polite there's so all nice. That's great you know into the midwestern hospitality you've got kind of cool come on and they did say they were a fan of the crane cost them like that they they also -- lead we were toll Eddie the green doesn't like to bring those involved. Another shot out to Wisconsin state fair that I heard I watch the kitchen and Food Network yeah tomorrow is one of the chefs and there. Said that you know those guys and stay there and best thing either had to stay there was deep fried butter that was not the statement. Given up Wisconsin yeah I want us for us yet again and have a deep fried butter and the other.