Part 2: The Keto Diet with the Medical Experts

Friday, September 7th

You asked for more info, so here it is! Last week I talked with my friend Alley Faith about her journey on the keto diet with Medical Weightloss and Wellness, Inc.

This week, the nurses and Chef Kayla from Medical Weightloss and Wellness are here to explain the keto diet more in depth and give their tips of how they mantain a keto lifestyle.

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The nation on the podcast is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Diagnosis or treatment all content is for general information purposes only. You're listening to the fifty shades of pink podcast for post Elizabeth K a podcast designed to empower enlighten and entertain with perspective that most women are gang. But not only saying this is fifty shades of K. It's time for part two of the keynote diet so last week. My friend Alli fade from my two point seven kiss FM was on the podcast. Talking about her success with the key to a diet. And I did not expect the amount of emails and FaceBook messages that we received here at the radio station from so many of you. You wanted to know more about Hedo so these acts birds are here I am joined this morning with Kelly who's a nurse practitioner. An owner and founder of medical weight loss wellness thank you for being here Kelly thinks are having us here today she also brought on after other nurses brandy who might chime in a little bit here with some of these questions. And V shaft Kayla number three is here. Good morning good morning. Now shift here even brought some food which I'm really excited about but when I talked to Alley last week she kept reference scene. Your. Location and your company and she said you have to bring them in they'll answer all of your questions because so many people. Are really keep me interested in key L why do you think that is Kelly. Well the key to any diet which it Tito is short for Q Janet diet has been around for quite a long time. It always used differently forty years ago than it is today. I'm. And I think yeah you know it's been about the it's been a long time since it has been around and I think the researchers starting to come in about the benefits. I think people are when we visit our society is how extreme seen an obesity epidemic like it never has before. And this is causing people to look in and re search. What they can you do lose weight what they're finding is that what they're told by may be their doctor by their friends just isn't working for them. So they're looking further and they're finding more and more about the key energetic diet. Again it's been around for a long time it has changed somewhat. Over the years but in the evidence is there on the not only does the benefit the the weight loss benefit but they hit the general health benefits and that's. What might take away it was from Alley you're basically not only was she losing a lot of weight quickly her energy means she nibbled got really really early. For our morning show and she's a single mom with two kids and I was more a team out of energy and she was not drinking the so what does she used to drink. And she wasn't drinking the coffee and sold that's right Astro Mike what are you do me but what does it mean to keep up okay cell. Q do I cheated on a diet by definition is high fat. Moderate protein and very low carbohydrates. Plain and simple now there is variants and depending on your goals. A lot of it has to do with the proper ratios of the fat the pro team the good cars to come in the form of the fruits of your vegetables. Allen and that is basically what it Peter Jennings tightest. I'm what we're trying to accomplish with acute Janet diet is to switch sources of a bodily fuel cell. In with the standard American diet we are using the carbohydrates that week we teach an OK so carbohydrates. That it shook her. Is in many forms sent only like your candy you're sugary sodas fruit he fruit beat goods cookies candies granola cereal chips I mean. At rice I mean it it there's so many things carbohydrates and now. Carbohydrates essentially will turn into glucose once it in the body and says there is a source of fuel. And it's an easy source of fuel for the body use for the muscle tissue organs to gather fuel from. What's the key eugenics diet does is by lowering them on a starter cards that we intake. We have to find fuel. He and the fuel source that we go toward is. Break there and it's been stored. For that time that we needed. In our self essentially yeah so the body is thing going into the fat cells. Any is extracting fatty acids which will then threw a number of different metabolic process he's turn into Quito it's okay. Key towns then we'll supply the muscle tissue organs with what they need. To. Function. And function well. And that is why off and you what you hear from people and you did hear from Allie and you've noticed it Alley that increase in energy. A lot of times people are saying I'm not nearly as tired I don't have as much brain thought. I'm sleeping better. Those are some of the the top. The benefits of Jana yeah and it seems like a no brainer to be on the key or diet why some people not to jump on board is that because you have to change exactly how you eat and that's where you shot Taylor and talked to the second here. Alley talking about this specific foods and what you can hand and can't happen. What are some of those foods that are people are limited is a case so why don't more people do this. I mean nothing worthwhile is easy don't have Maryland area that I mean and one thing I wanna point out is that carves are addicted. The region of the brain that is stimulated by drugs and alcohol for an addict. Is the very same that stimulated by sugar oh the relief absolutely and this has been our brand is not yeah every thirds. Ends. It MRI imaging has shown that region of the brain. That a drug addict and alcoholic and I got on a cart out of there you go I mean that's a pain the pain which is that thing it's an absolute and he withdraw U withdraw. And it carpet Charles no joke and so a lot of people can't go into this and they're very gung ho and they've read a lot on the Internet. He's got a book on it and that issue is to get into it maybe two days two days into their lake I feel horrible either withdrawing is Allison are truly happy yes. And he experiences that he is such an extent but I can tell you many people do irritable IG think about food dream about food tired low energy. All sorts of craziness hollow does that typically lasts the author is a harbor withdraw all the worst of it is typically about two to three days okay so it's not. It's not too long I know it's not too long and I at a time when your kids and family aren't around Wright junior angry no one has to Britain is that exactly and what I tell people to do is find a project around the house pick up an extra shift at work. Do something to keep your mind off I got Smart. Am I think it through that they start feeling better not her fact I mean it takes a little time your body is used to using glucose for energy it have to work a little bit harder to use those Quito is going to the fat cell. And and extract essentially these key times to use for energy your body does become used to it will get very smooth that it. It just takes a little time and that's where. And you know week two weeks three weeks into it people are starting to feel that increase in energy and is this something that is. Supposed to be maintained over your life and like once you go to heal you stay keynote that is a great question. Ideally yes so this is where some confusion comes with a key energetic diet because. There isn't very different way to eat Quito to lose weight. Verse maintain its interest in OK okay so bright now there are a lot of profession gone heredity is where the professional athletes. Work hard bloating. And you remember hearing about that where I mean even in high school I remember we would have a big spaghetti dinner yet a volleyball game or something yes or get your bagels and how exactly pasta party exactly continued effort and energy. Gone are those states. That is no longer the way that professional athletes are our I am being instructed to eat by their trainers and nutritionists. There eating Keogh because essentially Quito going in your faculty of an unlimited amount of energy. On you've you've got the there's no glucose you're gonna run out haven't hit the proverbial wall the in my your marathon runners say that they hit. You're going into your fat cells which is essentially unlimited. Console. The critical point of a lot of don't tell yeah are considered there there is a very different way for a person that let's say the professional athlete who. Subscribers to its leader Jack diet verse the average person who wants to subscribe to Peter Jennings diet mean team owner waits. And benefit from all the many health. Benefits essentially that come along hey it. End the person is who is and that's tricky be very confusing. Because there's so much out there which is a fabulous thing it's brought a lot of attention to the benefits of acute energetic diet. People don't know exactly what to do and that's why you are really beneficial that the medical weight loss and wellness company that you founded because someone walks in there. And and I'm just in a nutshell why distillate what happens they want and you do a whole like diagnosis of bad guys are waiting when you do take the body fat. Yeah we east in in weeks so we see patients receive male female we have patients that are in their teens all the way it BMI gentleman right now on raising clinic is in his ninety's. I know they all people that are overweight. Some more than others Amy we have some people who are. There's always the wanna lose but like you said the main teeny is also I think a lot of people around as well exactly and meet some people who just wanna lose by pounced. We hit some people who say I just wanna learn to eat well. We have people have to lose 200 plus with so it Vieira no judgment has passed whatever your situation is and you comment absolutely not absolutely not. I'm and we we will cater things to their needs of somebody doesn't wanna lose weight where were going to add a little. It of this or that so that they're not losing they're more or less maintaining and learning to you to eat well EDE learning to subscribe to their Q Jack lifestyle. That's where this. Opportunity you have a shot Kayla. Is really beneficial because for people that are doing at my best friend has been doing to keep a diet and she's gone alliance on recipes and things checked Healy you make. These meals I mean this how does that only come about because they're partners bring an easier system right yeah yeah and so she reached out to instead he can make some key meals and start. Yeah I'm melanoma BS CS meets a tactic Cali because Kelly. Being busy sounding this awesome company in everything I needed to help. Cooking for her family making sure they had healthy meals every night that I started Iman and learning about it because I honestly had no idea what Q did you make. Anything even meant. So I started cooking meals her family. A couple times a week and then. I certainly do in the program to learn more about it learn how to cook that way. In it just kind of snowballed from there I said to cooking for some of the staff and then one day they said they had a patient that needed some help and I'm in a small menu just for him specifically. And after a little while they just started handing out to the patient and some good food so you brought some food here what what did you all bring this looks amazing it only got you some breakfast items there's a protein packed pancakes mini apple tarts. And I don't see very similar desserts and their two and that's that's him yes I brownie in their soon I'll let him what is exactly any here that makes this keel friendly or what's not in here who who best answer that Shaquille are there is there's no sugar and it which may make secure a friendly that crusts and it your traditional cross is going to be like butter and flour and what ever else and all we have an eye on as cream cheese eggs. Cheddar cheese which is an old southern trick for their crest and I'll just. Talked about on the radio today producer Dave made an apple pie and which she is yet on its opinion this is I think easily Wisconsin I learned. Who would argue that they're making that too because there's that and she missile that you're not your head yes that's a good thing there's and it had righted advocate flavor to the fans love him. Yep and with Riddick eugenics diet eat is higher in fat. And that's and that's another heart thing for people to get over and you look good fat and we're talking out how I was yes yes the good fat. That it. We've been trained for so long that that is an okay so I think that gear for impairment at Perry came out sometime in the eighties. The food pyramid at the bottom it's all carbohydrates bright yeah I mean you work your cap and at the very tip top is back. There is a direct correlation with not only of the adult obesity epidemic but childhood obesity epidemic since the release. And sort of polish. Of the food pyramid so. It is and it's ingrained in so many of our brains so it's a very printing for people to get over but it's very important. Saturated fats are good and and since that by the way the government has backed down on that the impairment they've changed around a little bit it's not quite since and it apparently Alley states said she's yet to almost left yes there you hear that Iran or else. And the research that was that was used to and develop the food pyramid has really improved and to be poorly constructed research. And I mean as now how many years later just as exhibited by the obesity epidemic that we have on our hands. This is still the way a lot of people think so a lot of what we're doing is flipping Italy through payment but the weight of people think. They have to think differently and they have to trust in the process in the research is very strong. About the the health benefits of acute on a diet and the fact that. The patty Moore fat is not gonna resulting cholesterol going up it's not gonna happen I suppose that's probably a concern for a lot of people it's a very it's a very big concern it's been ingrained in our hats at his evil. Mean think the low fat phenomenon. Back in the when it's them the mid nineties through even. You know. It looks east the items that are skins are low fat which by the way. Anything in fact typically has more sugar are cards that it's very C sheeting very satisfying. I'm in the act a lot of flavor than many take that out you'd have to replace that flavor something so what did they do they replaced it was sugar. And I don't ask me eliminated fat toward decreased significantly with they. The food pyramid guide lines. Sugar was at a everything and that is a huge reason that we see the issues that we that we hear encounter with. Yeah you feed your family and the keynote diet I mean I just think about what it's like to have kids. It's pretty you jump on the microphone here so your kids are all eating in the Quito die yup I tell my patients all at time when they if they were to come to my house every night. I always feed my family Q John. Now you have an ability to have access to your sister shaft gala and that's great you guys have never seen you know aerial creek area. Someone like myself that's island lake country though what would someone like me be able to do. Well I'm. My sister people cluck and actually when we when she first started she was in school for culinary. I was cooking for some of our patients because beat. Some of our patients worked actor isn't just theory busy they didn't have time to clocked in. I would offer to cut for them so finally I want me to dinner you just have to come and pick it up look at Seoul overwhelming some day like I just. I was in cookie for my feeling is cooking for other people so all of that's when I asked me sister she had just graduated and I'm like can you please help. I know Kelly so busy. So many people. And what opportunity yet people do get some easy biggest it is needed to be just don't have the tank to clock and it's almost a place orders they go to the web sites. Which is that shaft Gil Murray dot com website is at the best way yep. Did they go there. But then ladies and where I live mix stuff doesn't get shipped right have to be picked up in matter where you live so I'm I'm out in late country might want to shop you hockey area I I do deliveries out there too that's incredible you guys do that but no one where you reference other people to go all the really don't have access experts too far for you drive work an eight. Get these recipes from the do you trust the Internet or stressed we did come out with a brain you cook quickly had to cut but you a couple of I sleep fantastic for this that keel craze started we developed all of our own recipes. For ever since the beginning July rounds to actually handle little recipe cards to patients. Inpatient and hit. That have been with us and since that he Guinean. Have still have these recipe cards in now they can buy your recipe book through our clinic. And then you can go it's huge BMW. LW dash ink dot com website asks which Melinda and I mean I won the mixed dot com. Let's talk about when you go out with two friends oh yeah you want very happy some drinks now are here ally in the chips and salsa show oplink what do you because Alley has me thinking if you lost key dole you're off and you've got to jump back on the roller coaster originally it's hard she's PM on sticks and what happens you well with a friend. I did very easy what exactly what alcohol can you drink called it does it. It does slow the fat you know like you're trying to lose weight can slow that down. Bite I mean obviously we live in this team time and we were in Wisconsin who really to have a drink every once I'm out so it final T have a drink I usually won't get. Plank I Tino is back yeah honor I girl because I can still about god yeah that's Tito and content. I personally keep crystal late tonight crew used him in medium meal and then I'll just and a little crystal I'll just ask for Bakken water in Seattle crystal late flavoring to it. Who insisted I honestly am finding I know where we live in or seen there's a lot of places now that are carrying Neil was a crystal lights. And they have a great I had the Byron and I'll just ask for them. So I'll let you eat it you are committed his lifestyle and that means no beer right now too many cards. And things like that but this is a choice this is a lifestyle choice thing that you're you're making if you're committed to a there's going to be some sacrifice most definitely. On. I honestly locations starter I receive an when I even talked to angry about it I tolerate right away this is not a 100% a lifestyle change. Which you have to read you have to going to this 100%. Knowing that you have to change your lifestyle. Jewel I eat bad sometimes. Absolutely how do you get back on the keynote diet that what I just skipping and trachsel Ritalin what does that mean in 92 tracks and you have a heat day let's say it like HTT immediately. I had some. Crackers summer it's hit some chips are coming out crappy crackers are cheating I'm thinking more like what I went out you know Culbertson has like. Something like that with yes something like that. I honestly don't dude. That's why it's you know I what I'm trying to think of someone really has a let's see their. Driving in the star I have nothing eat and they have to eat something like that I have it it's been I've been doing this for several years now. And I know overall these years when I do look. Eat that way I feel. Horrible I feel really nice as you know I feel tired brain fog I feel crappy. So. I honestly like that's not Pleasant Hill resent Ari I just get right X eating proteins and vegetables. And then within a day I feel much better and I drink I usually drink a floating on the water at every single day. Which is deaths everywhere and drinking in here on water I mean I I get a headache I usually think. And less time I had utter a peep kinda have enough water has always is like a common culprit of that. Now these deep keen on the sticks like what is who want to talk about this because when Allen told me I said on its. Are you doing and and this tells you if you're still in keynote it is okay so there's ways to check for Quito answers you checked blood which is. Expensive and really not necessary for our purposes I'm panel I think you're cyclical diabetic would do much in their blood glucose levels. Or you can PM at stick called keep sick. In the end is your number is talking about how all. We are switching their source of fuel over we're becoming a fat burning machine so all do we are going into our fat cells rather than using glucose from the carbohydrates. That we would normally have been consuming we aren't you we have decreased the amount of sugar cars that are taking aunts and now our body says hey I need some fuel. Been storing it all along in those fat cells so it's going into the fat cells in its extracting these fatty acids which will turn into Quito skeet Jones again giving the muscle tissue organs what they need. Analyze key tenants for around OK your muscle tissue organs look at exactly what they need anything accepts. You gotta get rid of you can sweated and you can ax feel it out also oftentimes for most people you need it out. Sell all we're doing by attacking bite your any of these little strips every day we usually people do it in the morning. Is did the strip will re act to Quito it's okay so again that we east fulke tenants that we don't need. Are being. X treated by the body through our year and yes use stick a little sticking your urine stream and it will react turn color. Some shade of pink pinkish purple. When there are key tones in your. Interest in something else it makes sense so that's a really easy ways to track where you're actually in how quickly when someone joins honest I didn't start seen these kinds of results. Today on average. 34 days something sooners some people it takes a little longer okay so quickly. You know your vision not giving your body those that easy source of fuel the car the servers. So it. You've got to find them they have got it I've got to keep them muscle tissue organs energized so it right of way. It is why did very well equipped to do that you see. Google would go way back in time and wind at Weaver hunters and gatherers and survival mechanism for us was. When there was plenty. We would put on me. OK we would story in our fat cells. And when we went through that time famine when there just wasn't enough food there wasn't there was it was an outer fingers Texas that was maybe during the summertime her whenever. Our body and would have to go into the fat cells. And extract for that for a from that for survival purposes. Fast forward to the times we are now there's food aplenty. Her body still has that mentality that. I have to store have distort just in case of famine comes. Problem is it's like an I commented that in most cases internal for the average person yeah the united seats for the average person it's not coming in so. Unfortunately there's no stopping the storage shed from continuing to fill filth and that's why our bodies do it yes Angel brought so much sheer upper simply used seeing why. These mechanisms that we've all patted her fingertips. While yet and that's our bodies were created in the first place and we could discuss and we go on and on about there's so much to cover with this but that's also why I kind of want. Have you wine did almost you people who just enough information that they want more. To come sit down and talk with you and I. And I also want to preface by saying this was not in any way an ad I was not you know endorse to do this because I just really have an interest in it. Seeing my friends start on this journey and see their results. And read more about it is until they have been adjusted and bring agents and he also wanted to say you want to jump on the micro quick here. I want an answer request your watching the game and I'm like yeah I'm one. I wanted to injure gold a teenager questionable what I eat when it out to dinner yeah because I only went with the drinking part of it that whenever you about a foot and yeah. In my feed my family yelling what do you do with your I snack Arianna I actually I'm one of my three sons. Eat this way he lobs he's a little bit more hyper guess my. My personality and yeah canceled he actually wants to eat this because he says he feels batter he doesn't break. The eager problems and the Linksys and just nested doesn't actually help him so I do make his lunches every day. My other kids may not so much but. It like when it comes to like going out for dinner I will either get on a steaks some broccoli a nice salad and I'm always full. I never feel like I'm missing now on its neighboring chips and salsa on I usually will set that chips aside I never. Tell people to take things away because that's alert that's kind of how you learn this is a lifestyle you have it it's going to be put in front of me. So I just can't put it to just type in some games deceiving if it sells I take a spoonful and I eat it like that I I don't have any problems with that Satie stet. But typically. I just hit everything with all the Arabs. So iPods so that that's kind of easy to come. Green and if you're at a family party that one's making dishes it really is. Essentially. Eliminating that car I mean there's more to it than that but that's something that the average person. Can just wrap their brain around it that's what it is rocket that academics that makes cents I mean and it seems like it's you know a challenge which is like going to the Jammer starting anything new I mean I have to really calm within you have to wanna do it and change. And people can just walk right into your earn your clinic and you guys will take an assessment I mean is that how easy it is that's how it starts. What we suggest is yeah definitely check matter website. I and we have were very active in social media as well answer Graham and FaceBook I think. Have to tell people if you really wanna get a taste for things to appease the page. We have patients Chiming in its un filtered. There's more personality. Yeah I mean also of course the website he's gonna get the nitty gritty questions answered that you have. But also check out our FaceBook C we really try to keep things positive we try to provide resources for. For patients like rate now we just put out our whole football season and you say that. If you're gonna have a party miners is burying something to a party you can it be do something that. Lot of people are gonna enjoy. And it author is adhering to the lights that you honor a I am so I checked it was now. We are happy to meet with anybody and just as he does programs for them it's important to go into it. And be ready you wanna make a lifestyle changed. We want you go into this knowing that this is for you. And so we're happy to talk to anybody into a free fifteen minute consultation just. This is something that you feel like you can hear TO and you heard what she's and it's it's free it's fifteen minutes to your questions answered. See if you're ready for it because it's a lifestyle commitment I mean that's the biggest thing has taken away from this it's not may be just something that you. You do lose that twenty pounds because if you don't continue that will likely come back illegal back to your habits absolutely if you we have to make a change we can never go back to the leeway is. Because. It's it. It it's gonna result in leaking. Yeah eight mile he's such as the loss of energy and crappy as everything else that comes along with it and they have an opportunity here at southeastern Wisconsin with. Chuck Kayla making meals. I mean you'd have cookbooks like this and this seems like a really simple way. To start snapped simple maybe to do with tickets start because you have these kinds of resource really try to provide the resources to meet this as easy as possible. Every one of our staff is either on the program or is actively doing it so we also have that intimate knowledge. You've lifted your yeah. Living this way and also going through the process of weight loss and the struggles that come along with it not only physically but psychologically. All of our anybody who comes in it's following up with the nurse all over again all of our nurses on the program where actively doing it. So I think that's an important thing is while yes we do manage a variety of of of patients some have absolutely zero health issues and some have a plethora health issues sure sure that we need to magically managed improperly. And that's why can't a professional like you like you that that's a nurse and you have nurses on your staff against the medical weight loss and wellness. Op clinic. Yeah that should stay right there in receiving your out in Oak Creek as well so reach out to them link up everything and I mean I won the next act com. Nurse brandy and her sister chef can't Russia keel and we dot com link that to. Thank you so much for your time this is really good change lives thank you so much painting. This is then the fifty shades of tape podcast with host Elisabeth tank if you enjoyed this episode here and make sure to subscribe I Chan and leave a revealed. Thanks for listening.