Paying off a football bet!

Monday, September 10th

Elizabeth and Radar show off the result of their bet for the Packers/Bears game!

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Hello everybody and at the Green Bay Packers are the greatest team in the NFL that's what I had to say because I lost that. Yes look at this two packer fans in this studio for the after cats are radar is in full Packers gear for those that are watching on FaceBook listing on the after cast. He has on the beads he has on. The Jersey he had on the scars. I had packer fan. Unbelievable last night. We also put a country the coming hours of sleep did you get with that comeback game I MI and about four hours three and a half over here diet might create a half hours because it involves it puzzled frustrated I'm not a Packers fan if you just did Elizabeth. Nazis and its board seeing its aid into lots of of that. In your am wearing green. Feel her go preening yet upgrading panel piano ingredient alters our fan it was a little tough last night he also beautiful record she is. Throughout the point John how are you feeling after that geez why can't soccer while right now because it's you know it's got to sit idle they gonna have to eat the rest of the day. And boy you could cheese it was a good cheese just a lot of it. All brick and he's not a lot of time in the bathroom this morning I haven't actually that it was is going wired up trying to flush my body. Well that was on any aftermath home that was one of the Armenians that was going around that Aaron Rodgers didn't actually hurt isn't a he's had to go to number two you know he had a little. It it was. I know I'm biased I get it I love the Packers I'm on the team on our. But as a sports fan to see me. You know future hall of fame quarterback. Having just come back from an injury and they get carted off the field. Yet to tell me that you didn't want us you wanna see that happening. You don't wanna see that happening to beat the best yet to be the best known it sounds like a cliche but if your team is up they're planning you ought to root for your team and you want to deemed to be better. Which the bears have been better for a long time yeah you might be able to beat whoever is on top and that they're Rogers and you wanna be able to beat him so you don't want them to get her. It started well because it was like let me be the first three times the Packers had the ball. They go anywhere just a hair obviously it is terrible Aristide is actually really good and then Aaron Rodgers comes out on one leg and. And beats us our defense was was horrific and the first tap it did the bears looked great you guys didn't but that protects the text exchanges. While Chapman like the best soul. At 457. Radar taxed at producer Dave and myself who's on T celebrating the Jewish new year. But you can say the packer win the oh probably that you radars that anybody nervous I responded no. So at 832. I Tex the guys and say you've got to be the only thing less kitty me hit me again. And then Bruce or Dave went ot this is the biggest. Doctor Ian it jolted consulates with allergy yes McCarthy needs to go. Tourist is some but I can't say we've got to build offensive line I'm at a loss for words and any talk about how Biden now why not goal. I did not are aligned go after was likely to know why did you GM go after him make a tree and try to jam traded for number 52 apiece off. But he did and it touched down on the following up last night so much like that was the whole thing and that is not what under WT and I am no words. Then McCarty got a fired again. Is Davis is an embarrassment and a source the volley ever seen and I finally jump off the bandwagon so. This is a limited time. This has almost thirty minutes and then radar chimes and those. There is the one more have that is no state that way I and I sat right there is another half. I know these things happen these crumble quickly so just the bare it all say dare with it there when it and I said if. That I said at 8:44 PM I'm headed to bed serious done she's done out of its point and nothing at that and then an hour later. It's I'm still I was still awake producer Dave. Will he says every seeds and that radar add text in a bed tax stuff me. And I said look I was gonna go to bat I was maybe a yard too I was and a bad I was tire we get up early for the shell that it wanna hear about the rib injury I just I was so worried about what was happening yet thought it was. And ACL he's out for the season and then he came back on the field and that is his helmet on dad is warming up on the sidelines the Eagles and kind of the kind of locked in a little gingerly he's not move in the same even the announcers that the you're out of your franchise quarterback Matt you know maybe get hurt again -- 134 million dollars was just man ceremonies slant pass slant passes and that he connects with Randall Cobb his tee after app on the team. Scores a touchdown. And that will slot the game because a Clay Matthews penalty at the end. Yeah but you know what the bears being the bears had a chance to win did not win so you lose by one. And now it's. Gloat about it Monday this Monday is only Google about it today and and you forget about it it's not even a glow again some bias it's not gloat it's just incredible that he was hurt carted off and came back and won the game yet this go down as one of the best comebacks he's had. I would say probably top. Three yes comebacks after that is and it's scary when you see the backup QB coming in and you just see the wheels fall off and it's like wow we really have a lot invested number twelve. And over twelve. Minus a lake is still greater than ever he is a problem around and and still able to beat the bears who were beating him pretty well in the first as a I don't get it it's on the line I'm a little tired or we got a big league we're just gonna camp lately easy and I think that's what happen he said his plan next week. We'll see what happens and it's going to be another game which means another batch. Well next week earlier this year later this year later this year December the teams go at it again hopefully I won't have to Wear this or eat in blocking well and by that time in the season yet we're going to look at any need. Dairy different teams I mean there's a lot on the line of being on a teacher sites most of her voters this really is not your arm is instantly think of okay well that's the app can I realized something else is tingling nights ago. Monitor that only got your face the line and coach and up right now I can do you can't let the pack. I.